What kind of loan can i get and what kind should i get?

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im currently enrolled in NIT . I have a car payment for year 2 ( $ 6,000 ) and now I have a student loan ( $ 11,000 ) . I have 3 credit cards that are almost to the top . (about 1,500 for all three cards ) insurence is about 150 a month. and I can only work three days a week because of school. i will get a job for the weekend . my current job i only have about 150 a week . i have about $ 300 for medical bills . My credit is very good ... is about 740. Does anyone know if the loans and what it can achieve. I want to get a loan to pay my car to lower payments ... Somebody help me!
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If a person has accumulated a lot of credit card debt due to multiple credit cards, the need for adequate counseling debt consolidation credit card can not be underestimated. Credit card debt consolidation counseling helps a person get vital insights of the facts can help you gain control over the debt of the credit card. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Credit card debt consolidation counselors are experts with a good knowledge of debt management, budgeting and behavioral patterns of credit card holders. These services are vital for those struggling to manage their credit card debts. Also called credit counseling or debt counseling the credit card debt consolidation counseling brings immediate relief to a holder of the credit card. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A person seeking credit counseling can be obtained from two types of organizations. Professional or trade organizations, and nonprofit organizations. As shown by its name or categorization, the commercial organizations money they charge for their credit counseling sessions and consolidation help on the other hand the non-profit organizations offer free services. The fact that nonprofit organizations are free, does not harm the quality of service. People associated with such organizations are thorough experts and have lived the trauma of being under credit card debt themselves and hence bring their vital experience to support the credit card. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When a person approaches a credit counseling agency, the first thing they will do is to take stock of the situation and get some facts about credit card debt. The credit counseling agency will collect data on the habits of revenues, expenses and spending. It will guide the owner of the credit card on the benefits of budget and try to instill good financial habits. Read more from: http://www.credit-card-gallery.com/artic
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