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Re: [email protected]/Global1cantu2012-08-29 07:04:16
Stop doing business with this guy. It's a scam artist. I've just been scammed by this guy . Believe me . I have my tests . At first you are asked to fill out an application form online , then asks for a fee no guarantees . After which , you will be asked to pay a tax Internal Revenue which he requires the submission of a loan . And I promise that this will be the last step for you to get your loan . Then after he is asked to pay the activation fee bank, which once again affirms the need to transfer money to push through . and the last stage will be charged a fee and no more . Guys , I think I just go through all these stages due to desperation by having money . But to my disappointment , I havent received any , however , Thomas and a bank manager of Natwest bank in the UK , Kelvin Richardson is asking again for a charge transfer process of $ 500. What a way to take advantage of people in need .
EXAM:What is your solution to Global Recession , Global Meltdown , poor ability to purchase almost anything ?0sai [email protected]#$%^&ha2012-09-27 08:52:05
MedlinePlus Dear friends , when you can not afford to buy anything ... do not worry .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus go ahead and do what you need ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus it's as simple as that! ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus buy food ... I can not do MedlinePlus cant buy drink ... do MedlinePlus MedlinePlus cant buy toast .. do MedlinePlus MedlinePlus cant buy fuel .... burn fat from your body ... fuel instead of gasoline MedlinePlus MedlinePlus education can not afford ... ............. teach himself MedlinePlus MedlinePlus can not afford ..... clothes? do it yourself MedlinePlus MedlinePlus can not afford ...... MedlinePlus the name and we can do .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus beloved encourage American ............ Brand .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus encourage ........... MedlinePlus only invest in MedlinePlus creativity , the work , the effort .... and you can replace the money almost in all cases ... MedlinePlus Best wishes MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now give your comments .... MedlinePlus What are other ways to win .... money problem ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus liquidity problems ? MedlinePlus loan problems ? MedlinePlus ? ? ? MedlinePlus
A friends email was intercepted and sent his contacts the message below yahoo was shutdown is yahoo safe?1dansile2012-10-24 04:34:02
Hey , MedlinePlus I regret not informing about my trip to London , United Kingdom . I'm stuck in London i mugged at gunpoint in an all cash , credit cards , cell phone and wallet is gone.but yet I thank God I have my passport and ticket flight back home , but I have a problem I have to sort out my hotel bills before I can leave and my return flight leaves in a few hours.I want to lend me some money ? I'II return the money to you once you return home . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ----- Original Message ----- MedlinePlus From: Gerald PECHA MedlinePlus A: B & B MedlinePlus Posted on: Monday, November 9, 2009 22:35 MedlinePlus Subject : Re : HELP MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Hotel bills you need to order $ 1,900 USD promise to return the money once . you transfer the money to my name via Western Union ... via: . This MedlinePlus details you need to transfer the money to me . MedlinePlus Name : Gerald Pecha MedlinePlus Address: 41 . Leicester London WC2H 7LA Square.City MedlinePlus Country : . MedlinePlus UK MedlinePlus Return to me with the MTCN number of data transfer, which is the control number to pick up the money with my passport also scan the receipt you get from western union . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
U.S. and Global Economics help!?0Jessica Griffis2012-09-24 21:16:03
How traders profit in the foreign exchange market ? MedlinePlus A. They buy foreign currencies and then sell them at a higher price. MedlinePlus B. redeem government bonds of foreign currencies with high values ​​. MedlinePlus C. low value foreign exchange for higher value products . MedlinePlus D. They take advantage of small business loans to buy bonds of foreign unskilled .
Does anyone know about"Global Overseas Services"?0Sydney2012-08-23 23:20:02
I am a permanent employee PSU.Few a day ago, I saw an ad in a leading Bengali newspaper ad proclaimed newspaper.The disburse a personal loan anywhere in western bengal.I made a phone call does not provide (919051143648) . The person told me his name was Soumya Banerjee (Banerjee might be a?) And I was able to arrange a loan of a consulting firm called Global Overseas Services.He told me to deposit Rs 4,000 in an account maintained at A - s bag, in the name of "Global Services Overseas (084010200023409) for the initial burden of proof report.I and deposited the money. later I received a phone call and someone told me that since I am an employee of a power supply, inspection is not required, and my loan was sanctioned.I also has two messages on my mobile regarding sanction of loan. MedlinePlus However, later I was told that an additional amount of 16,000.00 RS is required for insurance coverage of my loan that I was asked to deposit the same account.I deposited it.They somehow convinced me. MedlinePlus Since yesterday (01/10/2008), there is nothing responce of Soumya Banerjee.His off.The phone is swiched certainly guilty escape and no such LandPhone from office, (03332601707) also swiched off. MedlinePlus If anyone has experienced similar type of predicament as me, please inform me about it and advise me on the action to be taken. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I urge everyone to be very cautious about this kind of frauds.Dont belive in any offer that sounds too good to give any message believe.Dont dated check (signed or unsigned, can forge your signature), xerox copy of the identity card or other confidential documents to anyone you do not know. Dont put money inadvance for this type of fraud offers.Please also ensure to review the history of the loan officer and office address, registration no (if any) and contact the police station long before entering any deal.Dont signal type in any paper before be sure everything.Because usually forge the signatures of signed documents. MedlinePlus I also urge everyone to check the mobile not the person whose name is issued.Dealers should be vigilant while providing any SIM card and check the authenticity of the document before issueing simcard.This crimes would weed away many of our society. MedlinePlus Anyone reading this please help dessiminate massage as fast as possible to save others from falling into the same pitfall.They only cheated me Rs 20,000 to an amount not catastrophic for a person in a decent position in any govt private dept.Had been able to earn Rs 2000 in good shape, would have understood the satisfaction of leaving a shame life.I brave and happy to fraudsters.They are the most cowardly, incapable of our society.
Will we convert to a global currency?1junu2012-10-14 02:37:03
I see that China is beginning to push for a new global currency . Not only China currently owns a significant portion of our debt , much of what we can expect to pay , we are constantly asking for more funds at all times . We can beg and plead all you want . If China says the U.S. is changing its currency, is changing its currency. Obama can always deny blame because he has to do what the boss man ( China) said . Everything is reduced to the difficulty that China is insisting on it . The fact is that this would be one of the most important dreams of Obama for this country . China wins without any war in a rather anti- climatic . If we do not meet our loans to China , people on Social Security will have an IOU next month instead of a check. CA is already doing , including the poor and disabled receive assistance according to the news I've seen today . Has China really found a place without violence ( how to be tragic ) way to make the U.S. a colony of China , with a president and a Congress totally agree ? Once the bill health care and the current account of coal goes out of business , I would expect China to start demanding a relationship federal vs. state because the U.S. will need cash flow even more serious in China . U.S. = State = federal China . I talked to my electric company today. My income can be less than the electricity bill ! I honestly do not know what secrets are planning crisis for this country , but I think I would. Are we going to make a global currency ?
How do I get investor to start a global business?0Holda2012-08-22 01:43:02
I want to start a U.S. company which will have a U.S. based , but will do business in another country . I want to buy the construction , agriculture and mining machineries U.S. and bring to developing countries that need this kind of equipment , so you can rent and / or sell . Because teams are out of the country and is difficult to use as a collatral banks are afraid to loan. If you have any suggestions or if you know you can invest in this business , please let me know . There is very little competition and high profitability. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Does anyone know a company called Global Loans?1coy2012-08-08 19:20:03
offered me an unsecured loan and have a website that is pretty weak. Are they ligit ?
What to look into an independent global fund administrator?0ascentfundservices2020-09-24 04:42:17
You need to look upon various traits before deciding the best Independent Global Fund Administrator for yourself. Although many small or big firms claim to be the global fund administration provider in this competitive world, a few of them work well. You need to confirm if the administrator provides – fund accounting, reconciliation of positions, record, and accounting of transactions, investigate and resolve reconciliation breaks. The administrator must also provide KYC/AML checks, NAV calculations, calculate dividend distribution, and series accounting. To ease your research, the Ascent fund administrator will meet all your needs with tailored solutions and provide you the middle office services, financial statements preparations along with the ones mentioned above. You can also reach our website to get the expert's help.  
Global Auto Registry?? Ever dealt with this company?2Kewpee2012-09-24 03:11:02
Buy Honda Civic 97 in Boise , ID MedlinePlus You tricked out , ( rims , carbon fiber hood , exhaust, etc ) MedlinePlus Global Auto Registry contacted me and said he had two potential buyers . MedlinePlus They give people high interest loans (14 % ) because they have bad credit . MedlinePlus Anyway , for $ 299 that guarantee to sell my car for my sales price in 90 days or give me my $ 299 back. MedlinePlus I have read the other Q & A here MedlinePlus But I want to know MedlinePlus Does anyone know how this works, and / or anyone who has not received a refund ? ? MedlinePlus They say that in any way I can not lose my $ 299 as a price to add it , so what do you need a deposit of $ 300 for ? MedlinePlus They make their money with high interest loan ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone who knows , please answer MedlinePlus Someone will get Best Answer MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Does anyone know where you can get global instant cash loans for the unemployed?2By Lana2012-10-19 11:13:03
I am recently separated and now have no money and Christmas ....
What are some realistic things that I can do to stop global warming?3Indiana2012-11-04 20:42:02
The idea that gobal warming scares the crap out of me? Always has. My mind flashes to movies like " Waterworld " and " after tomorrow " . I bought a car that gets 31mpg . I can recycle cans , but I want to do more. MedlinePlus The thing is I'm up to my a @ # in student loans . I have not much time or money . So building a Ecohouse is out of the question , so it is donating $ 50 a month for an eco - charity MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I want to do more. What are some of the real things I can do ?

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