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Asked at 2012-08-21 05:28:04
Stop doing business with this guy. It's a scam artist. I've just been scammed by this guy . Believe me . I have my tests . At first you are asked to fill out an application form online , then asks for a fee no guarantees . After which , you will be asked to pay a tax Internal Revenue which he requires the submission of a loan . And I promise that this will be the last step for you to get your loan . Then after he is asked to pay the activation fee bank, which once again affirms the need to transfer money to push through . and the last stage will be charged a fee and no more . Guys , I think I just go through all these stages due to desperation by having money . But to my disappointment , I havent received any , however , Thomas and a bank manager of Natwest bank in the UK , Kelvin Richardson is asking again for a charge transfer process of $ 500. What a way to take advantage of people in need .
Answer1IrishAnswered at 2012-08-29 07:04:16
Ok thanks for bringing it to the public . How did you come in acqutainece with him in the first place?
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