What makes them think they have the right?

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To remain demanding gas? To be manatory for me to wear a seat belt? To tell me I can not use my cell phone unless you buy a piece that makes it okay? To play online? To smoke in my own bar (not that I have one)? To raise taxes on cigerettes force people to quit smokeing? To not tell the whole truth when advertiseing new laws (for example: "The money will go to schools and young children with noses def stub" and prostitutes aside and rising wages for politicians)? For banks buyout? To spend $ 800 on a chair by the dumb political support in a government facility? To tell me I can not circumsize my son? To spend more time giving fines for speeding search of the real criminals? To raise taxes without reducing spending? Interfering with a free market economy? To tell a state you "can" allow something even threatening to take away their federal funding if they do? Spending tax money overseas-help without giving money to struggleing to make your house payment? To allow lazy ***** to stay home and collect on welfare, while forcing others to pay for it? To garnish wages for unpaid loans, while others do not allow buisnesses / companies to do as well (and they should not have that right). To make the compulsory motor insurance (I can sit here and pay $ 250 a month for car insurance .... to pay more when I get into an accident ... why not have a loan issued when you crash and ESO compel the payback?)? To allow a murderer or a rapist to spend life in prison instead of a quick death in the electric chair? To grant the rights of minorities to work in government facilities for 5 years, excluding non-minorities (which indirectly makes them minorities?)? Having minority scholorships? have a national day of black, but not white? To tell an adult 18 years of age, with all civil rights that can not drink or gamble? To increase / decrease social welfare payments, and lower taxes for corporations while the middle class excludeing (I'm too rich for food stamps, but too poor to buy food or pay my car insurance jacked)? To tell me I can not claim gas on my taxes while taxing me 23 cents a gallon? For me taxed differently than a rich man (% in September, to end)? To tell me what I can do? To prohibit certain sites on the Internet to Americans? To tell me what breeds of dogs I can have? Prohibit the use of firearms, always? Violating peoples religion by allowing same-sex marriage, instead of granting same-sex unions with the same rights as marriage? Prohibit Christianity in schools in all areas where the foundations of this country are Christians (not just religious, history)? To tell someone they can not have sex with someone for money? To give more grace to a woman who wants to keep their child from a man, expect the man to pay childsupport? A jail for unpaid childsupport? Grant wic, welfare and disability to the same person? A taxing my inheritance? To allow deductions for interest on housing, but not sales of cars? To allow a bank to deny a loan for a house (I lose you pay anyway ...) when a billion dollars billion was spent bailing out only (People will spend their money to help so you can tell them to **** off :))? To regulate the news in any way that awareness of the limits of the subjects the government deems harmful to its reputation or to allow a media to harass, stalk, or interfere in the life of a celebrity, unless celeb allows it? MedlinePlus I could go on for hours, but anyway, why the hell do we put up with this and what the hell are they doing other than sitting in chairs $ 800 and thinking of new things to ban make it look like they are doing something? How long will we allow corrupt politicians to dictate aspects of our lives that we have no right to interfere? Personally I'm sick. Donald Trump is mad ************ jumping to conclusions, but he has a good thing ... This country blows right now, a Democrat only make things worse, and for the love of God, at least go to war for oil. I mean, your wasteing our money in the pursuit of "world peace". NOT going to happen, ever .... So stop wasteing time and money, and if we go to war for something, how about something that will really help people? But wth ... Killing in the name of peace is better than killing in the name of god right? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well, I still I have 636 characters left so lets think of some other things that suck in this country ..... maryjane illegal? Trust me, it's all I need right now. Absinth? We all live in a deluded reality anyway, why not expand. Steroids? makes sport more entertaining. Eating cats? are animals, regardless of any false sense of tenderness that are still annoying rodents and little bastards ... You can also make use of them. Facing the murderers and rapists against eachother on stage for the entertainment of the people? They have no civil rights anyway, and so we tur
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Unfortunately if we live in a society today we have to abide by the rules.I agree governments are interfering too much in ordinary citizens affairs,however unless you join a lobby group or form your' own lobby group to try and implement changes their is really not much you or I can do.
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