Stop Payment on Check?

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I received a student loan check on Tuesday 17 June , which he received from Chase Bank, now I have no bank account, so I took the check to Chase Bank to cash . They asked for two pieces of ID , and took a fingerprint . Then he cashed the check . Now on Friday , when I was looking online at my account chase student loans that says the loan was paid off (not sure why, and I'm sure there fault, but do not open until Monday so Meanwhile I'm going crazy ) My question is this , the sense you cancel it until Friday , that the check cashed on Tuesday have already been paid ? Or will there be a stop payment on the check and will not pay ? I guess if the loan is canceled do you think the student loan check as already paid and what will need to contact the department of student loans ? Or do you think that issued a stop payment on long enough , and the bank branch that gave me the money was never paid the check. and looking for me to feel that I have funds ?

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