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I keep getting weird phone calls?9Alok2012-10-24 11:43:01
There are two numbers that consantly call me : 713-370-0507 and 805-367-4404 MedlinePlus It is always the same Indian / Arabian person and I can never understand the messages . Well , I was finally able to play one day and said something about a federal case is suing me and if I call back they send an agent to my workplace .. they called .. come get me ? I'm not the type of person to engage in any type of legal matter , so I have no idea where it is coming from. Or how do you know my name , social security number , address , phone number and workplace. And when I call the number back its just a greeting that says hello and then hangs . I'm so confused! I do a lot of online shopping, and recently applied for a payday loan or two , but other than that , I do not give information to anyone . I reported both of the numbers , but the calls keep coming. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
How do I stop annoying phone calls on my cell phone?0Francisca2012-11-06 05:53:36
Recently I've been getting a lot of phone calls from loan/payday loan companies and education recruiters. When they call I tell them to take my number from their records. But they keep on calling me anyway, daily! How can I stop this? It's very annoying!
I'm having an anxiety attack! I get weird calls and I think someones out to get me!?7Kennedy2012-11-04 06:20:02
These numbers keep calling my cell phone at random times . I'm really scared that people are against me or steal something from me and ruin me forever ! I'm freaking out that it is a collection agency that I do not how it could be possible , what happens is that I have a good credit , my credit card has been paid for more than six months, no late payments . I have no unsecured debt and pay my bills on time . In fact , the only debt I have is student loans . Most likely they are telemarketers , but do not know for sure! Even after cursing out call them and tell them to stop calling . I have so afraid that someone is against me , steal my identity or even kill me . MedlinePlus These are the following numbers they called my phone : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 602-248-0602 MedlinePlus 888-440-3602 MedlinePlus 888-801-9925 MedlinePlus 602-327-0526 When I picked up in the 602 numbers, the guy on the other side said he was a representative of Mastercard , and 888 numbers of people claiming to be a financial institution , so that made me mad about something being wrong with my credit card or after someone for some reason and I did something wrong and not know it .
What can I do about Harassing phone calls?3jeng2012-11-05 06:56:02
This woman calls me every day at least , has called the work of my husband , my grandparents , parents, your job ... and tell them confidential information about a debt that I have a credit card over a year ago. I saved all the threatening voicemail where she admits to everyone who has called . It also says that I need a lawyer and threatens to take the court, I know that since an unsecured loan in Texas can not do that . Is there anything I can do to stop telling everyone I know of my debt ?
How to stop unwanted phone calls?1hallucinogen 2012-09-06 03:25:05
I know everyone has business people calling your house to try to sell something or to consolidate your loans . MedlinePlus But I'm sick of them , today I had 4 of these calls in an hour, that 's ridiculous . MedlinePlus I bought one thing from my provider that held call numbers , but now sound and leave your numbers! Is there any way to stop these numbers '0845 ' calling my house ? ! They drive me crazy . MedlinePlus They call until 8.30 at night and is very annoying , I come home from work and want to relax not respond to phone calls nonsense! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help !
Sallie Mae/Harassing Phone Calls?0ultra2012-11-04 10:39:42
On 3/25/08 Sallie Mae started calling our home every 2 hours. The 1st time they called I told them that he (my son) was @ work & the best time to contact him is after 4:00pm and he goes in @ 5:00am. After that 1st call @ 9:52am they continued to call every 2 hours for the next 4 days. I tried talking to a supervisor and a manager & they were very rude to me telling me they can call as much as they want and when they want. After speaking with the manager who was extremely rude to me. She started yelling at me "are you saying he does not live there" and I kept telling her he lives here but is @ work. They even wanted me to supply them with a work number. I am very upset and still very afraid of when these calls will start again. My son is not trying to get out of paying his loan. He has only been out of school a few months and has landed his dream job making very good money. I even told them this. Is this legal 2 keep calling every 2 hours 4 four days straight?
How do I stop harassing phone calls?0Tomercena2012-10-17 01:38:14
This man with an accent called saying a month ago that took a cash advance online . First call all he knew was that he was almost a grand but if I paid at that time was to take 5 Somehow something that I said it did not take a payday loan and did not know that . Next call I 'm going to jail for fraud, theft by deception . I still said no and can provide bank statements . He said he has 19 tests you did. I have two and I did not know that my bank can prove it. He informed online CyberCrime Unit , because in fact knows all my information . Today I have another call on my answering machine is now ( cybercrime ) and I have to call him. I'm so tiered of this type , but this time the number was blocked . BTW I have a loan in April with a problem , and it paid as I was called three times and was as sure of that said yes
Applied for a car loan, now getting "unknown" phone calls?0xavier 5th grader2012-10-15 10:59:24
Tuesday afternoon I applied for a car loan to buy a new Mercedes Benz . I have yet to hear back from the dealership regarding financing terms or interest rates , however , both on Wednesday and Thursday morning I received two phone calls that caller ID said it was " unknown " . When you answer the phone no one was there . Nothing . MedlinePlus I wondered if those calls might have been to the dealer banks used to finance . I was told to use Mercedes Financial , and Bank of America . It is very rare that I get no unsolicited phone call . MedlinePlus If it was the banks , why call it such dominion ?
Phone calls claiming lawsuit, spam or not? Help!?0Jazmyne2012-09-26 12:17:03
Back in September 20 , I received phone calls from two or three numbers saying there was a lawsuit against me and I had to call back immediately . However, to call the numbers do not go through , or is something else entirely. Not only called me , but I called my boss too. He kept calling even though said not to contact me and hung up. Finally , seemed to quit, but then today the same person called again , now claims to be an officer , saying he had to contact me as soon as possible and that if I did not call back then so help me God . The number he called from is not even in the format xxx - xxx - xxxx instead of 4 digits at the end is only 3 ( so it seems xxx - xxx - xxx ) , and the resulting number is constantly busy . How do I get these people to stop calling ? They called my friends house also somehow arrived at that number . The boy does not speak English well at all (sounds of India ) and is starting to drive me crazy . This is correct spam ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS . He said it is suit me for a loan application . I fill out a loan application online some time ago , but not receive any money or anything and unsubscribed from what I thought was everything.
ACS Legal Department harrassing phone calls...What should I do?0SAN2012-08-12 06:02:03
I had a gentleman call me yesterday leaving a voicemail disturbing. He told me to call him as soon as possible because of my social security number are being attacked or something with a complaint. When I had called and asked Mr. Austin White was called by what was not there and asked who was your supervisor I gave my name and he started telling me of my personal information and asked if he was right , and so on. He then stated that I had with the company money . I asked what company told U.S. Cash . It was very difficult to understand and sounded like it was from India or something
How do I get Sallie Mae to STOP harassing me with countless phone calls?0Antonio2012-10-26 05:55:08
I have no income , I'm an unemployed college graduate . Many times I spoke with PPL letting them know this and they still continue to call 6-10 times a day , and have been doing it for about six months. The only reason I was able to make one payment is tax money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I recently received a letter saying that they can take legal action against me and state that should the total amount of my private student loans . Federal jobs put in deferment. They say I dont qualify for forbearance because I already did twice. An indulgence my checking account would only like a month and went back to the harassing calls . Help !
Credit card debt, bank collection, phone calls?0사람이나 사물2012-11-02 20:24:02
I have over 25,000 in credit cards and a car loan of 14k . I'm at the end of everything, just start working . What can the bank ? 22k in CC and the car loan is 14k with the same credit . What should I do ? Bankruptcy ?

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