How can you overcome the fear of student loans? related questions

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How can you overcome the fear of student loans?1sybrina2012-08-26 03:36:03
I 'm going to another year of college . Tuition is going up every year and students in similar situations I often struggle. Last year I had saved enough money for books , food , fees , etc. , and this year I will start with nothing . I applied for financial aid and took two loans available . However, I am still on a short piano . Today I made an online loan application for a private lender , but not sure I will go through with it or not. I just want to make a difference in my life , because right now I 'm poor and I want to finish college and land a good job with the help of God . So what should I do ?
How should I overcome my frustration to get car loans for a teen ?0Katelynn Renee2012-09-19 01:21:03
Will anyone help to overcome it ? I have 16 years . Thank you !
Help me lose this fear.?1Sumone2012-10-16 22:19:03
I gave my social number , routing number, account number , address, and a lot of personal information online for loans desperate . I stil received no money on my card . I have fear now that when you receive money on my card to be able to recover . What should I do . I have fear.
Someone please tell me my problems can be overcome!?0Mindy2012-09-11 13:38:06
I have 26 years old, still living at home and feel like a loser for doing so. My mom still reviewing my credit card and bank statements to arrive in the mail . There is a credit card debt that she knows nothing . Even I called the credit card company and had set up a password that you need to know before knowing all the details . Even if you forget , it will not help . I owe about $ 2300 in credit card , and $ 900 in which she knows. I had my other statements redirected to a friend's house because I am looking for a loan to cover debts ( lower interest rates, a refund ) , and there is no way that I want my mom to know because it would be beyond crazy . My idea is that I got into this mess and had the need to get out of it without your help - and I have to prove to myself I can do and take care of business mu . I'm a full-time job , and looking for a weekend job to get some extra money to pay debts as soon as possible . I have the intention to get rid of credit cards - as soon as the loan is approved . But I am very , very stressed and anxious. What if the loan is not approved ? What if my mom finds out? Are my problems as bad as it seems at the moment?
Stuck in a trap of fear and unhappiness?0Robyn2012-09-19 08:57:03
However, our financial condition = barely surviving. We reduce everything and only pay for what you need - rent, basic food, electricity, etc. We are completely broke after. We have no way forward unless I get a job that has been very difficult for me because I have anxiety disorders and depression. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I had a job before, but I left a couple of days later because he could not handle it. I was nervous to go to work, I was scared the whole time I was working because I always think of the worst in my head - What if the mother is kidnapped or injured and no one is around to help her? What if he dies? What if they kick us out of our apartment, with no place to live. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We have spent a few evacuation orders and were lucky to have a friend give us some money, we're still pays you back for months. I doubt we will lend money again after the time we have been paying. Mom has taken and continues to pay the loans back after almost a year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We'll never get out of this situation for rent and purchase. I want to buy what you do not have to live in fear of having a place to call home. I'm always emphasizing this. and even if you get a job, we would be in this situation for years just to get to a payment not mind paying the mortgage. which is not really a mortgage, just bring a lot of money for a down payment. and then I will focus on the time we can pay the mortgage. I do not think I can handle losing a home after all the hard work and stress. How did you come up with the down payment? How long did it take? What kind of work I have to do to buy a house? I'm still working on getting my grade 12 but I'm not a real school, only an online course for grade 10 jobs. (I have 18 years by the way) I do not like to see people walking and they live happy lives, worry about shelter or food. I'm pretending I'm always happy, laughing smile fake, fake ... I'm tired of putting on a show for everyone. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have not been diagnosed correctly with disorders.depression anxiety, but I'm 98% sure they do, I have had symptoms since I was 3. We can not afford a therapist (who can barely afford to survive) and no doctor to see a doctor. I do not know how to deal with this. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus there are some days I wish I could give up (do not die, just live a shitty life, easy) and sleep all day and I would be very depressed, and then there are other days when I decide I'm willing to suck up, get 3 seats work and work 18 hours / 7/days/week day.
I've come so far, but I fear that I'm back peddling.. Advice?0calf2012-09-11 18:17:03
Ok .. My plan this summer is to go to NYC . MedlinePlus Since August I started living like a miser and paid three credit cards . MedlinePlus I have one more to go student loans ( They are consolidated so I do not mind paying monthly because it is cheap ) . MedlinePlus But I doggonit freaking money spent 3 days in a row of fast food! ! He had left all this time and I lost some weight MedlinePlus . My plan was to have all my weight and my last credit card before April 15 ( the last day of the tax season ) .. I feel like I 'm going back to my old ways ( Do I do this for fear of failure ? ) Anyway , is the beginning of the month , please give me advice to get back on track and follow through on my goal ! I want to move to New York on July 16 ( my 30th birthday ) I'm tired of failing in my dreams , and I do not .. Please give me advice !
Can world overcome recession ?1sherod2012-10-19 13:47:02
From the situation MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Emerging MedlinePlus South Africa , Brazil and western India yesterday blamed " speculators " for creating the crisis yesterday that endangered emerging economies and calls for reform of global governance institutions to reflect their growing economic influence . At a summit in New Delhi said countries were recovering from the credit crunch - which blames the mistakes and greed of the rich world . " We run the risk of being victims of a financial crisis generated by rich countries ," said Luiz
Is it logical to fear your future as a result of your past?3Denise2012-11-05 17:50:02
People always tell me I worry too much and live in the past and the "negative" . I have fear of my future life , because of what happened to me before . As you know , the world is getting worse and worse every minute. People are becoming more and more cruel and get away with it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Whenever you plan for the future , never turns out the way you want. So in the end , I feel that it is pointless for me to plan for the future , and that I should just let whatever happens . It's making me quite depressed . I have 24 years , mental patients with OCD , anxiety , Tourette syndrome , and depression . I have my bachelor's degree in Spanish , and I'm still not fluent . I have no $ $ or resources to travel and immerse myself in foreign cultures and countries. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Many people my age and younger , own businesses , are married with children , nice cars , a house , etc. Here , I'm just barely surviving on disability checks , large student loan debt , single, no children , very limited social life , no car . At least I have my own apartment .
How do I overcome regretting my college decision(s)?0safa2012-10-27 12:39:35
I go / went to a private university more or less in the middle of nowhere. I'm a senior and am about to graduate in May. However, I can not regret my decision at school, and my decision not to transfer (after visiting others at school, I felt I would have been much better in a city). I have always believed that the transfer would be the equivalent of smoking cessation, a failure in my eyes. (I'm in an institution very well at the moment.)'m Very fortunate to have the financial support and the help of my parents, but also has large loans to respond later. But that's not the real source of my regret. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Two years after I started at my university, my brother was accepted and joined me at the same school. Last fall, he left after being there for a week. (It would have been a sophomore.) I know that he sees it as a failure, and I too, but that's part of the problem. He dropped out and I was lucky to get into a school closer to our home for spring, but ultimately it was decided that it was unable to do. Because of pride or my own internalized sensitivity could not even imagine the transfer, let alone leaving no plan. However, he is happy for him, and I can not stop being jealous of him. I can not but regret that I did not make the same decision. I can not but regret that I lost four years of my life is miserable and "toughing out" ... but why? Thousands in loans, no friends, no social connections, no idea what I want from my life. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Everyone acts like college is the best time of his life, however, look back and regret so many poor decisions that I'm not even sure I learn. How I can stop being jealous of my brother and everyone else who loved college? How I can learn not to regret the decisions I've made and just live with them? I know I can not change now, but I think it is not enough just to say, "Oh well, is that in the past can not be changed just live with it."
I feel so lost and am overcome by serious inertia?2musa2012-08-15 14:50:03
I have absolutely no motivation. In my free time I sit on my *** all day and blog or write in online forums arguing with people I do not even know about how a sentence is written in wikipedia. It's stupid. I stalk my "friends" on Facebook that everyone seems to have good lives stable, recording images of themselves in exotic places i can not go to, or in their social circles that I have. I can not buy a car. Given the economy, I'm afraid the point of paranoia to enter any financial obligation (such as a car loan) and then lost my job and then what? All I need in life is a repo or bankruptcy. So I'm stuck without a car. I have no friends, or even the motivation to go find any, and those who live far away as 3000 miles away, or they can be with me because I am happy in life and wants to be friends with an unhappy person right ? I do my work, the nature of contempt for the (bureaucratic), without passion. Most of the time, I'm on autopilot: i do the minimum I have to do for the day, but no more. I wash my hair once a week and do not know when was the last time I put on my makeup. It was not always so. I was always the fashionasta, the fashionable girl with tons of clothing, dressing, going out, etc. There was a time that never would have considered leaving the house without makeup, now not even wear makeup to work. There was a time that never could be found at his home on Friday night, but now I'm home all the time. Did I mention that I have 32 years of age by the way? Somewhere between graduating from college, entering graduate school and my mother gets cancer and then die, finally, I'm lost. I went from geek status to king status to any conditions. I want a job I can love in a creative atmosphere (in writing, entertainment, fashion editor etc.), but my background is in the opposite field and I can not reconcile that. I do not like being worried about money, but I take a bad job I hate constantly taking risks on a great race at any time - it's pathetic and sad. I do not know what else to do. I know I have kind of depression, but mine is circumstantial, not a chemical and I'm never ever going to take antidepressants please suggest. I just do not have more energy and I have scared all the time about everything. Every decision I make is 12 "what if ..." attached to it and everyone gives me 12 different proposals, so they end up doing nothing and continue to sit on my butt. I also do not believe in therapy. There is nothing a therapist can tell me i dont already know. I mean that I can not get enough energy to go to a therapist if I wanted (or needed ride. Where I live, the buses do not work after 6). What should I do? Help me.
How can I overcome a huge financial problem?3DA2012-09-17 21:24:02
Hello , I have a huge financial problem . I had two children at an early age and unfortunately his mother and I did not work . She left me and I honestly done everything possible to rectify the situation to no avail . Well I was court ordered to pay just $ 700 a month for my two sons . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I make about 40K annual gross ( after taxes and insurance is taken approximately 25,000 net ) but I've been in debt over my head just to make ends meet. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My accounts are as follows per month : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Rental $ 580 Electricity $ 150 MedlinePlus Car $ 150 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Child Support $ 700 Cellphone MedlinePlus $ 50 MedlinePlus Groceries $ 150 Student Loans $ 150 MedlinePlus Total of $ 1,930 per month (not including the high price of gasoline ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus With my net salary of a little over $ 2000 per month , you can easily see the problem I have . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm just paying for the essentials in life , I do not
How to overcome depression and avoid angry mood ?7Vanessa2012-08-28 10:38:05
I am 58 years financial old.feel insecurity.I 'm currently working 10-12 hours on low tempare day.I am respondibity.We person.Now family are husband and wife stay Burdon together.Financial loan.No housing insured work .

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