Clean up credit..get higher score?

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Asked at 2012-08-19 17:21:27
I made the mistake of getting credit cards when I was 18 ( now 30) . My car is paid and rent i . i have about 8,500 in student loans and am making payments on it. the rest of my det is less than $ 8000. If anyone is in the collection and I'm starting to make the payments, will my credit score go up ? I want to be able to buy a house within a year or two . thanks in advance
Answer1ChandiceAnswered at 2012-08-20 14:06:03
Your credit score can go faster than you think , fluctuates on a monthly basis . If you are making payments and creditors are reporting payments to the size of your credit score should rise fairly quickly 3 . Just be sure to keep making payments every month and check your credit score once in a while to get an idea of how you are doing . Since you want to buy a house , do not forget to save your receipts and stuff because the financial institution will want proof that they were paying and once each card or all of your debt is paid sure to get a receipt saying paid in its entirety.
Answer2adeniyiAnswered at 2012-08-23 12:24:23
Your credit score will go up over time. It is a process . As you make your payments on time every month , which will look good on your credit report . A quick way to improve your credit score is to pull your report from the 3 major agencies: Trans Union , Experian and Equifax and file disputes in every negative mark on your credit , but it really is not your fault. The credit card company then has 30 days to respond and validate the mark on your credit report . If no response, will be removed from your credit report . Most companies are so busy they do not respond in time. It's free, so you might as well try.
Answer3Bryan MartinAnswered at 2012-09-24 10:02:02
Well with some of your debts in collections , I am sure that your credit score is low . I suggest you do what you can to get those items paid as soon as possible , while still making regular payments on everything you owe. MedlinePlus While you do this and are not final , then your credit score gradually get higher, but will not change drastically .
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