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Serious answers only: how do I find someone to give financial backing to my product - folk like it; I'm broke?1najla2012-09-11 23:47:06
I have been very serious and , consequently , does not have much money , but I have a product that has had a certain amount of market testing and could become a major brand . All you have to do is bring to public attention after that usually sells itself , but I need the ability to make a viral marketing campaign in the UK and USA . I do not think I need a huge amount of money , the product is ready to go and is starting to build a following . However I need to take off faster than is happening now , and much of that is down to a simple lack of cash. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My local BusinessLink is useless in terms of loans, grants , or advice . I can not approach my bank because all they see now is poor cash flow from the time I was so sick . Any ideas on where / how I can find someone with a relatively small amount of cash to support a promising idea ? Thank you very much in advance .
How can I find financial backing for a small business?0Surabhi2012-10-27 17:34:16
I have a great idea for a business necessary good in my area . I have no great credit or collateral much . I need a personal sponsor or partner. Anyone know where to find one ? Where I can find or list a ?
I have a Patent pending on a new product. How can SBA help me hire and bring my product to market?0ezabai2012-08-09 18:25:42
I invented a new owner iPad new and interesting. I have applied for a utility patent . I have also completed my proof of concept and a simple version is sold to test the market. Now my business is new and do not qualify for a business loan because I am younger than 2 years old. I have hope that there is little help available for small businesses like mine. I have approx. half of what I have to hire new employees and put my product in stores.
Songwriter/musician needs financial backing of album release.?0taabbie2012-08-08 14:23:02
Greetings: . My name is Alex Jenkins of Fort Myers Florida ( stage name " Gasserpe ) I have fifteen albums unpublished, and two hundred additional songs ready for the market. I have a contract in hand from Tate Publishing, but needs a thousand dollars up front to secure the contract , and the production of one of my albums , which allow the great deals and major record labels . . However, as we all know , not all musicians starting with the funds to market their music. I am a starving musician who can barely pay the bills sometimes. I do some part time power washing during the winter, but not enough . I have my contract ready to go if someone can help me on the release of my first albums. Google or Yahoo " Gasserpe " and you will find my sites, and music. This contract has just arrived , and I need to get ASAP. Anyone with ideas! Like grants, loans, grants , producers, etc. I can send a copy of the contract to review, and any other details . I have the product, but needs a boost !
I need answers, people. Please give me some advice.?0Carly2012-08-29 02:21:05
This is a little long, but stay with me, please. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I live in a modular home in my parents land. I have 18 years. I paid for my house in full myself. $ 65,000. In this land of my parents have a house, my house, and a rental trailer. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A few months ago my brother 52 years old, he met a woman named Cathy online. He left his wife for her, he and Cathy was arrested for stealing scrap where she works (and he lost his job) and my parents rescued them both out of jail, it cost them $ 7,000. Soon after, he was again arrested for forgery cathy. While in jail for that, my brother lost his job (another job). My parents rent trailer was empty, so he went to live, he and Cathy are now living there rent free. My parents also pay utility bills there cable including my brother said he received because comcast called his cell phone and asked if he wanted free cable for two months. Now my brother and cathy just sit there all day doing nothing unless someone wants there mowing. Then take for my dads truck fan, weedeater, lawnmower and grass cutting gas and $ 40. I disagree with this and I do not like cathy. She never spoke to me, but decided that I do not like. She weighs 350 kilos and has daisy dukes and a cut on the top of the tank all the time. She smokes and drinks and my brother told my parents I will look for a job and need money for gas and next thing you know he is on Facebook talking about what you are eating at Applebees. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Today ran moms to say something because the phone was busy. They were there. I did not say hey I do not even go into the house, I just opened the door. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I got home, my mother called me and told me I should have said hey and I hurt my feeling brothers. I got angry and told him I was grown up and not have to say anything and did not even enter the house. He also told me that he was tired of them being used by my brother and Christina. My father got on the phone and told me I was just like them because they had lived in their land and never paid the rent of land all these years. (He never asked me to pay the rent actually told me they would give me land ACRS 0.75. Eventually) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I do. stay here and deal with it and meet my parents consider me the same as my brother (who is cheaper, my place is paid, but the land is not mine) or move my house though would have to get a loan to approximately $ 20,000 so I can have a place that is totally mine and not be treated this way?
NOSE JOB HELP!! :( Please someone give me a real answers!?0Hardy2012-09-25 22:57:04
So I have 17 years and a boy and I need some help from someone who really knows what they are talking about. Please only respond if you can give specific advice. Please do not suggest nose right / Huggie or whatever! I've tried these, almost nothing! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have 17 years turns 18 next March, and a few months after you finish school when I get my nose fixed. ie a nose job of some sorts. MedlinePlus Now desperately hate my nose, blah, blah, I do not even want to enter the amount of the damage it has caused my life over the past 5 years or so. Anyway, this bit is my business so please do not give me advice saying, so overcoming the nose, because that's losing both of our time, is going MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus I've always had a long nose that was fairly simple, but I've always been aware of it. When I was about eight, I also fell out of my house in a tree and hit his nose too hard on a branch that may have cause some damage, I can not say exactly. However, when I was 15 and a half, and was walking home when a bulb was thrown in his face at high speed by another student (random attack). This was the first massive success in my nose was swollen and completely brusied (I had a black eye for a while after too) and I was pretty sure it was broken. Without knowing the consequences of this blow, at that time I had not thought of going to the doctor or anything. But the main difference I noticed was that the cartilage in the left front end of my nose had become very loose creating a rounded and irregular in the front. There was now a small bump on the left side thereof. Second, about 9 months later when I was playing basketball copped an elbow extremely hard to hit my nose hard left that side .. as bleeding hard, swollen etc. Now this was the second breakthrough that created hit very, very remarkable in that same left side and a lump on the right side of my nose. So after two such incidents, my alreday long, thin nose is bent out of shape and has completely truned on a combination of being twisted and bulbous tip to the left side in the front. It's horrible! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now let's get to the main point of all this. The main reason for this post is my nose. I have 17 years, no (or my family does not have private health care) and I'm going to get this nose job when I'm 18. MedlinePlus My questions are. How I can pay for my surgery? MedlinePlus Since my accident, I can claim any of the costs to cover my nose? MedlinePlus ? I can give all the money and pay it in time? Or do I have to have x amount of what is already before the procedure? MedlinePlus Also I have a deviated septum TINY on the left side of my nose .. this is causing little trouble breathing - but could exaggerate the magnitude of its effect on my breathing to claim money for medical reasons rather than cosmetic reasons? Do you perform tests to show if a deviated septum is actually causing difficulty breathing or is it just basic tests and then just take your word for it? MedlinePlus I'm so confused about how it works because virtually nose broken twice and not gotten anything done about it. Someone has to help explain all my options and clearly what my next steps. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally, but importantly, in an unrelated note, I sucked his thumb until a late age (12 I) without knowing that it would affect my profile further. So now my chin is slightly elusive but the nose bends and gives a very haggard looking at the profile. I hear it's very common for basic proceedures chin correction to occur with a nose job, is this true? Is it worth getting it done when I have 18? Do these corrections chin be okay? Does it affect my liek cost or anything like that, really just need help to get my head around all sums. MedlinePlus Be forever grateful for the person I CAN HELP! I hope someday I can be happy with my nose, and be able to let go of this burden sincerity that has taken over a large majority of my teenage life.
HELP! Student Loans! AHHH! I ALWAYS give best answers.?2Bernice2012-09-15 00:52:04
I would like to attend a recording arts, starting Monday , I will not wait another 2 months. I need a loan of $ 6,000. The program is only 2 months and the website says that since the loans backed by the federal government are more study time , do not apply. They say they are "associated " with Sallie Mae Financial to be a few weeks to apply and solve. I talked to my credit union, and they will give me 3 years , $ 192 per month , with my endorsement. I have not applied to Sallie Mae, but even their website says they have all sorts of options for deferred payments and the repayment duration , the longest being 15 years, if possible even for me. So I guess my question is, is my credit union a windfall and should take now and start on Monday, or the exercise of a higher interest rate / longer recoverable and would like to find a job and an apartment immediately after graduation and have low payments just to be safe and not starve. Or some other way to go? This is hard!
Where can I find answers to a car loan that I currently have?2qwerty2012-10-19 04:07:00
Payments on a loan of 23,500.00 and get a cheaper car for a cheaper loan
I've tried to run my own business and failed. Is it time to give up? PLEASE no biz opp answers/links!?0Plato2012-09-29 19:22:03
Since I was aa little kid, I was starting my own business. I had a little red wagon I used to roll around trying to "sell" the things I had found my family memebers. I wrote reports on the sale by mail at school (so eloquent, my teacher gave me a bad grade because he did not believe that a black girl of 13 years could have written this report). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I always wanted to be a enterepeneur so bad my teeth hurt. I have worked many jobs, both domestic and professional, and I finished college and have a bachelor's degree. But I never stopped hoping to make money on my own terms, or the creation of new ideas for business. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a military spouse, because we've been two times in the last year, and the consequent lack of stable income, I can no longer keep up with my essential bills. (Every time we moved I experienced a time lag in getting a job and now have been out of work for 4 months). Internet had a bath and body business and have had to put on hold for now (b / c I was using extra money to fund my business work). I hated to quit, and it was embarrassing to admit that to my friends and family, but I was spending all my time and money on it and just was not making any money. Now I'm still paying the loan small business I have for that business MedlinePlus embarrassing and lately I've just been able to afford to pay. MedlinePlus I've been applying for 4 months and nothing. I've had retail jobs before and have left me with severe pain in the foot part (I have a big chest). Not that I'm lazy I was hoping to get something that does not require standing for long periods of time due to pain. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I feel like I'm at my wits end. I tried two companies since I've been here and noting how it comes. I feel like the stress of making something happen and need to happen quickly so at least I can pay my bills is driving me crazy. I have learned many lessons about running Abiz however, the hard way, as not to borrow money for a start-up and always start small. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm about to go out again and scourage for a minimum wage job. I have lost all hope. I do not want to give up what entrepreneur, if I did, I really feel that my soul can die. Could it be that I can not do the new employer? When do you know when to give up the dream? Should I accept the fact that she is married to a soldier means I have to accept work at McDonalds or Macys for the rest of my life?
How do I find a loan shark? Serious answers only.?0Aldrich2012-09-28 17:11:02
I tried searching for one but never found one yet .... weeks later. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I posted this on yahoo . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I need a loan of 20,000 or more . MedlinePlus I'm a college student , but it will work soon . MedlinePlus I have no house ect . There is also money to send .... is why I need a loan . MedlinePlus Without good credit because the most of all my cards out just to pay for school in the past. MedlinePlus I also want a monthly plan to repay the loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And I already went to a place to get loans from real people forgot the name but my score is too low for them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you. You can view it on my other question about my desire to find a cheap house of history in my question should be there for the reason for the loan needed MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also my family is abusive and I'm 19 and the need to move on ... try having your mom kick the door off or yell at you for simple things . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But how I can get one ? And fast ? I've heard all the bad stories , but its good to live with them longer and want to die or face a usurer . my e- mail: [email protected]
Does anyone find yahoo answers addiction?0sophmore2012-10-04 23:27:50
I was addicted to Command and Conquer , had to seek help . I got addicted to online poker , had to seek help form a psychiatrist and somone I could hide from loan sharks after me . Now I have aaarrrrggggh answers . Seriously I have no addictions people so do not try and advise me , just see if people are much q & a'ing . it's fun and it's good to help some and help when I can .
Financial worries - UK answers only?2Isaias g2012-09-30 14:45:02
I owe

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