How can I get housing assistance? I have a drug felony on my record from college. Clean for 3 years now!? related questions

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How can I get housing assistance? I have a drug felony on my record from college. Clean for 3 years now!?2kaitlyn2012-09-12 06:22:07
I've been clean for three years and have graduated from the university to devote your rude comments . I have a good job , good , not great , they earn about $ 15 / hour. My girlfriend and I ( now separated ) are having a baby in October. I'm looking to get some housing assistance so my son will have a stable home to live , earning over $ 1,600 a month, but still have accounts (student loans, car payment , insurance, etc. ) , and I am diabetic insulin pump that costs a lot of money . I thought everything would be fine , but after more research I realized that I probably need a little help . I live in southwest Ohio. My crime is that of June 2006. Does anyone know of any help ? Please refrain from the responses of its adoption , and they are rude amd show very high levels of immaturity , and I would raise this child to be more adapted to the social interaction you . Thank you !
How do I clean my personal record?1Jcalhoun2012-10-16 13:12:02
So, I fell for a scam , and now I can not open a bank account . I know it is cleaned up in five years , but is there any way to clean this thing faster? So that I can open a bank account and maybe get a loan? I'm out $ 3000. Only helpful answers please .
Student load repayment assistance, can they check my bank record on their own?0Ghazi2012-08-14 22:48:03
I applied for a student to receive additional support from repayment burden that basically gives me another six- month grace period to start repaying my loans and it would make my payments in the future, directed toward the net instead of the interests. They need proof of income and while I wondered if they really have the ability to check your bank records and see if they are given is actually true or not ? Because you have to have a fixed amount of income or less to qualify for this and I fear that my income may be too high ...
If you won the Lottery, but had previous bad credit, would your credit record be wiped clean?0Jack2012-09-12 10:59:03
Just a passing thought ! I mean I do not need loans or mortgages , but say credit cards , etc. Phones - still refused to them if they had a bad credit history ?
Can I Still get financial aid after getting a class a misdemeanor over drug paraphernalia but no actual drug?3Adelaide2012-08-27 14:48:03
Ok so a month ago , was driving wth a friend to St. Louis to see a concert and on my way back (I live in Illinois and was in Illinois at this time ) I was stopped by a car K9 . Unfortunately , somehow had a little box thing you hide your hitters and stuff and asked to search my car and let me them.The dog found it and I stopped . It was not even mine. I do not smoke weed or anything and this is my first offense . I read a lot of different questions and answers on this topic , but still have not found a good enough answer . Will this ruin paraphernalia charge my chances of getting financial aid for the next school year or do I have to wait another year before all I can get it back ? I can ? Student loans ? What paraphernalia itself even counted as a drug charge ? Please let me know and ill answer than having the best . MedlinePlus thank you
Relocation assistance, housing, no where to live help!?0Pam J.2012-08-20 03:49:28
So basically here's the problem. A lot of different mistakes and miscommunication on the part of many people, including myself would probably have led to a situation where I have to be in MN for the next 2 weeks, without accommodation. I have a job in early January and let it go and do some training before starting the day told me that I would get all the necessary training and receive complete my ID card is required the day before I be added to payroll. After I added to the roster, only normally takes some time (1-2 weeks) before I can get my first paycheck. I also offered a relocation package that I can not get without this conclusion. The end of Monday rolls around and decide which will take 2-3 weeks before they can let me know if I can get my car id I said before does not mean that in addition to the payroll and an additional 2-3 weeks without pay. So now I'm looking at a maximum of five weeks without pay in another state. So my boss tells me they will cover hotel expenses for the next two weeks because I have to be here. Well, now I'm broke. Just out of college until my eyes on students loans repayment, etc. Therefore, it is a struggle for me to stay here, but since you're paying for the house which I imagine can make everything else work. 2 weeks go by and I finally say that I have been authorized to get my ID card. Now people ask me why did not complete training two weeks ago when I first got here and why do not I just go home and save my money until he was acquitted because that was what most people ago. (Without this badge, not allowed to work on any project that is so basically sit all day). Also, since I have not completed my education (which I would not complete even though the policy says it should have started two weeks ago), I still do not add to the list until you have completed all the training will not until February. 3 °. And then maybe you can pay me or give me assistance for relocation of the 15th. The dilemma is that I have to live for the next 2 weeks because they decided to not cover my hotel because I found a place by now. I have, but I have no money for deposit! I sent an email to my supervisor and told him my situation and asked if he could deduct the cost of the hotel for relocation assistance or my paycheck first. I'm so confused! Traded for relocation assistance relocation because I need help! Why would they think they would be able to move and travel to and from work for a month in a state that does not live in my own home and provide all without money? You think it's reasonable / unprofessional for me to ask them to provide me home until I can give my relocation assistance, even with the cost deducted from my pay? Regular policy is also a company? It seems that everyone who was poor or young people who have difficulty in the first month on the job. I would not mind if I was living at home, but I just moved to a completely different state that has no family or friends at all! PLEASE HELP, I promise I will choose the best answer!
If I have 15 or more college credits can I get a drug wavier for a juvenile minor weed poss. charge?1mathhater21922012-10-13 16:26:02
When I was 15 I was arrested for having a gram of marijuana exactly . For that I was having a minor poss . charge . Now I have 26 years soon 27 and I've been trying to join the army for a year in a half. I let the recruiter know my position and I even got casework printed from the department of juvenile records , but they said they still could not join because of this misdemeanor case . This is the only drug charge on my criminal record and have not been arrested for drugs of any kind since. So my case is over ten years old and from what I have said is that I have 15 or more college credits to obtain a waiver of such drug charge that I have a GED . Is there anyone who can give me an honest answer to my question ripe ? When I get college credits before being able to join the Army ? Ppl this is my dream and I 'm not one of those guys who seek college loan repayments that want to retire as an Army soldier . I can also go to a higher authority than my recruiter and seek a waiver for a misdemeanor drug to minors? My wife is on active duty and will be promoted to sergeant soon , will this help my chances of joining the military ? I need help someone , I need someone who is seasoned in this situation to answer my question , not just someone who has heard this story or was told the story of another person . NEED FACTS ! !
Can my housing assistance raise my rent &MAKE me pay for rent with a Personal student lone?1nino2012-08-25 08:17:19
Im school in. I have to borrow to pay additional school needs not covered other ex in. tuition: uniform lab jacket graphics s books Etc. bags, but my rent is counting support this extra income . As in. as a grant . But school is a personal loan that has to be used for my studies and I have to pay . if you pay rent with that I will not have enough to get the things they need for school , which is the point that I'm taking . can do this . I am very low income and paying rent . Section 8 , I have a 2 year old son . the only income I have for me and my son is a check for $ 385 per month .
Im married to a vet [discharged now, years], is it possible to get a vet's loan or some other assistance?1Tino Martinez2012-09-27 00:14:04
Is there any special loans that may qualify for the program or other financial adviser who can take advantage of? small business loan or similar.
Do you agree with Bernanke that the Fed's ultra-low rates 2 years after 9/11 didn't cause the housing bubble?0mlly2012-09-23 07:48:02
College experts i need info on student loans -bad credit i had not horrible but a bad record throughhighschool2Reed2012-09-16 00:58:03
somone plz help
Housing loan repayments on 15 years per month and been told to find the amount of each monthly instalment?0Star K2012-08-23 23:46:02
find the amount of each monthly payment of a loan : MedlinePlus i ) $ 15,000 for 15 years at 8.25 % pa MedlinePlus ii ) $ 60,000 for 15 years at 7% MedlinePlus a.i iii ) 125000 15 years at 8.5 % pa MedlinePlus MedlinePlus remember that your monthly fee .

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