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Is having a college degree really worth it?1marlyn2012-09-01 17:03:02
If your answer is yes , then what degree do you suggest people get ? As for me , I worked and went to school took me six years , and took over a dying father and maintained a 3.0 GPA .... I have over $ 30,000 in student loans he owes me . The total cost of my college education was a little over $ 60,000. He has a degree in business administration . which in my opinion really is BS ! It took me over a year to find a job even .... I applied for many jobs ... was on all job sites I could find on the Internet ... just to finally get a job that pays $ 30,000 per year, reaching a net salary of $ 24,000 and I'm still supposed to pay off student loans ... Fast forward, six years later, I am still working very hard and my employer ( too big to fail corporation) does not compensate me but expects me to meet unrealistic deadlines / goals ... then add in working in a toxic cut throat environment where you have to constantly look back ... Oh, and the kiss of death statement .. "Shut up and be happy to have a job " and make sure that corporate slave to continue taking the pill happy ! !
Is a college degree really worth it or is it a scam?1Tim S2012-10-26 09:01:02
Growing up I was always told I had to get a degree of success . I heard so much that I became brainwashed and the university became an obsession . Last week I realized I was brainwashed because I will soon be a junior and my major is undecided. So I did a bit of thought and could not
Is getting a college education really worth graduating and owing $75K upon completing your degree?1froGGlicker 2012-09-10 21:14:03
It gets you so far in the hole and really no racing in the United States that pay a decent wage - as schooling is really worth ? If you find that work is a slave to "race " , as it has to repay the loan ( even if you file bankruptcy - a student loan and you will be reimbursed . ) . Now you have to buy a car ( $ 20K + and pay for gas and maintenance , another $ 250 + per month ) and can not live at home forever so you will need an additional $ 1200 + per month for rental costs and life. ). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How is the school of grief when all you get is $ 10 - $ 12 per hour of work when done ?
If you take classes online, will your degree be worth anything?2ll12262012-10-12 15:48:03
Only applies to Anthem College Online and let me know when I get my fellow science 'll be able to get better jobs though took an online course , I checked and are accredited with FAFSA ( federal loan for students) need to know if I'm making the right decision !
Is a Bachelor's Degree worth it anymore?0doo2012-11-05 17:54:00
I'm about to transfer with my Associate degree to a four year college, with the intent of working towards my Bachelor's. The only problem is that I want to major in English (not to teach, though) because it's the only thing I'm consistently interested in, but I'll have to take out a loan upwards of $35,000. With the economy looking the way that it is, is it worth it anymore to take out a student loan for this type of degree? What jobs could I get right now with an Associate degree in English?
Is getting my Bachelors Degree worth the $34,000+ in student loans I will incur?0need MAY opinions2012-10-16 12:17:18
First I should mention that I'm old - in my 30 years. And an Associates degree in Business from a private university . Now offer a degree . I'm very tempted to ask whether it is really worth the time and $ $ . If I was going to school / public university would be cheaper , but it takes much more time and class schedules would not work well . The private college offers programs that can be completed in the evening and also have a lot of classes that are offered online .
What is a bachelor's degree worth, as far as student loan debt?0Ashlyn2012-10-26 01:21:58
I know people who went to private schools or out of state went to college and now have about $ 70,000 - $ 90,000 in student loan debt . It is a single
Are online Master's Degree programs worth the trouble?3lattane2012-10-08 14:46:04
Has anyone used any of the online schools to obtain a master's degree? Does anyone know how much they cost ? I'm very interested in it, but would probably have to add a few thousand to my student loans and that is not very appealing to me .
Is a masters degree in counseling (psychology) worth the risk of being stuck with student loan debt?0i♥zee2012-10-25 22:39:27
I'm half finished earning an AA degree. I am a straight A student with a good dose of self-discipline and self-determination. I want to earn a BA in psychology from USF and then a master's in counseling at a university in California to become either a mental health counselor or a marriage and family counselor. I am a first generation student so the deadlines and processes can be daunting at times. I filled out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and have received a full Pell Grant ($ 5,300), plus a Florida Medallion scholarship for my progress in high school (100% of enrollment in community college , 75% state university until I earn a BA). So, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to afford a degree, but I'm not sure I could pay a MA. Only the cost of attending graduate school is much more than you could do in a year, even if I could find a job. Is it possible to get enough scholarships to fund an MA without any student loans? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've heard a lot of people who have won teachers who can not pay their student loans because they can not do the job they trained. All your hard work in college has resulted in low-paying jobs and a huge debt. I have fear of being one of them. I have really wanted to pursue this field. Psychology is basically "mine". I will not go this far for the money, but I have a family and be comfortable and be able to support the education of my kids future college. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Pursing this field will make me happy, but if I can not support myself let alone a family. I wonder if I should earn a degree in a field with better job security and better pay. I also wonder if this uncertainty is temporary - if the economy will improve and allow to get a job in the field of psychology MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus I saw my parents struggle with debt and I know that doing something that interests me isin't worth debt that I will not be able to afford. So I can sacrifice years of study and financial stability to become a counselor so you can be satisfied with my work life? or should I sacrifice my interest in the psychology of financial stability so you can be happy with my love / family life? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for reading my long, anxiety attack a question. I would really appreciate a response from someone who has been through something similar recently. Because I am a first generation student did not know anyone who can help me with this question.
College loan? Or try to pay cash I'm going to a 2 year college about $7k the hole degree without books?0Emil2012-09-19 23:33:03
I want to get a 2-year degree in Business Administration I am in this field from now and I know it will help me . I 'm quite good from now could pay some cash , but I will not cut into my savings account . I was just thinking of going cuz I work part time 45hrs a week . Any interest rate on student loans is the best way forward and what the rate from now ? I have a credit score of 700 who plans to start in August I'ma Assistant MGR from now and I know this will help me get promoted again with an increase of $ 20k .
I owe a balance to a college institution, how can I complete my college degree?0zephy2012-08-07 20:36:02
I am (23) credits of a second degree, and a debt of 13yrs ago. This debt is currently at $ 4,000. Currently , I am unable to pay ( unemployment compensation ) and my transcript will not be released . The university does not allow me to continue, or re-enroll until the debt is paid . That the desire to finish this degree and continue their further education. He came to my attention that can be applied to a different university , using my credits from my first degree (associate) only, and is part of a new university. As I can secure loans and grants to pay -off from the University of New Entry , you can use a portion of loan payable , the balance of the second degree. This would eliminate my debt and I will continue with the degree I'm so close to finishing . Can someone please give me their experience and their comments?
Who is getting the the most value of my college degree?0-----2012-10-15 12:53:02
Definitely not me. I fought for the last four years of my life trying to get an engineering degree and working full time to minimize the amount of debt that would be in college graduation . There I took summer classes ( 3 Once I took Calc 3, Physics 2 and Ochem ) while working full time. Everyone told me that this "hard work " will pay off in the end. No. He did not. I will graduate from GaTech ( engineering school number 4 ) with an average of 3.4 (10 % ) with a Biomedical Engineering degree and no job related to my field. I did two internships and about 2 years of research . I 'm a girl . Anyway , the only sustainable job that I received is my full-time job ( fast food worker ) . The owners are making a new franchise and have been offered a "head" Task manager / around 40k a year . I could have gotten an associate's degree in business and got the same job . Not only that would be cheaper , in fact I would like some "education " to me back up instead of my engineering degree useless . Well, the only positive I can think of is that I'm only 10k of student loan debt , and with a bit of frugality , I'll be able to pay my debt in a normal period . Why even go to college for four years ?

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