Is it worth buying a house soon?

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Is it worth buying a home soon? MedlinePlus Replies Australians just as relevent only if you know the market here in Australia . MedlinePlus I'm in Perth , but working to find a better paying job in the mining industry very soon , My boyfriend and I are renting ( $ 175 a week before we move early to rent will be about $ 250-300 p / w ) , but I just hate the fact that ' throwing money and paying someone elses mortgage when I could buy my own house brick by brick . I was thinking of getting a long term loan home to make the repayments affordable, but I know I'll end up paying much more in interest . Does anyone know of a good free loan prepayment fees , that is, if I start paying only Ctd.mínima payments but later I feel like I can pay much more for the payment and do not want to get hit with massive fees .
MedlinePlus sorry this is a long question .... MedlinePlus thank you! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone who bought a house in my situation please give me your opinion on how it works for you !

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