Is it ok to ask my grandma to borrow money??

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Keenan white
Asked at 2012-08-19 05:32:03
So my mom says my grandmother hurtting not for money at all . She does not act or look . But the younger brother just borrowed 2000 for a car and bow for hunting he wanted. She gave him 200 for his birthday and he has to pay another 1800 again. Well, I want to go back to college . I have 20 years of age living 110% on my own since I was 18. But because it's stupid finacial aid do not apply for anything until I atleast 23. ( His parents still and my parnets make way to much money ) I try to avoid student loans , because my boyfriend and I want to buy a house soon and I do not want those who have for us . I have afraid to ask . Because my brother simply asked , as one month ago. This semester must be at least $ 1,200 in books . So I came up with at least $ 600 I was going to ask for the rest and then pay $ 100 or $ 150 per paycheck until its paid off. Then maybe ask again for next semester . My grandmother is 89 years old and is very hard to hear ....
Answer1AlejandraAnswered at 2012-08-22 15:03:04
Asking the next semester can be a good idea, but as she is old , you may want to do now that she has in her power to help . Try to do it in a day and time that it is , without distractions . Then you can explain your plans , you can find admirable , and then be willing to help . It's good that you want to move forward with goals for yourself. I do not think she will object . The only possible negative scenarios I see happening is some other relative or angry , thinking that the grandchildren are just taking advantage of the grandmother , or you could say that she prefers to make sure your brother gets paid back before she also trust you with a large sum . Either way , it could not hurt to ask . You might at least help you with some or tell you to wait for another suitable time. I hope things work for you .
Answer2bikieAnswered at 2012-08-26 05:31:19
I guess .
Answer3GiskaAnswered at 2012-09-09 21:27:03
Do not be afraid to ask . I t is for a good cause , do not wait too long
Answer4Jasmine82Answered at 2012-10-13 20:50:54
Yes , I think in the circumstances it would be fine . MedlinePlus I asked my grandmother if she could borrow about $ 50 last week to pay off an item you really need and given a date when I would pay her back , I did and had no confidence .
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