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Partnership firm accounting treatment?0any2012-08-19 04:40:28
Dear Sir : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus a company can pay the liability of a term loan taken in the name of individual partner as loan taken out to buy a building, and this piece of land and building assets is presented as firm partners .. the loan is taken one year before the start of production and commercial hotel . The hotel building is in the name of 4 partners and loan repayment is two separate savings account idividual couple .. What is the accounting treatment of depreciation and intrest paid on the loan ...
Should I work for accounting firm or law firm?0Caley2012-08-26 02:21:02
I am graduating law school second floor near the New York area . I was lucky to get a job in one of the previous accounting firms Big 4 in New York starting this fall. The problem of this work is that ( 1) is not a law firm , so I'm not technically practicing law , and (2) I'm not too crazy about tax law ( or accounting ) . But it is a reputable company and pay and benefits are good . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have received mixed reviews from people about how to start a law firm to gain experience , and it will be hard for me to stretch once I focus on tax law right after school. My concern is that my grades are the highest ( 3.0GPA I have ) and I 'm not in a law school class . I know the job market is very bad and I'm not sure if I can get a job that pays comprable to what I will receive payment of the accounting firm . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I do ? It is the labor force in New York really that bad ? I would not mind working for a smaller company , where I can charge enough to cover my loans and expenses .
Accounting treatment : Bad Loans : wether deductible expense?0Seymour2012-10-13 19:20:57
Ours is a limited liability company mainly business advertising and have advanced unsecured loan for a business worth Rs . 10,00,000 / - MedlinePlus This loan has become bad and there is no chance of recovery. MedlinePlus What is the accounting treatment of loan repayment is wrong ? MedlinePlus Is this expenditure of Rs . 10 lakh tax deductible expense income standpoint . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please guide me in this issue
Is there an agency or accounting firm that can assist with consolidating my student loans?0Salifu A. Rahman2012-10-12 23:09:57
I think the process is very confusing and overwhelming , as the instructions for the government to consolidate and get your account information . Are there reputable companies that can afford to do this for me ?
Bryan invests in Bryco, Inc. stock when the firm was financed solely w/ equity. The firm is now utilizing...?0Devaughn2012-09-20 02:43:02
... debt in its capital structure . To unlever position , Bryan needs : MedlinePlus A) borrow some money and buy more shares of Bryco stock MedlinePlus B ) maintain its current position as the company's debt will not affect its leverage MedlinePlus staff position C ) sell some shares Bryco and maintain cash earnings MedlinePlus D ) sell some shares and loan Bryco out so that you create a personal debt ratio equal to the signature of MedlinePlus E ) Create a personal debt ratio is exactly equal to 50 % of the debt-equity ratio of the company
BENRUM FAST LOAN FIRM is scams? can believe this FIRM?/is this fraud one?0anon.s2012-09-21 20:36:02
YOUR TAG :: We offer all legitimate purposes of the loans were in any world at 2% . Our office is located in Accra , Ghana . MedlinePlus frnds plz reply me ?
Treatment of bad business debt?0Anissa2012-09-07 23:29:02
What would be the tax treatment in the following situations ? MedlinePlus A business loan is made for $ 16,000 , interest accrues $ 20,000 . MedlinePlus The borrower can not make payments and attempts to secure payment have not MedlinePlus Can the $ 16,000 or $ 20,000 deduction and how? MedlinePlus How that $ 4,000 has been spent on legal fees trying . MedlinePlus What are the references , standards, publications , newsletters ?
Family loan, tax treatment -reg?3Peggy2012-11-02 09:06:03
Can anyone provide the specific rules applicable tax law , when a MedlinePlus female employed loan is the family pensioners / parents to buy a stake (with a parent ) property to purchase prices for self - occupation. How can you leverage and what to do to meet the benefits available to ensure a family loan arrangement by internal IT Rules / ACT .
Is there an effective treatment for diabetes type 2?22022-06-06 07:55:15
What will happen to me if I don't get treatment Rheumatoid Arthritis?1yuna2012-08-31 11:27:05
I'm currently in college and plan my parents health insurance . I have 21 years now , and turns 22 in late February , and I will not get health insurance . I've had a lot of joint problems , and my doctor suggested it could be early signs of rheumatoid arthritis and wanted to send me to a rheumatologist . But I feel no sense, because they have no health insurance in two months , and private insurance do not cover AR . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What will happen to me ? Is there anything I can do without insurance? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can use the loans to pay for college , so I can not go out and find a full time job , or my loans will be paid and that have not graduated yet . And I can not go to school part time ( or I can not get federal aid . )
Would you put stipulations on your partnership?1judy williams2012-10-25 00:59:02
My friend has been with her ​​boyfriend for about 3 years. He makes decent money , about $ 60K a year and she earns about $ 35K a year . He owns his own condo and has lived with him for a year paying half the mortgage. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He said that before even thinking about marrying her , would have to delete all your debt including credit cards , car payments and student loans. Also, she would have to make at least $ 40,000 a year so it could be a real factor for the purchase of a house . I thought his stipulations sounded a little crazy and pretentious but she loves him and he is doing everything possible to try to satisfy their demands . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would you put stipulations in your association? MedlinePlus What do you think about the situations of my friend , her boyfriend is being clever or pretentious ?
What is the name of the loan company that you can get loans from for medical treatment?2txkid2012-11-03 07:43:02
want to get some cosmetic surgery and do not want to wait until I've saved all the money to do

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