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Extreme crisis SEVERE LIFE! Please do not be turned away by the details of the problem

Short Form
My current employer is denying that knows me when asked referred to apply to another job, which means you can not see that I work (or worked there). What I can do to find another job?

More details

I work as a substitute (contract) of the electronic controller of the truck (for 7 months). The way it works is, call me when every time someone takes time (sometimes the same day). From the afternoon, I take to get the mail in a series of local area offices of Correos. About 2 hours later I get to deliver the mail in an important processing center of Big City.

After the drivers stay in an apartment company paid when we have to wake up 2 am and a report on the Regional Processing Center to sort mail for an hour and make our way back to our offices. Saturday night we left the truck in the apartment and a new staff car (usually with a 3rd person we are), home until Sunday night when we return.

Every driver who has a normal way, has a different scheduled day off, (a driver will open on Monday, another Tuesday, and so on).
When a driver down for medical reasons, which worked every day for 3 weeks straight without a day off.

As time progressed, I started making more mistakes, because I was stressed out working all the time and there is free time. My wife convinced me to ask my supervisor for some free time. She told me it was not possible, but it would work on it.

finally had a little accident where a post office, there is a steep extra, and struck a governor of the air pressure in the ending caught, having to call another truck, causing mail to be 2 hours later that day.

I put in a three-day suspension, and now only working one day a week, one day every two weeks, and now I have spent a full pay period without hours of work at all.

I had to start applying for loans, but it is difficult because of bad credit, so I had to apply for multiple loan applications. One of those questions is to show proof of employment, with a contact number. I've also been applying for other jobs.

To show proof of employment, the only phone number is the number of the owner (which is my proof of payment). There are no offices or secretaties. Now I have said that the number of jobs will check a private number that does not know me and are sick and tired of being called to relate to me.

I double and triple check the phone number only to conclude that the owner of the company is denying or my work, or even that I know. (It's the same number on my pay stub)

I can get over not getting a loan, but what if I am applying for a job that has to verify that work (or formerly worked) no. Any job application provider makes the task is not going to hire me, because you can confirm that I am or was in this work peticular.

If not indicate that the work and return to the surface, I can cause problems for the falsification of the application. What I can do if I can prove you worked for this company. How will I find another job. What options do I have.

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