Making your Money make do you do it?

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I 'm not rich and I have a lot in school, but this is what worked for me. I have 3 years out of college , I paid my student loans again , I have worked in school whiched helped. I bought a house 2 years ago and have to pay the 74% -off . I bought in the market low , I get 35% less and make double and triple payments torwards the beginning. I can make a moderate income and take home $ 3250 every two weeks. I max - all my rewards credit cards and have even asked to put some expences business in them, and as a result I can get free gas cards for the car ... I have not paid for gas in 2 years FREE ! Also I have a rewards card that Cruise will become effective on April 08 .. And a free flight there through rewards AMEX (American Air -
lines). I've never paid a penny of interest ... just use the credit card companies for free stuff and always pay in full. Right now I have $ 840 per month that comes in just the payment of interest and investment .. are my utilities and food at home.

just a few things that can help


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