A co-worker gave me couch when he was moving. He is moving again and wants it back. What should I do? related questions

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A co-worker gave me couch when he was moving. He is moving again and wants it back. What should I do?4Dr. Greenthumb2012-11-04 20:46:02
He says he lent it to me and he "thought made ​​that clear ." I was quite clear when I said I would accept it only if he was giving . I was not in a financial position to pay for it . I would never agree to accept a short term couch. My house is not a storage unit. He gave away the couch because he moved to a new place with a roommate who had furniture so its not fit. Things did not work with your roommate so it is moving again and I think you need the sofa in her new apartment. Thanks for your advice !
Is moving on my own instead of moving with my family a bad decision or no?0com 2052012-08-29 06:24:05
im 24, just graduated college a couple of months ago, and started a part-time job in my field means. Also I have a second supervisor job in a hotel. where I live, a bd / studio apartment can be as low as 450/mo. I can make almost $ 15 in my work supervisor, and it was full time before starting my new job (I'm still there 18-24 hours / week). and I have about $ 2,500 saved (there will be more after I get paid this week). both jobs are very far from where I live, and it is a stressful, not to mention expensive, to deal with these 7 days a week. So I told my mother I wanted to approach the two jobs and just get a bus pass (the buses where I live nowhere near where I have to go), and really try to be alone while I'm still in cheap area, as I have thought to look for a job out of state next year. I guess everyone realized how stupid I was living so far no reason (we all have to drive long distances I drive, and have no family in the area), now all my family wants to move. My mom says I should live at home and save my money for when I move out of state. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Problem # 1 is not entirely to my parents, I love my mother to death! when it's just her and me, we get along and talk joke every day, around, etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is living with my brother. (Only 2 yearsyounger) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus he likes to collect arguments, he has stolen / sold / broken a long list of my stuff: In general, I do not feel comfortable living under the same roof with him. In my last semester at the university, I learned that I had been selling my clothes when I would stay the weekend at my girlfriends house. when my mother defended him, I moved out for several months and stopped talking both of them for a long time. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Problem # 2 my mom thinks would be saving money ... but the thing is that I saved more money on my own when I lived at home! I went back a refund check a summer 5k and 3k even lasted me almost 6 months, between food, transport, and social stuff (I'm not a big partier, but occasionally I like to go out to eat with friends). I had about 3k on credit cards before I moved back home (2 of which was payment for summer school out of pocket, the rest were the books). as being at home, that number has doubled. Most of it is gone with the wear and tear on my car and gas drivng 40/50 miles per day to work after my money ran out. at home, I bought my own food sometimes because they buy what my brother likes ... Identification and sometimes eating out when everyone likes the food I bought ... and so on. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus although I know that my student loans will be around for a looooong time (~ 60k in student loans, I went to a CC, then an out expensive state school, then transferred to the much cheaper state school) and honestly I think about whether or not I can afford that, my credit card payments, and rent ... but I'll have to face one day, right? I've never been a dependent, and when I was on my own, I was happier and more social than it ever had been, i grew it. Mistakes and all, I was proud of myself. be an independent person, and it goes back to what I experienced in high school made me feel like you do not .. I can not invite a girl like id want, go out with my friends as I will, etc., and not that I could not, but out of respect for my family i do not feel it would be fine. MedlinePlus I'm in such a bad way to where I reallly should live at home for another year?
I am 22 and going back to college, should I also be moving out by now?0Raphael2012-10-26 19:26:33
I went to college for a while but now I'm starting a new program and will work part time while in school . I will not be able to cover the rent and school if I move out , so you have to take student loans , but I worry that I 'm not moving out stunting the growth process . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Perhaps it should be out after one semester and take student loans or stay home ?
Moving back in with parents?0Kasia Neil2012-09-19 22:22:02
I have 20 years and my borfriend is 23.We 've been together for two years and live on our own for a year and a half . Yes , we rushed into things , but sometimes necessary. We love you and I can not imagine being separated . The problem is that it has almost $ 30,000 in debt. I have only 27 hundred dollars in student loan debt . We can not do on our own anymore due to a number of reasons , and I want to ask my parents if we could live with them for only a year. I've been checking the numbers of days and in 11 months we parents pay rent , pay for gas for our cars , car insurance and payment PLUS truck pull thousands of dollars a month to the debt , and therefore pay $ 11,000 in debt. Then your bike will not have a lein on it and we can sell for 2000 more or less and pay more debt . MedlinePlus However, I went to my parents' house the other day and my room is full of collector cars my father's old .
I am 18 years old and will be moving back down to florida in a few months and i have no credit history...?0Joline2012-09-07 00:37:03
I have 18 years old and will be moved back to Florida in a few months with a really good job , but I have no credit history . What would be the best way for me to build good credit without having to use a credit card ? and How long should I wait to take ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also said that if I can apply for a small loan and pay it before I actually get the cash to increase my credit score ... Is there any truth to this?
Moving Out?0Becka2012-09-20 23:54:04
I'm looking to leave soon ... I have 23 years and I have a FT job with health benefits . I commuted to college , so I've never lived away from home before. I'm looking to be in the same city . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking at apartments that include heat and hot water in the rental fee . I already pay a monthly car insurance , more money for gas and tolls . My only debt is a small student loan - my credit cards are clear . I know I have to pay for food and clothing every month too. I have about two months salary punched away in the bank for emergencies . What mobile phone , Internet and cable television bills usually go? My parents pay it for now , so do not know the half . I do not want cable subscription, just an average basic package . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would have to buy some furniture too, but I can get as I go , and look in thrift stores or IKEA for cheap things to sustain me during the first few months , until they get settled. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any other expenses that may be overlooking ? Any other suggestions ? thank
Moving out, help?1Cailie2012-10-01 09:24:07
I have 20 almost 21 years . I have a dilemma . I really feel it's time for me to go out and start my own life . I've been very sheltered all my life and my mother has completely controlled my every move , and if I asked any freedom , had blackmail so he could not do it . I have not much , if any , of a relationship with my father and I feel like a prisoner in my own home . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a new chance to live with my boyfriend and his family in California , a state different from mine . His mom absolutely loves me and supports me 100% if I decide to move . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I thought about the costs , there are some places that are already interested in hiring me (thanks to resume emailings furious ! ) In that area . I have free site to live and free food . I'm thinking of selling my car to pay my student loans and my credit card bill and I have already saved money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How do I tell them that you want to move ?
Moving out of my parent's?0Ernes2012-10-06 16:58:24
Well , I have 19 years and due to some very personal problems , I have to leave my parents' house . My parents do not support me moving on my own because they have some silly idea that if I move , I will not go to college . I have every intention of going to college and get my degree . Currently I have a very stable and I have a little over $ 3,000 saved right now. I have a friend who is willing to go Halfsies in renting a place with me . That said, how easy / difficult it would be to get an apartment and save my money for college and get my own student loans ? Between me and my friend, our monthly income would be about $ 2,200 ( more than what comes from me) . It would have to get a car because where I live , everything is very spaced from each other . Based on what I have said , I will be able to afford to go out?
HELP! Moving to California?1 집합 단수명사 2012-10-05 06:14:03
I am graduating next year , so I'm planning a little early , so I'll have everything ready to go there again . Im looking for some safe places in California and cheaper to get an apartment . Be rent will range in the $ 1500. I was looking in Thousand Oaks and Ventura County , or Orange County area . Im thinking of going to SMC . I know that jobs are hard to come by, but im definitely get a job before going out there , so I have to start looking as soon as possible . I was thinking about a job on the railroad (I heard that hire graduates hs ) . ive added expense and I will need at least $ 2800/month to live well . MedlinePlus 1500 mortgage payments MedlinePlus 500 / car payments 150 cell phone MedlinePlus 150 utilities 100 gas MedlinePlus 100 foods ( not eat much ) MedlinePlus other misc . 300 things MedlinePlus my daily schedule based on 5 classes and a full time job MW MedlinePlus Class 1 : 9-10:30 MedlinePlus Labor : 11 -6 : 30 MedlinePlus Class 2 : 7-8:30 MedlinePlus get home at 9 or 10 Studio and go to bed MedlinePlus T , Thursday MedlinePlus Class 3 : 9-10:30 MedlinePlus Work 11-6:30 MedlinePlus Class 4 : 7-8:30 arrive home study go to bed MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Friday 9-5 work MedlinePlus Saturday May 2nd Class 9 MedlinePlus Sunday chill and study. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Grants and scholarships will pay for most college loans any father / mother pay MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You think I'm a little prepared to move ? and you think I'm being realistic. Honest opinion / input value thanks !
Moving out on my own? Can I afford it?2Soh2012-09-28 10:16:02
Currently I'm 26 and living at home ( Sad yes I know) . I really want / need ! out on my own . Living with my family is not bad, but I just think it is time. I need a change . I have no g / f , ( I'm not ugly , just very shy , also I can really bring the ladies to my room ... so sad ) decent amount , but not as great a social life and decent in my savings on 11k . (11000 : p ) . MedlinePlus I make 1900 a month and just over 2000 with some minor overtime . MedlinePlus I wonder if I can really do this MedlinePlus . These are my monthly expenses : MedlinePlus Car : 401.00 ( for two years) MedlinePlus Ins : . MedlinePlus 189.00 Fitness : MedlinePlus 13.00 Cell: MedlinePlus 53.00 Gas : 60.00 ( Over compensation ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I live in New Jersey, the cheapest one bedroom I can find is as 900.00 H & H included. MedlinePlus Plus - MedlinePlus Monthly Food : . Perhaps least 100 ~ 125.00 MedlinePlus Internet : 52.00 (No cable TV, I can live without) MedlinePlus Electricity : 50 ( more or less) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So the best case scenario is that I have a little less than $ 200 a month MedlinePlus I mean, I know I have to dump it out you know and what is not brown , but it is a good idea. I can really live on $ 200 a month. I mean $ 900 that had just put in my savings account or buy some random crap like shirts espresso or something. I basically do nothing at the moment . I want to go to school too. ( Loans ) I can only imagine myself being 27 ( in December) and still living at home . It's pretty depressing. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So after all that, I have to move ? ? I can go ? I need ideas and opinions ... Thanks for reading this. :) Appreciate it kindly .
Moving away with a lot of debts?0J.C.2012-09-09 13:17:02
So things first things first , I've been reading about some things about debt , etc and I have seen that if you can avoid debitor / they can not contact you for 6 years , then the debt is cleared . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, when traveling abroad with a lot of debt that they actually saw can not do much . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If you had
Tips for moving out at 19?0Nisa2012-10-06 20:08:07
I know, I'm too young , etc , etc , etc , to make long story short , my parents are abusive and controlling . I am a full time student at a community college and works in downtown San Francisco . I have a great job at $ 11 / hr , but his season . my parents want to control my life , they have a boyfriend hate me , hate me because I get to work late into the night , I hate going out with friends , I hate that I'm not studying the subject you want. beat me , yell at me , let me , I say they can not do this and that, I say I'm degrading myself ... I'm worthless, etc , etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no car. not much money saved . I do not know where to start . please give me tips and advice on what I can do to make my situation better. Neither do I. I have no relatives nearby . MedlinePlus Are there hostels i can go to the financial aid or / loan that I can ask , welfare / food stamps that I can qualify? any help would do , please .

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