Anyone know anything about owner financing?

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soasi piutau
Asked at 2012-08-18 12:42:03
ok.i have a friend ( just inherited a lot of $ $ and paid for his house and bought a new one) I want to sell the old house. but as I self-employment income and I can show I can not gat a loan. I wanted consoladate and you still owe on my house and cars 2. I was thinking if I consolidated my monthly payments go down , but the bank still wont give in. thus agreed to such co - sighn for me or put a small cd against it or something. but also said it would be best for me own finances , and may even consolidate everything to me ( as the purchase total debt + +5 G to work in the new house will only belike55K ) with the new house probably apraising like 40 - 45K . but I would like to have everything else free and clear that this is the best option for me, I think I'll make my payments and is a real mother and friends I've known her for like 14 years now for the trust is not a problem (either my way of thinking) but ne way I can find Where good information and you want to read it b4 doing something and I do not know how to a contract or what is included in that. Oh , I think I can get interest free too (friends of my mom if she strengthens ) or maybe she sighn again with a lein with a contact for financing within a year or two ( would) , of so any ideas?

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