What are the guidelines that banks are using for Home Equity Lines of Credit? related questions

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What are the guidelines that banks are using for Home Equity Lines of Credit?1Rosedala2012-09-28 22:03:03
I asked this question in a different section and have only gotten a response that is not at all what I'm asking , so I 'm asking again. I would like to consolidate some debt . I know that banks are having a difficult time right now. I was wondering if anyone knew what they were getting HELOCs guidelines ( equity lines of credit )? My husband and I started new jobs recently, but both have excellent credit ? Any idea what the debt - income ratio is that they are looking for and if all banks are making loans complete documentation? I understand how a HELOC. I used to work at a mortgage company . I just need to know what the current guidelines and qualify . I know the questions to ask lenders. I do not know how all things happening in the economy has changed the guidelines, and I worked there (1 1/2 back). Specifically : Combined 1 and HELOCs will be 80 % loan to value. How many years of employment is not required? That can be overlooked by the fact that we both have a physicist in the mid- 700 ? Not all lenders to prove your income now rather than go stated income ? What debt to income relationships need to qualify?
Do banks discount Home Equity Lines, if you pay them off lump sum?0Khulood2012-08-12 16:14:02
My parents have two of Bank Loans on U.S. mortgage on your principal residence . A loan is $ 77k and the other is $ 143K for a total of $ 220k . They are experiencing financial difficulties. They are unable to pay the minimum payment and have not done in 2 months. I do not see the situation is improving. I can not keep helping her financial every month. I have about $ 100 000 ( after taxes and fines) in my 401k that can be cashed out . Do they take payment BOA $ 100k $ 220k Fixed ? If not, go into foreclosure. I'd rather do this then have monthly mental stress .
Are home equity lines of credit less likely to close on you; better options than personal lines of credit?1Dokie 2012-09-06 03:45:04
I've had two personal lines of credit from Bank of America , which reduced the years in her kidnapped interest rates , and closed a credit line to a regular loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Then I decided not to deal with more personal loans and instead of a line of credit with my house / mortgage calculated as security , etc , and figures on how much you are eligible for . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus They are the least likely to close to you , and change the terms / back in just regular loans , unsecured personal lines of credit ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Secured vs. Unsecured guess is usually the case, besides the difference in the titles of the loans.
Home equity loans and lines of credit for home improvements?0lesego2012-08-07 00:47:46
Last year, April 2009 I bought my first house of 90K and received credit for home buyers first . The house was in fair cosmetic condition , but structurally sound and it uses the credit for the new carpet/flooring-paint- new appliances, etc. When I bought my house appreciates 98k I have several other small projects I like to finish - new fencing , some minor things in my kitchen and new countertops or back splash , 2 bathroom remodeling new countertops - shower, toilet, etc. - not I think spending a lot just some updates I can see the fencing is the most expensive since I am in a lot of one acre and bathroom remodeling and I plan to stay here for another 10 years at least , two houses in my st that are comparable to mine recently sold for 114k and 112k Is it too early as we only had a year to get the home equity loan or line of credit ? How does this all work ? I have no equity even though, as it has been a year ? I live in a rural area of ​​rapid growth near a military installation in the next 2 years will not be a huge increase in the population with the realignment
What happens with home equity loans or lines of credit if you file for bankruptcy?0alpaca2012-11-05 00:44:10
What happens with home equity loans and lines of credit after your house is foreclosed on?0denny2012-09-22 12:13:02
My house was auctioned on August 2, 2010 . But I have a line of credit that I still have , but now is not safe because the house has been repossessed . I can file bankruptcy ? In that department ?
Banks that give out quick personal loans/lines of credit?2ericka2012-10-24 20:45:02
i want online applications only fear I have . I live in California . No I have a lot of credit and guarantee no choice . no spam please !
Can I transfer a home equity loan from my bank to a credit card offering a lower APR. My banks says no.?1Daca2012-11-05 01:48:01
Can I transfer my balance equity loan ( $ 10,000 at 8.25 % APR ) through my bank to a credit card with an APR lower value (eg a balance transfer card by 1 , 9 % APR for 18 months) . My bank says no .... not without a cash transfer . Why not ? I have excellent credit and this will save me to pay interest for a year and a half . By then , almost all would be paid $ 10,000 too (I put in about $ 700 a month ) . Any advice ?
Which is better? Refinance, home equity loan, or home equity line of credit? To buy a car and remodel home.?1taleen2012-10-06 01:43:03
Which is better ? Refinance , home equity loan or home equity line of credit ? To buy a car home and remodeling . ?
Need Home Equity Loan Information - online vs banks?0jindi2012-10-10 12:20:15
Wondering what are the differences between online providers of mortgages and banks - is it fair that the interest rates are better in the bank ?
Is a Home Equity Line of Credit or Home Equity Loan used to buy a second home tax deductible beyond $100,000?0confidence2012-11-03 06:41:28
Would a Home Equity Line of Credit or loan used to buy a home be considered a Home Aquisition Debt instead of a Home Equity Debt?
Can someone summarize 10 lines in to 3 lines.. . Industrialized nations, including the United States, must eva?0swamp donkey 2012-09-22 03:06:03
. Industrialized nations like the United States , should evaluate reimbursement policies in terms of their effect on the international community . They must recognize that policies have a profound effect on the lives of people , and adjust when " are too much of a burden" for poor nations . The debt was incurred as a result of bad policy decisions by political leaders or by stealing funds to help their people . These leaders must take responsibility for their actions for debt relief to occur. The commission held that creditors like the World Bank and IMF also have ethical responsibilities related to the debt crisis . These creditors must work with indebted nations , not against them , and try to balance the obligations of each nation's debt with their social and development needs . Specific measures included lowering interest rates , extending the life of the loans , special agreements with countries whose populations were most affected by amortization of debt , and indebted nations offer greater participation in the formulation of international financial policies .

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