Are student loans enough to build my credit score up from 620's to 700's? related questions

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I recently filed Chapter 7 Bankrupcy, how long until my credit score could possibly be in the 700s again?0Andres2012-09-18 06:30:04
I kept my house and car. I hope to double my income in 2-3 years when my degree is completed . The only debt I have is that the student loan payment on time for $ 420 a month, my mortgage , car payment and utilities , etc. I do not want another credit card as long as you live . The only reason I could not keep up with the car loan payments is because my husband lost his job (used now ) and CC companies tripling our balances , payments , etc. (which got behind due their unemployment - the only thing we can afford to keep paying was our house payment and then literally went without food ) . Anyway - how long until I could get my credit score over 700 again ?
Can you build credit score off student loans?1thommini2012-10-15 01:41:02
If I paid more than the minimum payment on student loans , and pay off student loans faster , which could improve or build my credit score ?
Are student loans enough to build my credit score up from 620's to 700's?2Ayo2012-08-30 17:40:03
I just went through a period when I was very wrong with my credit card. I had a bankruptcy in '06 and I had 3 credit cards which I was delinquent for about 6 months. Call the 3 credit cards and they all offer a solution that I paid off in about 3 months. I just checked my credit score is 623. If it is not too good, but considering what my credit history has been as surprising to me is even higher than 600! I have 0 credit cards and started paying my student loans recently last December '09. So back to the question : Will my student loan is enough to build my credit card or should I apply for a credit card to go along with my student loan to build my credit fast? ( That probably only be accepted by insurance, I am willing to do). I 'm not worried about being delinquent on payments because this is the first time I've had a very stable and paying well . All I want to build my credit now and save for a house! Thank you kindly ! -Eric
If I take out federal student loans can I build my credit?0rikita2012-10-26 02:08:25
I ask for federal student loans strictly to build my credit . I do not need the money , but I see a good opportunity to build my credit . I figure I can stick the money in a CD until you need to start paying the loan . This way I can have a bit of interest while the money is there .
How can I build my credit score being only 19?2Kishore2012-10-11 12:45:04
I have no credit at all and just turned 19. I have a full time job to earn decent money . I went to my bank and they said they can only get a credit card / loan with a cosigner. I also apply online for Capitol One and was denied. Where I can get the approval of even a small amount on a credit card without a guarantee ... that's my problem , I have no one to cosign for me . MedlinePlus You have bad credit , no debt , etc. .. Simply no credit and would like to build something .
How can you build up your credit if your score is 500?0TJen2012-08-23 00:59:03
you have debts of about 5-7 years old $ 30,000.00 total, have been sold to collection agencies , you can get a new credit card , you have a car loan and earn about $ 56,000.00 / year. If you just declare bankruptcy and start learning from their mistakes cool horrible ? What if you want to buy a house ? Do not make enough to buy a house if you do not have all this bad debt ?
How do i build my credit score?0Delight2012-10-08 17:18:52
I received my credit card high risk to medium risk . I'm a little below average and I want to build it without risk. That is 200 points away , but I'll be able to. Now how I can build my credit fast . A better loan or a credit card . I have 4 investigates on my credit report and accounts receivables unopened . There are 4 collection accounts list and they have all been paid .
Better way to build credit score?4AnOnYmOuS 12012-09-12 19:45:04
Which is a better (faster ? ) To build a bad credit score : a secured credit card , a short term loan with a guarantee or a joint credit card ?
How do I build/repair my credit score?1POOKIE2012-09-21 21:20:03
No I have very limited credit history . I started this January . I read that I have to get some credit cards to build credit history . I have an insurance card from Citibank which only has 200 credit limit . A Citibank secured loan for 500 . Bank of America gave me 4000 CL A Worlpoints Platinum Plus credit card. I have also ChaseFreedom Mastercard . The thing is I 'm preparing my credit for a car loan . I applied for other credit cards in one day and got a few rejections ... rationale research has too (well , I know I should not have made ​​too many applications , but I figured you just do everything at the same time) and very low credit line . But I've never missed a payment , I only use 30% of my credit line and pay more than the minimum balance .
HOW TO BUILD MY CREDIT SCORE FAST?1 불가산명사 2012-08-18 08:07:30
I am new to the country, only came to the U.S. last 9 months ... start working as an employee service for 7 months ... i have checking and savings account at Bank of America .... The problem is to apply a bit on credit cards , but they remain in denial because I have a credit history, I want to pay a car in the future , but I think i can not able to do that .. How fast I can build my credit history? please answer ... your help is greatly appreciated
Confusion on credit score? How to build it right?0chen yeng2012-09-24 13:25:03
Ok, so I have almost 22 years and have never had a credit card or buy a single thing on credit. Money paid for our car, I used my mom as a guarantee for our fist our first apartment (and our history tenants highlight of our first apartment by our current department), deposits paid primarily by the lack of credit (utilities, phone etc ... I've never missed a payment and have since been repaid deposits) and my husband and I actually collect our paychecks, and intended to establish cash expenses using the "envelope" system . I finally feel like I am financially responsible for a credit card for the sole purpose of getting some kind of credit history. Here are my factors: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My mom also signed by me, and has a score in the 800s (my parents have near perfect credit) MedlinePlus The credit limit is $ 1,000 MedlinePlus My husband has a credit score in the 600s, was missed their first credit card and only (long story, but the bank screwed up and would not work with him in payment) almost three years ago, but had to borrow $ 5000 for a car that is already broken, but never misses a payment on the loan, and your current credit score was given by the bank earlier this year. MedlinePlus I'm not sure if my mom or husbands credit score affect mine MedlinePlus My plan is to use the card only for food, and to take the $ 110 / cash allocation week ($ 440/cash per month) for our expenses related to food, put it in our account, and pay the card end of each month. MedlinePlus Is this a good way to build credit? Will other factors, like never being late on utility bills, rent or telephone bills contribute to good credit? And I do not care really have no interest in buying things on credit, in addition to using this card to build credit? All I want is to have enough credit to that in a few years we can take our savings and get a good price on a down payment on a house. I do not like the idea of ​​being in debt for nothing more than a house, it is only because we are obviously not going to find one to buy cash with our savings 10K. I have no interest in other cards, buying cars on credit or anything else. Does this card really do something unique?
No credit score at age 23. How can I build up fast ?1Dborah2012-10-20 07:29:03
I just changed the university and also the most expensive . I needed a loan , but I need a cosigner . Unfortunately , he cosigned and someone else , so I'm stuck . My friend told me that I have no pity credit history , so I can not cosign , I will not have time to accumulate credit for the loan until it is now , but it's always good to start anyway. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So the question is what are some ways that build quickly. I know I ask for a credit card, but is there anything else ? Thank you.

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