What should i do about my "boss"?

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Asked at 2012-08-18 05:10:03
Ive been working on my work for a year or only a little less than a year. I really wanted to work here until recently. My boss me and my husband is really close and sometimes visit together. My boss secostrated (can not get loans anywhere) your first business debtor into bankruptcy. He needed help with some money I borrowed for him from 9000 and the agreement was that I can pay every month except for my salary as I still do the job for him. A few months later I got a contract for a cell phone to his wife because she really wanted and would let naging so I felt the bed. All payments way to the loan and the money were made for the 1st 2 months and never an excuse to not have money now, but will pay the next month after Dubble, never happend .... so this month his wife entered the store, manage and lead and began to go over there, not very good money in the store and she needs the money and I have to call customers and from day to come prevoiuse to pay. 5 minutes later and a customer came to pay and she accepted the money. Ontop of all loand did for me not paying my full salary and Saud as soon as a customer comes to pay if I take you to my salary pending. Never happen to his wife took the money and across the street and went to buy sweets for children and clothes herself with money from the shops and the money that was mine by right. I left him and gave him the benefit of the doubt, now his Antil halfway to the end of the month and still not paid me and I NEEX to pay the bills. Saturday we had a falling out about money that is not writen and invoices for customers or people who wernt writen PAYD, but was not spoken. Normaly mind going there, because as the head of your problem, but where the state has said no money, but his wife goes and spends money on nonsense and say that my money I think I have more than enough about what is going on! I run to the store and never here.
Answer1CarolinaAnswered at 2012-09-29 17:50:03
you can kiss your $ goodbye . you get the loan in writing ? if so take it to court , if you're out of luck .
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