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Buying vs. Renting Round 2: Question about Buying?2Pedro2012-08-20 10:24:28
We have an income not so surprising (43,000 for family of 3 , but may increase a little) , but recently got a stroke of luck bringing my savings of $ 250,000 - after taxes and everything. Will move to Bozeman Montana soon and probably stay long term but could move after 2 years. To find out whether to buy or rent, first I have to know more about the option. Given my situation , the amount of down payment should I put down a $ 240,000 house , and how should I handle the rest? I think any amount not to put down (ie , hold) will have to make more investments than the interest on the loan to be profitable , right? If I can be sure to do more than the loan interest rate (with the money not spent at home) , is not it best to put as much down as possible? Are there other factors I'm not considering? Thanks in advance ....
Buying vs Renting?..confused on what to do?1ballamoney12012-09-17 03:26:05
Trying to decide what the best option for me , because I've been thinking about it for a while. im 24 , a college student with little student loan debt and credit card debt (although I did just get a new car ) . Full-time worker with pay around 27,000 to 30,000 ( depending on overtime) currently lives with his parents still , however , always end up moving every year or so , and usually need my help to stand , and I always finished committing another year there. < Br > MedlinePlus This year is different, so trying to decide whether to buy or rent . Rent thought it would be good because even college student , schools can change or job in the coming years . However, the rent is more expensive to buy , and I would not be able to save anything . All I could afford to rent a studio apartment would . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Buying a condo on the other hand ( or a very cheap house ) around 30k is about 150-200 dollars cheaper ( even after condo fees ) per month . This will give a larger place to live ( or 2rm/1bath 1RM ) vs. a studio apartment , it would be able to save a little each month . However, I would not be able to change schools , if I were to move , would have to sell again. Both options .. I can not decide what could be better.
Renting or buying while in the military?0Muwahahahaha 2012-10-27 05:35:34
I am married to a soldier and now is currently serving in Iraq until September While he is gone I moved back to PA to be with family and friends . I found a house to rent in CO of 995 per month . It seems expensive, but for the size of the house is fine . My husband had the idea of ​​just buying a house in place , however , we will only be in Colorado ( the station ) until May 2011 , then we'll move back to PA . My question is what would be the best option to go ahead and rent for 2 years or buy a home for two years and then turn around and try to sell it . MedlinePlus I know that now is a buyers market , not so much to sell . I was also considering taking money from a VA loan to work to buy the house , but if they sell for what we paid then we will feel a crisis to try to return to Palestine . I understand there is a tax credit for buying a new home this year but im trying to figure out what is financially best and something that will not hurt us in the future. If anyone can help in any way that would be great .. If you have more questions , please let me know. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I love to talk to a bank or a real estate agent , but I'm just worried I was told to buy because they are " in the business " . Again, any advice would be helpful and thanks !
Buying versus renting?0Edmonda2012-08-17 02:40:32
I'm in a bind and need some opinions on buying versus renting . I live in aus and am currently paying $ 150 per week for a 2 bedroom apartment . its in perfect condition, in a good area , so I want to own a pet, but it is not allowed in my lease. I also wanted a bigger place as the friends visiting from out of town regularly. I thought of renting elsewhere, but then I'm looking at $ 200, more than 3 bedrooms. I only work part time. I thought I'd see on the pre - approved for a mortgage loan and hvae been told that you can receive up to $ 150 000. to 120k (depending on interest rates ), which would be about $ 210/wk payments. so 120k to see if I buy anything , I had a look at a place today. is probably the same size as my apartment now , 2 bedrooms, but has a large garden and has some things that make the same (ie , paint good, clean well and love a bit!) . I was waiting dodgy , but I spose depends frame of mind . my mother would think the smell and I could do better when he saw the potential and feel excited. to be cont.
Renting, Leasing, or Buying a Cheap car?3StudentJ2012-11-04 23:11:02
I am a student and am looking for a vehicle about 6 months. I will be studying abroad after that and does not need at the time. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I looked Budget and says the car lowest cost is around $ 5,000 for a period of six months. A little more expensive . The leasing be better? I've heard horrible things about leasing that has made me reluctant to do so . I guess the only downside there is if the car is damaged will pay the retail value ? If I bought a car , I would need a car loan . ? I can get without a cosigner ? I have no student loans , pay my own bills either ( my parents do) , I have a job MedlinePlus , and all that money has been getting put away . MedlinePlus There has to be something big . I'm just not sure which way to go with this ... I just need something decent and looking for something that will not break down , can not handle it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Fuel efficiency is not a problem since I put everything on my card , my mother is worth . Just something cheap that will not break me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any advice ?
Consider buying a home, VA loan, should I bother or keep renting?0Zoe2012-10-15 05:01:38
I am a combat veteran who is sick of renting apartments and would like to find a home . I know I have access to a VA loan for my deployment to Iraq , but I have no idea were to start . Whom I can contact , what kind of interest rate you look at me , what banks can be used . I tried to lift the line , but I'm getting a lot of conflicting answers. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Someone else had successfully used VA loan recently, loans are increasingly hard to come by right now , is even worth . I have good credit , but I am one that affects me ? I make about 28,000 a year and have 5,000 that I can put it . I would be looking at houses / apartments in Madison WI area around 125,000 or less . I have more than three months before my current contract is up and I have to decide what to do . Is it even worth my time or should I wait a year or more .
Why do people think buying their home is better then renting after all life can't be bought?2TAWNY2012-10-27 21:32:46
The UK Government promotes home ownership through mortgage schemes and savings banks provide to their customers.Obviously with this scheme must have a secure long term employment stability. MedlinePlus Now , unless a banker or a politician who seems no work is long term or secure.So why take the risk in a labor market that guarantees no security for most people who do not want rent the property . MedlinePlus Life is currently governed by the fears and insecurities of aspiring to own something like a house or investment , but given the way this country has declined relative to employment is illusory to think that somehow during a period of 25 or 30 you can do. MedlinePlus So what I'm saying is this. MedlinePlus If life is impermanent then why not rent ? MedlinePlus No matter where you go goes.When tkae money can not be with you and if you leave it to someone who can only sell . MedlinePlus Life is not a lease of nature .. if your an atheist ... or if your religious or spiritual God . MedlinePlus Personally , I think this national obsession with home ownership is the root cause of the recession , because people are taking what is a loan for a long period of time and life out of reach just thinking that are above people who rent !
Why do people keep saying that I'd "overextend" myself by buying a house, when it'd be cheaper than renting??1dafina2012-09-22 01:01:04
I want to buy a house . I can pay over $ 900/mo for a 1bd apartment right now and I feel cheated . I am disgusted with people like Robert W & Site people who tell me that my $ 32K/yr verifiable income is "too small" for a house that I've been doing everything right ( I can not help that I 'm paying less than what I 'm worth ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Seriously , how can anyone say that I would be " overextending myself " by paying $ 1100-1300/mo for a $ 150K (mortgage + taxes + homeowners ins prop) , when I 'm paying for it least $ 1400/mo for car payment + 1bd apartment without a fight right now ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In all cases , payment of a house will be easier for me to pay my car + apartment right now ( since they no longer have a car payment at the time I buy a house in a year ... I'm paying the car loan this year ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How can they say that I am a " overspender " ? I live very, very frugally ... my living expenses are minimal , which leaves me with more money to put towards the cost of the house . Hell, I even I have cable!
What type of housing should I be considering in my situation- continue renting or buying?2Please help/Dee2012-10-03 09:56:03
I have 28 and married with no children. I have a steady job - been there for six years, and the credit score and history well. I make about $ 75,000 a year or so with my income. No savings. I'm in the process of canceling credit cards, care plan to zero in the next 4 months. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus After paying down the cards, my bills still include a line of credit with a balance of $ 7,000 and student loan debt by about $ 50,000 (but later reduced to about $ 25,000 owed since I'm soon to be eligible for a loan forgiveness due to the nature of my work.) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband is employed, but not always like me and do not have a credit history always like me. My income is higher than yours too. He is in the process of trying to start a business as well. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband and I planned to spend nine months in each other, when our current contract is up. We are now renting an apartment in a nice community, but we want more convenience of having a car, more space and not have to climb a lot of stairs (no elevator is) and such. It's hard to do that around here. However, we can not afford to buy any of the houses in this neighborhood as they go for about a million dollars easily. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Because of our circumstances, we must look into renting another place that meets the needs or should we try to buy a multifamily dwelling unit and rent the other to pay the mortgage? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband is in favor of buying a two-family house, but I'm not going to qualify with little or nothing left. And I do not know if it will be a big risk because we are looking at Queens in some areas that already have a lot of foreclosures - properties are more affordable than they currently live. Also, I am skeptical of the landlord-tenant problems and the types of people who can live in my house and destroy it, not paying rent, has drama, etc. Anyway, I'd like some advice and also be asked whether owner of a multifamily property is worth? ? ? ?
Chevy Volt? Libbies are you buying to make the bailout work? No one else is buying the 0bamamobile............?0CHACHIS272012-11-03 04:42:02
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Was it worth the money spent ? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug -in car , launched late last year , has received good reviews from many auto critics . But Consumer Reports is not among them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When you are looking at purely dollars and cents , it does not really make much sense . The Volt is not particularly efficient as an electric vehicle , and is not particularly good as a gas vehicle either in terms of fuel economy , "said David Champion , senior director of Consumer Reports auto testing center , told reporters Monday. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus From The Detroit News :
After graduation plans- Investing, Student Loans, Buying a House, Buying a Car?0Verna2012-09-13 13:51:03
for one man ( no children ) with an annual income of $ 120,000 and debt is only $ 65,000 student loan MedlinePlus 1. Investing - would be acceptable to a maximum of investing in a retirement benefit plan shared with a company match $ 3 for $ 1 ? And also a plan to invest and maximum Roth IRA ? MedlinePlus 2. Student Loans - after consolidation , $ 1000/month would be a good plan? MedlinePlus 3. Buying a House - price range which would be best for a first timer with this situation and income MedlinePlus 4. Buying a car - I like to drive nice cars and get a new frequency of at least every two years . I have a car I have , so it would be a good choice leasing ?
Varoius questions Buying and Selling house?Website to create LLC in Colorado?Buying 2nd homehow to get started0miami2012-10-08 07:57:34
I'm thinking of buying a second home in Colorado . I'm thinking of renting my current home , getting a loan interest only in a second home.Build equity, then the sale . Moving into the new house rent my current home or vis -versa . NewOne repairs if necessary . Then turn it over. I've heard that I can create an LLC company to cover my ass . They told me if I can build this business and go under ( the house I buy or excluded by i cant afford to pay ) I will not lose the house that I have / garnish wages. Can anyone elaborate on this and also if anyone can tell me where to start with creating my own business ( online and not through a program that cost more than the application itself. ) If other options are not well online . Also, I'd ask if anyone has ever tried this? Please set some stumbling points I can overlook. After getting my LLC which is the next step to get everything ready so you can concentrate on making money buying and selling buying houses ?

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