Should I join the national guard or army reserve?

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Asked at 2012-08-17 17:57:03
Recently I have wanted to join any National Guard or reserves , but I can not decide which one. I feel that both recruiters tell me what they want to hear. What I want above all to join incentives , mainly college and work experience. The National Guard told me to get over $ 6000
The state of a year and basic training before I pay for the exercises, but the army reserves told me you can get a loan repayment plan too high, and a sign up bonus. I am a girl , so I'm not worried about a fighter work . Who scored a 80 on the ASVAB and I wanted my job training for the dental assistant .
Oh , I should mention I am also the last year of high school. You got accepted to college, and after
College I go to dental school. thanks

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