Canada-Ontario Student Loan - enforceable without signature?

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That was accepted by the Repayment Assistance Program for several years. Last year , separated from my loan integrated into two , telling me that the federal share (a good 2/3rds of my loan) would be paid for the grants because of my being disabled with financial difficulties. As a part of it , I got a review of the terms (which I signed ) for the account of the original loan with my new beginning is smaller. They never sent or otherwise asked me to sign an agreement for this second loan for the division , despite several phone calls where I was offered .

Now I am getting past due notices for the second loan to be separated. Today , I was told that this is due to system maintenance and I will ignore these warnings. However, among these notices and other issues with the National Student Loan , I know I make mistakes and pay for the mistake.

Since it is rarely sue, simply adorn their refunds taxes and wages, because they are the government and can work with CCRA , I do not think I'd ever really have a day in court on the question of if pursued . Can you make me pay the second loan for which I never signed an agreement? Can they garnish my taxes and wages without an agreement ?

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