Can I pay off my $10,500 (8.25% APR) equity debt at my bank with my credit card and then transfer the balance? related questions

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Can I pay off my $10,500 (8.25% APR) equity debt at my bank with my credit card and then transfer the balance?1Robin (bobpurseley2012-08-18 01:28:30
This is mathematics. I have a capital loan of $ 10, 500 (8.25 % APR). I want to transfer this to my credit card, get the award miles , then transfer the balance to a new 0% APR card ( on balances transferred for 18 months). The only problem is that my bank will only accept transfers of cash from a credit card. What blows my current card in April to 24%. However, it seems beneficial if immmediately transfer the balance to a new 0% card balance transfer (regardless of the "no" grace period) . I have excellent credit , a limit of $ 15,000 on my current card (including cash advances ), with no transfer costs. You can also pay the balance on the card ( I have one in relief with the pre - approval) in 18 months without having to pay interest for a year. Pros? Cons ? I appreciate your opinions
How would you manage this credit card debt? Shifting debt through a balance transfer problem?0PLEASE HELP ME!!!2012-10-14 19:32:36
PLEASE NO TEACHING .... Wife has a house that needs $ 10,000 in repairs to be presentable / rentable .... So there was not much choice in maxing out my Home Depot in three weeks ($ 6000) to buy everything from the vanities of the doors to paint the lights ... My credit is meaningless at this point because I have no plans to use it and could not even if I wanted, because I have a job (PhD student). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus That said, I know Home Depot card is paid in full within 6 months to avoid interest. And I know a month from now I can apply to new cards that the card will be full and deny me instantly ... So I quickly applied before something dramatic and show me approved for Chase Freedom line of $ 7,500 and 0% APR on balance transfers for a year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here's my situation: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) Merrill: around $ 1000 $ 2500 MedlinePlus 2) Discover: about $ 1500 to $ 3100 MedlinePlus 3) Home Depot: $ 5,990 to $ 6,000 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4) Chase Freedom: $ 0 $ 7500 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was thinking of just moving my Discover and Chase Merrill totals, as I like that I could condense two bills in a bill .... Then pay the Home Depot in the next six months ... But I'm afraid that 100% usage limit and devastate the most of my credit score. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So the other option is to leave the Merrill / See where they are and transfer about $ 3,500 at Home Depot for the Chase. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus That leaves me with 4 cards around 50% limit of each ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus These other cards recently started to use also with appliances, etc. I've been very careful to keep balances low at this point. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus On a good note the rent was demonstrated approximately $ 1,000 of additional income per month and the first tenant will provide two months' rent in advance ($ 2000) .... Above all I get about $ 4,500 in student loans in May, which is used to zero out my debt. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Which is better for my credit score and my financial well? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) Place half of Home Depot's debt to Chase Freedom ... Leaving, say $ 3500 of the $ 7500 in the persecution (46.6%) and dropping my Home Depot 100% to $ 2500 limit of $ 6,000, or 41.6%. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2) Put the original tank full, pay in full within the next six months .... and consolidate my Discover / Merrill to Chase Freedom ... This scenario will leave empty Discover / Merrill but my follow up with you around $ 2,500 / $ 7,500 (33.3%), but the Home Depot $ 6,000 / $ 6,000! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think ... And conference fails .. Sh! T!
If you use a credit card to pay off a bank loan, is that a balance transfer or a cash advance?0Rochelle2012-10-11 13:34:17
If you use a credit card to pay off a bank loan , which is a balance transfer or cash advance ?
Can I transfer a home equity loan from my bank to a credit card offering a lower APR. My banks says no.?1Daca2012-11-05 01:48:01
Can I transfer my balance equity loan ( $ 10,000 at 8.25 % APR ) through my bank to a credit card with an APR lower value (eg a balance transfer card by 1 , 9 % APR for 18 months) . My bank says no .... not without a cash transfer . Why not ? I have excellent credit and this will save me to pay interest for a year and a half . By then , almost all would be paid $ 10,000 too (I put in about $ 700 a month ) . Any advice ?
Balance transfer credit card?0mariama2012-11-04 13:53:37
i have about 1400 on a credit card and the interest free will be running out in approx 3months, so i wanted to transfer the balance to another card which will allow me to pay the balance off interst free... but here is the problem all the cards i apply for keep turning me down??? this is the only card i have ever had, i have no mortgage and other than my student loan no other outstanding credit ---- any tips for getting another card to transfer the balance? or any general advice?
Credit Card balance transfer question???1veena2012-08-28 12:29:16
I've had this card since February '07 0% and 0 % becomes 11% in February '08. I've run up $ 4,000 in it, my limit is $ 5,500. I paid the minimum on time every month. At 0% , I guess there's no reason to pay it back before I have to. I'm in graduate school and can not work to my full time job - I'm in student loans and a part- time peanut . I've been getting all kinds of offers at no cost or reduced fee , 0 % on balance transfers for up to one year ( different rates for additional purchases , but not using the new purchase card anymore) . Should I pay the CC existed before the 0% is over, or transfer the debt to a new card and stay at 0% for 6 months a year? If possible , please also explain how any of the options would affect my credit score. (This is the DC first time I've had , I have no utility bills in my name , now , I've paid my entire undergraduate student loans that were in my name , I have not ever had a loan car or a mortgage, and I 'm 28). Thank you !
What is the difference between a car loan at 4% and a credit card balance transfer at 4%?1Ms. Sue2012-09-25 02:01:02
What would be the point of getting a car loan for a car instead of just paying for it in a balance transfer 3.99fixed is a check that can be cashed at the bank .
I want to balance transfer a cash advance on another credit card.?0avin emami2012-10-12 13:38:53
I'm thinking of buying a car to
What's better a personal loan or a credit card balance transfer?0Ducky 2012-11-03 01:49:02
I have two credit cards that I would like to consolidate , the balance amounted to 16 000 $ $ . What is better a personal bank loan or a credit card transfer balance? There are many offers online for balance transfers interest free for 1 year and so on , but in the other hand the personal loan seems a viable solution except for the high interest : . (I have a lot of knowledge and the importance of lending rates and how it works . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would love and really appreciate your honest opinions on the subject . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Greetings !
Can I do a balance transfer if the balance is on my husband's card?1[email protected]2012-09-17 05:27:04
My husband and I have 753 credit scores . We use your name around . Never just combine things and I used to have bad credit . He has two mortgages and all credit cards . We have a credit card balance of 25K (long story . Judge not . ) I have no debt except student loans . 100K ago and I am a housewife . We are about to apply for a car loan of $ 40K in your name and you want to make your credit as good as possible quickly. I just got a Citi offer for a 0% balance transfer . So I'm thinking that I can open and transfer $ 10K debt my husband's credit card so that on paper seems to only have $ 15K . Does this work ? ? I can transfer a balance if not my balance ? I 'm as a user in all his letters and was informed about my credit report . Are they going to give even a line of credit to a housewife? He says the income of households in the application
Should I get a HELC or refinance to a 0% apr for 15 months credit card with 4.9% balance transfer for life?1KKKKarlllll2012-10-12 03:33:05
We cc debt of $ 14.5k , $ 6.8K car loan , other debt 1.5k . We have $ 86.5k left on the mortgage . The house is worth $ 130K . The car loan is 5.99% . $ 14.5k cc debt is 11.9 % . 1.5k the other is 0% so do not worry about that. We are debating whether we should get a HELOC (7-8 % ) or attempt a cc that is 0% for 15 months is 4.9% for the life of balance transfer. The HELOC has tax advantages but higher rates than the cc . What do you think should get it? Another note is that we want to sell our house in the middle of next year .
How does a balance transfer work on a cash-back reward credit card?1Rika2012-08-13 01:31:36
need to balance transfer to pay for small loans from college. my question is how often they appear balance transfers cash back rewards card Citi offer have not seen any in months.

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