Ever have a vehicle repossessed?

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Very good. So I feel like a big loser. I have 30 years old, college graduate , and have always been middle class , normal , average American worker . My husband had a great job in the automobile business for years, then recently I was sick and went into the hospital 4 times in 2 months and lost his job. We had a baby (which is a blessing - just bad financial times , but we knew we'd be in this situation when I was pregnant ) just after he lost his job . Now he's back to work, but not making near the money than before. To make a long story short - the bills are late, we are trying to work with all our creditors to make payments even small - but even after working with the bank loan in our truck , which still has detached from yesterday. I feel so ashamed and like a loser. I have every intention of paying what we owe to our creditors , who simply have no income before. I guess I 'm wondering if this sort of thing is happening to someone else out there . I feel so bad and depressed , I'm so ashamed. I do not really care about the truck itself , I really am not in material things and we have no other vehicle was worth , I think it's my pride is hurt the most.

Please , no sarcastic answers or hate , I'm not sure I can handle that today.

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