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Online degree programs?2Mishal Almandhour2022-05-18 03:02:13
I am interested in returning to school , but really can not do because of my work and other responsibilities. I've been researching some colleges and universities online and found Ashworth College and Penn Foster . Both have the qualifications that I would like and have payment plans , so do not have to worry about getting a loan or financial aid. Does anyone have any experience with any of these? Or know of any other college or online university that would meet my needs ? I'm willing to take the course of Criminal Justice.
Why in the world are all these "online degree programs" so very very expensive?0Slappy2012-10-02 01:41:02
I checked on the pricing of each advertised most "online degree get here" programs that are advertised on television and on websites ... WTF???? MedlinePlus What's wrong with these people? MedlinePlus There prices per credit hour are outrageous and unjustified and very greedy and frankly hec. MedlinePlus WTF is the deal? MedlinePlus In fact, they are so ... priced.that very greedy and sick most of them after spending 30 minutes navigating around your site .. we have not found any information about their tuition ... what does it look like it is a F *** ing SECRET or somthing! MedlinePlus I had to write most of them or complete shit bit and let me fucking bombarded with phone calls ... only to discover or obtain some idea of ​​the cost ... this is how these people are of their greed embearassed ... going out of his way to avoid the issue completely in their FAQ pages and all other areas of web sites .... MedlinePlus Why is so stupidly expensive at the "Online Only" schools ... everyone knows their names. MedlinePlus University of Phoe ***, ** University Wald., Etc. .. MedlinePlus How in the world is what justifies this astonishing impact of tuition fees automatically when it should be much cheaper because they have no brick and mortar to keep the campus .. which in my mind greatly affect the cost ... MedlinePlus My God man! Goto could HARVARD for the same price .... these people .. MedlinePlus WTF???? MedlinePlus Please adivse. MedlinePlus Why are so expensive ...??? MedlinePlus Besides greed ... and why all of them? How do you justify this greed / tuition fees redicuous absurd and ... when everything is connected. MedlinePlus I feel sorry for people who do not realize their community from the local university. more or any college anywhere now offers most of its classes online, so most of the same degree of home .... do online ... or a portion thereof substanial ... but with the benefit of a b & m goto when you have a problem, or need help ... a much better value, of course, any way you look at ... all for much cheaper. Without all the burden of massive student loans that these schools are so fast I complain to pressure him ... act like free money .. you know that you can not even claim bankruptcy student loans ... Baby you're stuck with them for the life of man .. MedlinePlus These places are, in my opinion ... a scam ... and take advantage of the lack prudent. MedlinePlus How do these places justify their super expensive tuition and fees is my question .. do the devil's advocate and come to his defense ... I can not imagine? MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for your time, MedlinePlus Perry Florida
Are online Master's Degree programs worth the trouble?3lattane2012-10-08 14:46:04
Has anyone used any of the online schools to obtain a master's degree? Does anyone know how much they cost ? I'm very interested in it, but would probably have to add a few thousand to my student loans and that is not very appealing to me .
Am I considered an undergrad for Federal Student Loan programs if I'm pursuing a 2nd degree?0bri2012-10-26 10:47:21
I have a BSED in Secondary Education, but ... I really want to change careers . I am considering a degree in Pasty 6 months in French Pastry School in Chicago . I'm stressed by financial pressure during the transition , though. Should I be covered by federal Stafford loans ?
Online loan programs-are they for real?0jesse urena2012-10-12 19:16:54
I could use a few hundred dollars to pay some bills very necessary . MedlinePlus Are loans for real? ? ?
What is the best way to make money online without affiliate programs?4Adi2022-06-20 09:50:05
Hello , my friend from high school is going through difficult times, and I really would like to help . She borrowed $ 20 today to feed their cats, so things are bad for her. Some time ago I found a blog that details the different ways there are to make money online ( online sites of the survey, register for trial offers, etc ), but I can not seem to find the link on the right . Does anyone can point me in the direction of a reliable website that details ways to earn legitimate money (no pyramid schemes ) or sites that offer these services themselves ? thanks
Does Bakers College online have scholarship programs or pell grants?2Pranaya2012-09-05 10:11:06
I know they have financial support, but I was thinking of the other types of loans available and grooms .
Does anyone know of any fast online loan programs that don't do credit checks and aren't scams?1jim bean2012-11-02 06:30:02
Please have managed to get a loan through a program before answering this question . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
May go for an online degree?3padma2022-06-06 07:39:06
I'm thinking of going to an assoc . Bachelor of Education with the University of Phoenix, ( at age 56) Any person who has never gone through them ? How do you like , and it was a good experience? It was easy for the student loan ? I would appreciate anything anyone could tell me . thanks
Is it possible to get a free online degree ?0yUo2012-09-16 22:05:08
i was just wondering if there was a program / ​​web page on the internet that offers free titles and things for all courses . I can not afford to go to college and all dat I can not even get a loan here in Fiji so if anyone knows how I can get aa free titles or college courses that would be awesome MedlinePlus MedlinePlus your help is greatly appreciated ..
Are there any ART schools that allow one to get their degree ONLINE ?0ultra2012-09-16 07:34:05
I was made ​​redundant from my school where I did my degree in business administration from having a bad grade in Algebra . I sent a letter of appeal , but I have not heard anything from them yet letting me know if I could continue my education or not. However, I've been thinking about changing my studies and now I would like to study something like fashion design or illustration and wondered if I was going to apply to another school would be accepted by the fact that I have an appeal hangs over my head and still has student loans to another school ?
NYU: Is it possible to earn a degree online thru them?2SunnyDee2012-11-06 06:21:03
My boyfriend is going to Fordham .. however, are very traditional and do not offer much beyond that . Here's the thing ... I have to travel and we both want to be more mobile . My grandmother is dying of cancer , so I want to go to the Midwest and help her for a while .. However, my uncle is trying to complete their education . We will take a huge loan , so my thing is ... if he got into Fordham , NYU 'm sure you agree ... but I want to know if they offer a lot of classes online .. he already has a year of liberal arts ... basic classes ... and I know he may not be able to complete a whole degree through NYU , online .. but some flexibility would help . Ideas ? Thanks, guys .

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