Should I continue going to school for fashion design?

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I have been attending the Academy of Art University online, this is my second semester. I really love , but it costs $ 2,200 per class. Then I have to buy books and supplies .. A total of between $ 400-900 per semester. I am a single mother , worked as a waitress. This has always been my dream. But after doing extensive research I found that many people do not always get a job in this field. I do not want to spend thousands of dollars on this, if I will never be able to.
My dream was to open a boutique, but again , I would need money to boot. I'll have a lot of student loans to pay, because that's how I'm paying for school.
I live in Wisconsin , which is a state of fashion , which means that he would spend if I wanted a job in this field.
So my question is , should I keep doing what I love, no matter the cost ? Or should I look into doing something else with my life?

Thanks for your opinions :)

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