I need to borrow money (working capital), but do not have mortgage/collateral.? related questions

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I need to borrow money (working capital), but do not have mortgage/collateral.?0domonique2012-08-16 21:41:02
We sell lubricants re -packaged in bulk pack in small pack sizes under our own private label ( Superlube ) in Bangladesh , from July 1991. We had 80 employees at the top of our business (2000-2004) has now been reduced to 40 employees, mainly due to the fact that much of our money ( $ 165,371.00 ) attached to the shares outstanding of 814 customers a total of 4367 customers. We urgently need cash loan or credit offer specialized lubricants in bulk to continue our business , helping to slow further reduction of our employees . The banks here in Bangladesh have very high interest rates of 15% -25% per year and also won
Hard money business loan for inventory and working capital?0CON2012-09-04 14:28:03
I am looking for a loan of money to buy inventory and rent a kiosk in the mall for the holidays for my business . I have tried to say that banks and my credit score is not high enough or you would like to see a greater flow of cash. I have inventory margin up to 80 % profit margin , so you can turn inventory faster . Just looking for a company that lends money quickly . Please only legitimate answers .
Can I borrow money using an IRA as collateral?0Hilary2012-10-12 09:40:04
It is basically an IRA that is rolled from a 401K I had with a former employer . Having said that there is no shortage problems , I do not collect the IRA and get beaten with losing 40% in taxes and fees , I just want to use it as collateral for a secured loan. Is this possible ?
A couple wishes to borrow money using the equity in their home for collateral. A loan company will loan...?1neva2012-10-23 05:46:04
I could not figure this one out I need 70 to make my questionnaire online , but I can not figure this one out ? if yal could help ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A couple want to borrow money using the equity in your home as collateral . A loan company will lend up to 70 % of its net assets . They purcased home 11 years ago for $ 71,961 . The home was financed by paying 10% down and sign a 15-year mortgage at 9.3 % on the unpaid balance . Equal monthly payments were made to repay the loan in 15 - period of one year. The net market value of the home is $ 100,000. After making your payment 132a, applies to the loan company for the maximum loan . How much ( to the nearest dollar ) are received ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Loan Amount $ _________ (Round to the nearest dollar )
Is it better to borrow a mortgage and invest the money or pay your house off ?0Frany2012-10-10 04:46:23
We will have about $ 140,000 of capital from the sale of our house . Is it better to pay cash for another home of $ 140,000 or put only 20 % down on a house that costs $ 120.000 to 190.000 ? MedlinePlus If we put $ 40,000 for us to secure a loan of around 4 % and invest the remaining $ 100,000 is expected to achieve a return of 10.6 % .
If you still have a mortgage,can you borrow money against your home if youre behind in your payments?0bkiahk2012-09-02 10:42:07
I think I might lose my house so I'm planning to buy a cheaper house and pay my mortgage , you can use my house to get a loan even if the bank still owns it
Working Capital Question. help please?0 always ふ Hui" aI multitudinous -2012-08-06 21:06:04
since 70,000 cash short-term investment 60,000 receivable 80,000 inventory of 100,000 Prepaid insurance 10,000 accounts payable 75,000 taxes to pay 25,000 40000 salary short-term loan to pay 210,000 find working capital and current ratio rounded to the nearest whole dollar toilet Working capital = current assets - current liabilities -30000 I have for my response but it is wrong . What did I do wrong?
Working capital examination question?0valua patterson2012-09-05 09:52:06
The following accounts and their balances appear in an unadjusted trial balance Marsh Company at December 31, 2008 : MedlinePlus Cash, 400,000; accounts receivable 2,000,000 Inventory 500,000 , accounts payable , 300,000 ; Notes payable 200,000 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Additional information was gathered for the following setting : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus one . The cash account includes the collection in January 2009 from the account of the client $ 200,000 was given a cash discount of $ 10,000. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus b. January 2009 also includes the sale of $ 50,000 cash . Gross profit on sales was 40 % . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus c. Of the amount collected , the company fully repaid a bank loan of $ 100,000 with accrued interest of $ 20,000 in January 2009. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is the right amount of working capital on December 31, 2008 : ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus one . 2,400,000 b. 2,410,000 , c. 2,390,000 , d. 2380000
10 points for best answer.need help to calculate the working capital?1Mrs. Lakshmi2012-08-28 20:41:03
balance sheet Sales = 67,700 EXPENSES wage
Which one of the following activities best exemplify working capital management.?2Nicole2012-11-01 23:19:02
Identify three good investment opportunities for the company . MedlinePlus Get a short term loan to buy materials . MedlinePlus Assess the level of inventory to have on hand . MedlinePlus Sale of long-term bonds to raise money for a new machine. MedlinePlus To determine the potential profitability of a project . MedlinePlus Calculate the cash flows of a project. MedlinePlus Manage payments to suppliers.
10 points for best answer.need help to calculate the working capital?0Angy20202012-10-14 05:47:35
MedlinePlus balance sheet MedlinePlus Sales = 67700 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus EXPENSES wage
10 points for best answer.need help to caculate the working capital?0Dacota2012-09-06 06:53:07
MedlinePlus balance sheet MedlinePlus MedlinePlus EXPENSES wage

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