Want to buy retail shop 10 years running business need advice on Funding aproxx 120k Leasehold? related questions

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Want to buy retail shop 10 years running business need advice on Funding aproxx 120k Leasehold?2milsha2012-08-20 03:51:27
Hi all, I am in the process of buying retail store in London for 10 years running . I know people from 8 years and has 5 to 6 stores similar business. They want to reduce the management and take some time off . Want to sell one of the store retail sales success . Buying retail is running for 10 years and turnover is around 265K . Gross profit is 100k. and the network is 40k. They are asking 110k which includes the stock of 50k and the rest of royalties. Business Transfer is found in about ownership and rental rates 8k 22k ​​. I want to secure funding for which I have applied to one of the banks will get back to me within 1 to 2 weeks time. I am looking for approx. 50k to 80k of loans secured by residential real estate of my own . I am looking for the first option is just pure interest only loan for 5 years @ 5 % or Equity stake in the business in accordance with the funding. I am currently working in the financial industry and I want to take care of this business running. Any help or any point in the right direction is appreciated. thanks
Buying a business ? retail shop?1Fanny2012-09-27 03:04:07
Hi all, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've always been interested in owning a little shop that coud bring a profit. From an early age I imagined the scene then got a job at a small high profit kiosk that I liked when I was 14 and learned a lot about the trade. It is now for sale and I definitely would love to buy, but do not have to put up front capital , even as part payment would anyway I could buy ? I do not think that would be a good idea to get a loan - and I do not understand it anyway (I'm 18) Is there an owner I like a lot and visit, but I 've always been afraid to mention that actually like to own the store ..... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any advice ? Is not going to happen right ?
Where can a normal person trade loans that he has accrued in several years of running a small business,uk only?1bobpursley2012-10-09 06:44:01
5 years ago I ran my own business and credit accepted in exchange for my services now I have dozens of credit and not cash these agreements are solid and fixed in the homes of my lawyer said according to what I need is a place or company where you can download these agreements without screwing my clients or I cashless is in Britain so please British Council not only tell me how to do it in Russia or California is simply not useful thanks
How do I get funding/grant/loan for a new start-up online shop?0Joshua B2012-09-24 10:18:02
I would throw my own shoe website . Are my only options for a bank loan ? If so , how will it be easy to get one ? I need some
Advice needed regarding setting up my own small business (an olde worlde sweet shop in local tourist town)....?0Kristin;2012-09-18 03:00:03
Hello , MedlinePlus I have a great idea for the opening of an old style sweet / tuck shop in a local town with heavy tourist traffic . I am convinced that it would do well . MedlinePlus However, I have no prior business knowledge and really appreciate some advice . MedlinePlus How much I can expect to earn per month ? MedlinePlus What do I have to gain realistic to make it worth it? MedlinePlus Do I have to get a business loan in my house ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So many questions ! Any advice really appreciated MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks MedlinePlus Jayne MedlinePlus
How can i save $20000 in 2 years working casual in retail? I'm only 17?0LITTLE BOB2012-11-03 16:05:16
Ok so i currently work at kmart while at school (only 6 weeks left of school). As soon as i get my full license in about 20 months my parents said if i can raise $20000 they will loan me the rest to buy a brand new car. Now i currently earn 11.75 an hour but when i turn 18 i get 13.75 or something. i work 7 hours saturday and sunday and occasionally a few hours mid week. I will be struggling to raise 20k in 2 years at this rate. is there any tips i can use to get some extra cash amd more importantly hang in to it? cheers.
I want to do an small business plan on an small retail store, i need an sample of an retail business plan.?0Carla2012-10-10 06:54:07
I also need a pre approved loan bid of $ 5, ooo to start mine activity .
Need some advice, please! Running out of time.?1Becky2012-10-16 19:33:07
I went to a school about a year , until they ended up playing due to pregnancy . So I started in a different university that was 1 and 1/2 hours away , it was the closest . so I got all the classes online , that went well , so when I return back to take online classes were full. I can get financial aid and student loans , but now they can not get into online classes do not , I have to find out what are my other options . I can not drive that far every day . Any ideas . I have to have the student loan . And online classes , I tried to find online , but they are all so confusing , I do not want to fuck ! Maybe their is someone I can talk to the Department of Education , please tell me what you think I should do . And I have to resolve it quickly . Thank you.
Could someone please help. I need some advice to save our family business of over 20 years.?0 ⺌ (. -2012-09-16 02:14:04
We have been in business for over counter 20. We have always been on time with all our accounts . we had a year very slow , we got behind all our suppliers and we are now quite common IRS with our vendors, but with the IRS penilties can not keep up. We have 3 weeks to reach about $ 50,000.00 We are so busy . We had to pay our suppliers , or we would not have any inventory . I have tried to make these loans online places . Paid with my personal money and of course I was cheated of thousands of dollars . But being so desperate , and gentleman working was so sincere . Now can not be found . We cut to take our paychecks. It has so much tension and stress in all of us . Of cours has lowered our credit, so you can not get a loan. I tried everything what one thinks . We have a 3 year old daughter , but our employees our part of our family . 2 - cousin -1- Brother - 1Dad . So it's not just us. PLEASE HELP !
Running low on money...need advice on loans, credit, etc.?1Ngo2012-10-22 08:28:02
I moved about 4 weeks ago for the first time and now I'm running out of money . Starting work in the coming days , but it's only part time for now , but may change later. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically , I wonder if I should take out a personal loan , line of credit , etc , or just take a lot of cash through my credit card , because I have a lot of balance and a very good rating . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Worst case scenario , it could move again, but the point is / was for me to become independent and not depend on anyone for help.
Where can I get capital for the start of a retail business?1Jaxx2012-09-08 09:57:04
I'm looking to start a small shop . I'll be the sole owner and am looking for seed capital . I prefer not to take any loan if the business is not going well . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any idea where I can get the money I need to start my business ?
Question about online retail business...?2Sugar2012-10-06 09:37:02
If you are running the business alone and take a loan at the same time . How do you manage to put the deals on the web . I do not understand how you come to agreements, get the pictures , and how to put them in place so quickly . Thank you.

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