Is it legal for any lending institution, to charge 25% interest on a used car loan? related questions

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Is it legal for any lending institution, to charge 25% interest on a used car loan?5Meherin2012-09-08 09:15:03
2000 Chrysler Concorde , financed for 30 months, 25 % interest
Is it legal for an institution to charge 59% interest on a loan?0Dhwani2012-09-28 22:34:03
CASH, it is an institution which is located at 4080 Highway # 7, Woodbridge is charging $ 81.04 for a loan of $ 349.00 in 11 days term. MedlinePlus How will lend to a teenager as easy without checking the records just to get money . Is it permissible for the government ?
What is the maximum interest rate a financial institution can charge?0makeda2012-10-11 08:34:13
A friend of mine was trying to get a loan of $ 5,000 to consolidate bills . She does not have the best credit because they have these bills , but you pay more than the minimum and never too late. He contacted a certain financial and payment would be $ 350 for 36 months. I did the math and she would have to pay back almost $ 13,000 ! I put this in a loan calculator and discovered he would pay 75% per year! Is this legal ? ( I realize I should not have got into this debt much at first , but still, this is ridiculous . ) Is there a limit to how much you can charge !
Is it legal for a lender to charge 99%interest on a personal loan?2jaiden2012-11-03 12:29:08
A few months ago , I received one of those calls for cash loans . For a loan of $ 2,500 I have to pay almost $ 11,000 . I'm in California , are there laws to protect a person from unfair interest charges ?
I would like to know what is the maximum interest a lender can charge on a secured loan is 35% legal?1Envy.s.o2012-09-13 10:56:03
I wonder what is the maximum interest a lender can charge for a secured loan is 35 % legal ?
IF you have a loan for a car and your name is onm everything and it says nothing about the lending institution2Trisha2012-09-18 08:49:03
u are free to trade , sell , get rid of it ? treatment is my car was 5000 last year I have what i pay $ 80 every two weeks for that .... I want that trade is fair treatment and found the car ..... my question is as long as i continue to pay the loan the credit institution has nothing to do with it , right? I live in canada if that helps.
Need cash to pay my bills. Does anyone know of any lending institution that will lend?0COMPLAINT2012-09-06 13:41:08
I have no good credit , so I'm willing to go with a lender unconventional as usurers . Does anyone have any suggestions ?
Does anyone know of a bank or lending institution that makes bad credit loans?0grade 52012-09-14 07:36:03
I am in need of a loan . I know the rate will be high. Banks like American General , Wells Fargo and Citi does not pay me anything . not because of recent bad credit , bad credit , but because of age. Only I have 2 accounts with history over 12 months and the rest are all new 5 months or less . I need to borrow only around 5000 . Any help with this would be great. my score is low , but as I said it is because of recent bad credit other than a sentence of 98 to be presented in January. I paid most of my collections were so and still can not seem to help.
Is it legal to charge 440% on a loan (UK)?10Kathllen K.2012-11-03 04:13:02
just had one of those Christmas hamper companies put a flyer through our doors offering high street vouchers by 143% and 440 % interest on cash loans . ond and 59% small loans . Printing is not a lady gave examples .
Is it legal for a school to charge you 18% on a studen loan?0Tharima2012-09-13 08:55:06
Hello , MedlinePlus I attendend Online Westwood College for two semesters . Yes , my students were not the best , however , the course was fine if a little too high school again. I was approved for a Stafford loan and Pell Grant told me to cover my expenses . As well! I told my semeter second you need to borrow $ 10,000 for expenses. Bait and switch tactics here . Well , really, I have not had the loan . Who would lend money to a single woman who makes very little money ? One small thing I also said that if he could try one with a co -signer with bad credit and not yet approved that I was going to sign up for a dollar 150 monthly payment plan . Somehow I ended 10k owed ​​money at a rate of 18%. Is this legal ? I did not sign any document that said he agreed with this. MedlinePlus Thank you !
Is it legal for Capital One to charge 83.31% for an unsecured loan?3vaneesa2012-10-15 10:39:02
I just received an offer in the mail from Capital One . Occasionally receive these things , but it left me out of the water . Of course I refused , but not more than a loan shark ? ! ? ! ? ! ?
Is it legal in NY to charge application fee for the loan that not approved yet ?0[email protected]$?2012-11-02 13:58:56
I am personal and business loan consultant ( sole proprietor ) and I was reading somewhere that illegal to charge any kind advance fee for the loan. Please note that I disclose this application fee to client as non refundable fee and make sure that they understand and sign that the application fee not guaranteed the loan approval. I charge $25 flat regardless the loan amount to cover my time. and before they apply for the loan I explain that they need good credit history and collateral for approval so they have option whether they choose to apply or not. I never give any kind guaranteed to my client that their loan will be approved. again I disclose to my client that the $25 fee are to cover my time. Please help me with answer or who should I contact regarding this.Just for the input that this legitimate organisation charge also application fee :

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