The boss has made a personal loan to an employee. Can the boss ask for the employee check to be held? related questions

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The boss has made a personal loan to an employee. Can the boss ask for the employee check to be held?4Pengu2012-10-04 20:20:03
The boss wants the employee to reach it for the paycheck so he can cash it and get some money from the employee . Is this legal ?
Will my boss fire me? How do I deal with a boss that is way too strict?3Graciela Ayala2012-10-27 05:59:04
Do you think my boss will fire me tomorrow? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have to be in this job for a company event for 10 weeks. It has to be easy and the boss is very strict and miserable. How I can get her out of my back , I have 22 years and it's my first job? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. I arrived late - but it was not my fault , I did not know how long it will take you to travel . My boss says I should of checked , that should tell you when I said I have to leave. MedlinePlus 2. The second time was late was not my fault . I forgot to bring the equipment needed until I had got on the train to London . My boss found another company in London , which could lend the team , but I missed going to Camden to pick it up and so I was late to work in Greenwich . MedlinePlus 3. The third edition of my boss has is that I forgot a little piece of my team on another day , I was really pissed off about it . MedlinePlus 4. My boss asked me to send a text to say that I arrived at the hotel when I go, she says this is for security reasons , you must know where your staff . But we often forget and then she phones me angry . MedlinePlus 5. My boss expects me to kiss **** with every customer , even if they are not well . If I dont get angry and goes on the needs of each client and the company is struggling , it's not my fault you do not have a good business .
Employee receives "Wavier of Loan" during the year.?0setboy2012-10-15 05:14:48
I show this figure as part of remuneration during the year. ? Do you represent a cash payment ?
Who is eligible to use scholarship or loan?i am an employee but need to take my bachelor?0Tamia2012-10-03 10:08:35
Whenever I'm at work , so I can only enroll in an online college , but they are expensive for me .
Harassment by ICICI Bank for repayment of employee loan?0NeedHelpMath2012-09-29 22:21:02
I am a former employee of ICICI Bank, as an employee benefit ICICI Bank provide loans up to 5 lac to the interest rate of 2% to be deducted Rs . 5000 / -. As EMI 's salary with a clause that if you leave before 3 years, then you will be charged 20% interest rate MedlinePlus I took a load of 5 lac rupees in November 2007 for my sister
How to get a car loan if you are a self-employee, make about 6-8k a month but have a poor credit?1kailin2012-10-27 09:51:02
my ex boyfriend has a car with my name on it and I'm just trying to refinance in his name . Thanks for your help
Title Loan Employee refuses to provide paperwork?0Shubham2012-09-20 03:28:03
My husband and I have to make a complaint and legal action against probably a title loan company . However, the woman working in the office where the loan was made has refused to provide a copy of the documents we signed for the loan. She says she has a supervisor call , but refuses to give us a number to contact the supervisor of ourselves . Nobody contacted us so far. This employee has been repeatedly caught in lies about credit title fees and expiration dates . She says she does not pay when we have evidence . She says he told me they will pay on a date , but when asked she swears it was my husband , but when my husband told never to have given a date , suddenly I can not remember who spoke with ( the only other person in the house is our 5 year old and she does not answer the phone ) she refused to give the name of the city where even corporate offices are located . She just tell me they are in Alabama . A search of the company name in AL only brings some delegations . I need the paperwork to file suit in court and I know that after reading about certain laws of my state is obliged to provide a copy to me. She even told us that we signed the document states waive the rights to bring an action against them . I want to see for myself . The original documents were lost in a shuffle of cleaning a room to give a new child. The company is Cash 2 Go . Has anyone been in this situation before or know how I can get the name of a supervisor to contact and that has probably never told his supervisor about the problems we are having?
Do i have to tell bill collectors if an employee works there?5sylvana2012-09-09 07:55:02
I work in the office and handle all calls. with all the new laws there , I'm not sure how to handle this. I have collectors calling an employee. I usually just say that not allow personal calls . Received in the mail , a request for employment verification of a debt collector. I am reluctant to complete it becuase privacy laws . I know that if you apply for a loan , you have to sign a paper to allow the agency to obtain information about you. I've been searching online to find employment law on this, anyone have any suggestions ?
How can I treat uncollectible loans to non employee?5Demtrius2012-11-01 19:43:02
I have some volunteers who work for me . They are not on the payroll , but receive reimbursement. I gave them some money , but the loan seems to be uncollectible . Since we are a cash basis , we have no bad debt expense . I can ? Issue Form 1099 for bad loans ? How I can treat these loans to avoid paying income tax on these loans ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance .
Is FBT applicable on a short term interest free loan to an employee?0Jolly :)2012-09-08 14:32:02
FBT is applicable in an interest free loan to an employee short term ?
I know more than my boss....?0Kell2012-10-03 09:35:59
So I've been working on this bank and for the nine months ( or mind I have no previous banking experience ) , and my previous manager was fired after like 3 months of my work here . So we had no manager forever , and I had to learn very fast ( because I'm the only teller / FSR here) . So he hired a branch manager and she has been working here for four months as I like , but this really bothers me that she even called my manager , when I do everything in this branch . In fact , he told me that everything in my responsibilitynow operations . So now I'm in charge of the ATM , vault , cables , opening accounts, tellering , answer the phone . The only thing I do not, however , is that consumer credit (which is sent to training soon. ) And now she told me that even going to do the audits .. lol I said I wanted to be paid as a manager (very good ) but also said he has to start doing the job before being promoted. I just need some advice , thanks .
What should i do about my "boss"?1Leila2012-09-29 17:50:03
Ive been working on my work for a year or only a little less than a year. I really wanted to work here until recently. My boss me and my husband is really close and sometimes visit together. My boss secostrated (can not get loans anywhere) your first business debtor into bankruptcy. He needed help with some money I borrowed for him from 9000 and the agreement was that I can pay every month except for my salary as I still do the job for him. A few months later I got a contract for a cell phone to his wife because she really wanted and would let naging so I felt the bed. All payments way to the loan and the money were made for the 1st 2 months and never an excuse to not have money now, but will pay the next month after Dubble, never happend .... so this month his wife entered the store, manage and lead and began to go over there, not very good money in the store and she needs the money and I have to call customers and from day to come prevoiuse to pay. 5 minutes later and a customer came to pay and she accepted the money. Ontop of all loand did for me not paying my full salary and Saud as soon as a customer comes to pay if I take you to my salary pending. Never happen to his wife took the money and across the street and went to buy sweets for children and clothes herself with money from the shops and the money that was mine by right. I left him and gave him the benefit of the doubt, now his Antil halfway to the end of the month and still not paid me and I NEEX to pay the bills. Saturday we had a falling out about money that is not writen and invoices for customers or people who wernt writen PAYD, but was not spoken. Normaly mind going there, because as the head of your problem, but where the state has said no money, but his wife goes and spends money on nonsense and say that my money I think I have more than enough about what is going on! I run to the store and never here.

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