Is there any lender out there that will consolidate PRIVATE student loans? related questions

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Is there any lender out there that will consolidate PRIVATE student loans?0samina2012-08-16 09:26:04
It used to be commonplace for lenders like Wells Fargo and Chase to offer loans private student loan consolidation , but after a lot of recent financial regulation 'm at a loss to find even one that offers consolidation loans . Does anyone have more suggestions / insight ?
I need to consolidate private student loans - Do I use my lender or another company/agency?0Olaf2012-08-26 00:26:03
I am overwhelmed with my two nursing degrees . I do not earn enough to pay my monthly amount . MedlinePlus I have the impression that you can not file bankruptcy on private loans . My only option is to consolidate . How I can find the best company to consolidate my loans ?
I want to consolidate my private and federal school loans togther. Can that be done? And by what lender?1twg2012-11-04 13:57:03
I want to consolidate my federal and private school loans togther . Can it be done ? And why lender ?
Does anyone know where I can consolidate private and student loans together or at least lower my private loan?0TK2012-10-14 12:42:10
At this time the interest rate is high and not toooo Sallie Mae because finsh consolidated class.
Which lender is the best to consolidate thru for student loans?1Anatoly Z2012-10-25 10:16:47
Looking for low interest loan that can combine together
What should I do about my Private Student Loans?? They cannot be consolidated and each lender want over $300?2girly t.2012-10-20 10:53:57
They can not be consolidated and every lender wants more than $ 300? Me I can pay $ 700 a month ! I do not know what to do . There is no way to lose paymet , nowhere to go, can not help banks . ,
What's a good lender for consolidating private student loans?0alisha2012-09-01 04:16:03
I'm trying to consolidate my private student loans , and a lot of lenders who have contacted are not offering this service because of the current credit crisis ... Anyone know of a reputable company that continues to offer student loan consolidation ?
Can anyone recommend a good lender for private student loans?0davionne2012-09-30 05:04:02
Hi all ! Attending full time in college in the fall , I have all my stuff fafsa care but came up short in terms of my living expenses and I need to go to apply for a private student loan . Can anyone recommend a good lender they trust and things have gone well for them in terms of financing and payment dispersion . thanks
What is a good student loan lender to consolidate student loans through?3Suzanne2017-03-23 19:21:11
I have a lot of different places ads that look legitimate lenders of student loans, but I'm not sure who to trust.
How can I consolidate my private student loans?0Danni2012-09-21 12:55:03
I recently graduated , and I am trying to consolidate my student loans and reduce my total monthly debt . I know I can easily consolidate my federal loans , and save some money , and the actual cost is minimal in the long term. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, I have several private student loans ( Chase , Wells Fargo etc ) I would like to consolidate . Sites / companies that had no decent offer private loan consolidation due to new education reform . The Education Reform looked briefly and saw increasing amounts of loans and grants to government loans , however , do not see anything that helps out new graduates , or people with existing loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone know of anything in the education reform that can help me , or can recommend a company to consolidate my private student loans .
How to consolidate private student loans?0breiann2012-08-30 07:16:05
Im getting behind in my payments already ! I just need a good bank to go to! Any suggestions ? I know nothing about the student loan consolidation !
How can I consolidate private Student loans?0Alarena2012-08-19 11:38:03
I have allot of private student loans with high interest rates , and would like to have these accounts into one loan with a low interest rate . I do not qualify for a lot of them because my credit score is not high enough ! What I can do?

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