If i take my case to small claims court in texas..do you think that i can get my money refunded for the car?

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Asked at 2012-08-16 08:57:03
I bought a veh in cash from a sale of cars and veh 6-30-2010 n broke my 3200.by down.armundo 01/07/10 (sales representative) repaired the ignition switch, but still had a veh leak.2days major oil after repair that blew a head gasket.the car lot told to go and collect veh repaair it.I had to get the veh towed to the car lot .. I remained there until January veh .. never fix my veh .. i had to pay 650.00 for parts and I took a personal loan of armundo sales representative and paid the remainder paid 800 for repair.on 28/01/11 armundo 200 of the debt owed ... at week 2 April 11 was charged with a guy named Mario to come and pick n veh .. i is called a & n car for several weeks regarding my veh ... armundo never answers .. then your receptionsist told me I had 21 days to come and pay the balance for repair would sell my veh ... plus a fee of 300 repo ... when I went to the car lot .. who had reomoved the sign of my deep veh and damaged a window. i still owed 300 titles and 200 for taxes .. but I made a verbal agreement to pay that at the end of April .. but they took it back before veh .. I paid cash for a veh in June .. it was the veh in their power within the first 30 days they bought the veh .. but never fix .. i asked straight.they months I shall say that the veh.then after my period came 30 days they said I would fix myself.they even offered to buy me back to 500.00.i veh tired of Race around and buy the parts myself.armundo told me to help with the work .. he never told me that my car was repo. I called several times and he wont return any of my calls. and began taking parts of my car and put dents in it .. and began to put my pieces on another Honda Civic car they had at their car lot .. I feel as if they have shady business practice.when my car was repaired ... Later I learned that someone had to clear my check engine light and my check engine light was still on
Answer1Curly SueAnswered at 2012-08-27 18:02:02
I think so , but I ` m not too familiar with Texas law . I know in Arizona , all cars have an automatic ten-day warranty .
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