How long does it take to receive your financial aid money when you attend school online? related questions

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How long does it take to receive your financial aid money when you attend school online?0Brown2012-08-16 08:04:02
I have requested financial assistance from 2-3 weeks before I chose my school. My first day was July 1, 2008 . I am now, after 5 weeks into my second class and still nothing. I had to modify taxes and present information, but before I got the year of execution ... misinformation .... I am receiving emails from lender indicating that the school is expected to certify the loan, but the school says I'm in the verification process .... How long should it take?
Where online can I apply for a school loan to attend bar tending school?0Elizabeth White2012-09-20 02:18:03
Where I can apply online for a loan from the school to attend a bartender school ?
Can I get a loan to attend an online high school?2maureen2012-11-05 22:44:02
I want to see finish the rest of my career in online high school , but do not really have the money for it right now. Is it possible for me to get a loan for something like this ? If so, where?
Can I apply for a student loan if I attend a online school?0jil2012-10-11 12:55:56
I can not find my school that appears when I try to apply for student loans online ?
How long to receive the money?1Norma2012-09-23 15:05:02
I live in Texas , USA , And my friend asked for a personal loan from your bank $ 1000 . How long does it take to find out if they were approved and the time to get the money ? Applied on Tuesday last week ( May 12 ) and is waiting for some kind of warning. He has a wife and a son , a car and a house , with a steady job , so there would be no reason not to get the loan ? Your credit is not bad, and not really very developed yet .... he just got a loan for the car and I am sure that you always pay on time.
Can someone help me find out how it cost to attend the Academy of Art University School online.?0Emily2012-09-11 19:17:03
I request the Academy of Art University online know what classes I want to take , but do not know how much it will cost can someone please help me find out . Who wish to take classes listed below . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Illustration School : MedlinePlus Figure 1 Figure dressed MedlinePlus Figure Drawing 2 dressed MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Intermediate Figure Drawing Head and Hands 1 Heads and Hands 2 Figure 1 MedlinePlus Figure 2 MedlinePlus Figure 3 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know for a fact that you will need a loan , but I would like to know how
Is it possible to work part time (20 hrs./week) and attend grad school online?0jiana2012-10-10 03:55:00
They offered me only about 20 hours a week working as a records clerk at a university and I'm thinking of taking three courses (9 credits ) per semester from now ( until summer 2011) so you can hurry up and graduate from graduate school . Is this wise ? Is it possible to work in graduate school ? My program is online / distance and I'm majoring in Library and Information . Besides, I need the money because I am currently using student loans to live and I can not get a job as an assistant or grad TA because my university is in California and I live in New York . In addition , I have requested billions of scholarships , but never got any . So what do you think? Any experience ?
Is it possible to Attend a High dollar school (Online) like UAT: Game Design or Fuil Sail while...?0in serious need of help2012-10-13 08:50:26
In addition to serving in the U.S. Army , UAT online states that costs 5105.00 per semester or about that , I guess my real question is, I can go to these schools online and not pay much or anything at all my pocket because of grants and loans , tuition assistance ect ect ? MedlinePlus My home of record is Texas if that means anything , but I am currently stationed in Germany . Any and all help is greatly appreciated as always . Thank you all.
UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX ONLINE long did it take to receive a refund check?0MATH HELP PLEASE2012-09-12 10:13:10
I just started school there and was told that I am getting a refund of my student loans and scholarships . How long does it usually take to get ? Thank you !
Will or can student loans cover extra money i would lose while not working when i attend law school?0jach2012-09-19 09:02:03
I have plans to attend law school in the fall of 08, but I am worried about the job in the way of school, but like everyone else , I have to pay the bills . Not much , but like my car note , phone bill , insurance and spending money for any meal . I still live with my parents for all homes and most of my food is covered . What do I have to get more money ?
How long before I receive my student loan money as a first time student? (SCF Bradenton, FL)?0shahroze2012-08-30 21:43:03
I want to be sure I understand this correctly , as I have to pay rent , I need money for transport , etc. , but in the school site , read this: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Students accepted Stafford loans must meet the following before funds will be disbursed : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Be enrolled and attending a minimum of six (6) hours MedlinePlus Complete entrance counseling , online at MedlinePlus Complete a Master Promissory Note ( MPN ) online (link same as above) MedlinePlus Be a return or a student borrower who has more than 30 credit hours MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This last sentence : " Be a return or a student borrower who has more than 30 credit hours " Am I understanding this correctly ? I have already completed 30 hours of tuition ( full time that would be about 2 1/2 semesters ) before I 'll be getting my student loan ? Is this really what they're saying ? If so , how I can take care of the rent and transportation ? Can anyone answer this for me ? I'm about to go to school at SCF Bradenton , FL if that makes a difference .
How long after a defaulted student loan I can go back to school with financial aid?0rabiyah2012-08-20 20:21:26
I made payment arrangements and I am making scheduled payments . Just wondering if anyone knows how long before you can go back to school ? It's only been about 4 months I have ben making payments.

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