I want to return a car I just purchased but am waiting for financing, can I? related questions

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I want to return a car I just purchased but am waiting for financing, can I?2Mom and daughter need help2012-09-05 17:32:04
I'm trying to refinance my current auto loan and was contacted by a company claiming to get me a lower interest rate. I had to drive 3 hours to sign the papers and that my vehicle appraised . On arrival I found a dealer . I was informed that $ 10,000 had negative equity in my car. They told me to just give my car back to the bank and buy another at the same time. In this way the vehicle would not deposited into my credit card before I another loan. Credit score said my husband would not be too badly affected and within a year, would be back to where it is now. We are not only are fighting back . After the decision not to buy another car that was to convince us otherwise . We just go with the two vehicles. Now we realize that we made a mistake . We are still awaiting approval from the bank. We call tomorrow and tell them the situation and ask them to not accept the loan so we can take the car back . Can we do this ?
Is it possible to return a car purchased with a car loan?0Michelle G 2012-09-30 03:18:08
My car is a 05 honda pilot purchased used and got a loan. MedlinePlus So we had a lot of probems and now we arent sure of the car: ( We had the car for 2 months.
I have bad credit and recently purchased a car? they're charging me 23% interest. should i just return it?0Alarice2012-10-11 15:16:29
I have a FICO 500 and the car company is saying persecution is the only bank that will buy the loan and the interest you can get is 23% ... are full of crap , or is likely to interest the best I can do for my credit? MedlinePlus
Can a house be purchased jointly in Florida if only 1 party secures the financing?0lorenzo2012-08-17 05:20:03
Hey. I have a question about joint ownership ( also known as: ? Common Tenure ) My boyfriend and I to buy a house together. As I am currently unemployed , I'm doing all the work of reseraching , etc. literature search , and then do the work in the fixer and provides the money and has purchased the loan on your behalf. Our contract is being written this weekend and running do not think my name may be included in the contract unless my name is in the financial records . Is this an accurate statement ? If so , what process we use to protect my legal rights to own part of the house and when to do ? Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you.
Can I return a car to the dealer if they are having a hard time financing me?1kerry2012-10-01 18:59:02
I traded in a car that had a lien on the same title . He said last week that the first financial cooperation could not and got a second that you had a higher interest rate . We said, " No" and wanted our trade in back . So , she more by trade and removed part of the purchase price of used cars. This process began on March 31, 2010 . We had used the car since. last week, and the first of this week said the car loan was funded . Now , I was told that the loan has been approved today , but not funded . place car title is calling me to ask for money . I keep getting the run around from the dealer .
Earnest money: return of earnest money to buyer if they do not receive financing?1Sherri2019-04-07 20:13:09
I have received an offer on my house and my realtor has sent me the residential contract, which includes a section mentioning that if the buyer doesn't receive financing within 30 days, they don't lose their earnest money. This concerns me because this is the 3rd offer I've received. The first failed because the person buying their house changed their mind, so they couldn't complete the sale and I didn't get any earnest money. The second buyer just "changed their mind" and again, I didn't receive any earnest money. If I have to deal with another failed offer, I will literally have a meltdown! My question is: is it wise to sign a contract that states they don't lose their EM if they don't receive financing? I have a copy of a "pre-approved" letter from their lender. What should I do? BTW, I live in Texas and the buyer is applying for a VA loan, which I don't know anything about.
If you return a car to a dealer-- can you go out n buy another? Would your credit score show the 'return'?0Peaches2012-08-22 01:38:04
LOL So we bought new car June 30 . On July 15, the dealership calls and says that we need to come sign a new contract. After asking a lot of questions : Is it messed up our payment deadline , therefore , dismissed the application Nissan . So they need to get paid by Nissan , and we want something for your trouble. But if for some reason not to sign the document and take the car back - we can go to another Nissan dealer and buy the same car for a better deal ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want our reseller to get a better deal. But I want to know if I have any influence on that I'll just buy the car elsewhere. Do you laugh and say there is no way you get funding again so soon ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When you apply for a car loan - not just seven days to find a car or your credit is just hit , making it more difficult to apply for a loan. Does any of this make sense? I know this is an unusual situation , but before I go , a sign of a new contract that I would be informed. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can ask them ? Our contract start over? That in turn would allow us to renegotiate the price ? Or .. ? I can ask you at least window tinting ? lol I love using his mistake in our favor ... I'm not very happy with the deal we got.
Waiting for the car title.?1Conor2012-10-20 21:53:03
I paid over 10,000 cash for the car, got a bill of sale . cay has 20 temporary plates , secured car but the seller has not sent title. He claims he paid off the bank loan but had to wait ten days, etc , etc , has been a month . my expired temporary plates and sold my other car and you can drive legally . What do I do now ? ? ? ? He seems like a nice guy .
Will I be waiting to long ??/?2Philippines2012-08-23 11:00:03
While this may be long, but I just turned 20 and although most of my friends are in college , I did not feel like it was the right time for me to go instead to work full time and next month I'm buying a car and end of the year and will do a thousand saved 'm still trying to figure out who I am and what I do and my fams not the richest it would be stupid of me to also have the basics online and contiune to work and save enough money that when Im 22 go to college and end up like that and not want to have to pay off loans or any or should I go ahead and go though dnt take a lot of money for that
Hi i currently waiting on a car loan for a used car, mean while i took my old car to get sum?0 등과 같은 대화에서2012-09-23 10:37:03
The money so I went to a title loan will affect my status in the bank or not ?
Waiting...running out of time - what to do???2Tinu2012-09-17 02:32:04
After having the money withdrawn from the bank to pay the rent , fuel and vehicle registration was stolen this week , I appeared online a few days to a cash lender known in Australia. They say he was eligible for a loan, but have filled all constantly until today when I promised my final approval would be through this afternoon by 14:00 ( GMT). Now it's 16:00 ... I need this sent through from 5:30 pm to pay my bills , or I will be unable to go to work for night shift tonight at 6pm - and driving a car unregistered and therefore illegal , this weekend . I tried to call and email - no one "in office" at this time. Libero this sounds desperate , but is there anything else I can do? If I knew it would take so long that does not bother me . Any suggestions at all? It's too late to apply for a new company. This is almost ready to go, but they will not answer my calls. Should I try again?
30-day waiting period for FHA Loan?0fairears2012-11-05 21:29:28
I am attempting to refinance on an existing 30-year, fixed rate mortgage. I applied for and was qualified for a conventional refinance, but following appraisal, I was told that the LTV was too high (93%). I am now going to apply for a refinance through FHA, but the lender is telling me there is a 30-day waiting period. What gives with the waiting period?

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