What type of job can I get once I earn my Associate Degree in Mathematics?

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I went to college for a degree to look back now, was not the best for me ( BA in Psychology, Minor in Business Administration) . I know it's regrettable, but who really knows what exactly they want to do with your life and how important accurate you should get when they are 18-22 years old?

I have 23 now and just finished the grade last year . After a lot of self -reflection , along with trial and error, I feel now that mathematics should have been the way forward. I've always enjoyed the process of procedure and recently enrolled in a math course this semester related to the hope that comes with completing my associates degree in mathematics as a starting point .

One of the races have always been attracted to teaching . I am convinced that I want to have an influence on the lives of people and make a difference (sorry now when I leave work every day at my current job processing loans for small businesses that are not giving any personal satisfaction ).

One drawback that I found though is the low pay for teaching. I know money should not be a major factor in deciding on a career, but in reality, with the current economy and the fact that I have a family someday , I will not fight for things and want to live comfortably. < Br >
I thought maybe it would be best to get a job in a higher paying career in teaching math and later when I have created or even taught as a second job ?

Basically , my question is , once I complete my Associate Degree in Mathematics , what jobs I can get entry level in the meantime , while finishing my degree in the field?

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