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Cash book receipts and cash book payments?1python2012-11-02 17:15:02
Hello , I need help with cash receipts and payments book , I've been looking at, but still not sure what I have to do. It is necessary to include this data in it - November 3 started business with capital of
Questions regarding three column cash book?0rally2012-10-05 19:50:44
Balance October1 MedlinePlus forward: MedlinePlus Cash in Hand: $ 5,000 MedlinePlus Cash at Bank: $ 90,000 MedlinePlus October2 Received cash loan of $ 25, 000 from Partners. MedlinePlus October3 goods bought $ 156,000 MedlinePlus October4 bought Motor Van paying by check $ 1,600 MedlinePlus October5 MedlinePlus cash withdrawn from the bank $ 25,000 October7 cash wages $ 16,000 MedlinePlus Drawings October8 $ 10,000 cash MedlinePlus October10 Cash Sales paid directly into the bank $ 28,000 MedlinePlus October12 We paid the following accounts by check discount of 10% in MedlinePlus each case: MedlinePlus Marshal: $ 2,000: Linda: $ 1,600 MedlinePlus Teresa: $ 1,800 MedlinePlus October13 Then we paid by check thier accounts in each case MedlinePlus deduct 2.5% off MedlinePlus Jerry: $ 980 MedlinePlus 450 Martins MedlinePlus Receive October15 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus futher loan of $ 2,500 October16 We paid Brandy his account of $ 400 per MedlinePlus Check October18 Cash Sales $ 8,000 MedlinePlus October21 rent paid in cash $ 1,800 MedlinePlus Received October23 MedlinePlus Commission by check $ 7,500 The following people October25 paid us thier Accounts check MedlinePlus each case Deduct 5% discount: $ 500 Uson, David: $ 4,599 MedlinePlus October26 We paid the following bills paid by check in each case MedlinePlus deduction of 2% discount MedlinePlus Joseph: $ 2000, Tiola: 1200 MedlinePlus Secure Payment MedlinePlus October28 8900 Linda October29 rewarded us a check for $ MedlinePlus 2500 200 deduction for cash discount .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus the thing is that I'm getting all sums correct, but October8 $ 10,000. i am getting bad, because in the end my total outside you have to match. so anyone can help would be great ... n earn points help me thanks
Why does this book say we want to shorten the cash conversion cycle?0Skyler2012-09-27 05:30:03
Would not the following is true : MedlinePlus The shortening of the average age of inventory also reduce NWC MedlinePlus Lenthening average payment period MedlinePlus also reduce NWC Shorten average collection period would decrease MedlinePlus NWC It seems that the book assumes all current assets are financed by loans . Is not ignore such gains ? Would not the assets be a good thing ? not pay for themselves ( once the business is running , of course ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Therefore, if we try to reduce the CCC , it is also decreasing NWC. Now obviously lower than the current detention rate would increase long-term benefits , but this has more to do with the current profits reinvested in fixed assets , rather than buying the liabilities ?
Are there any companies that give cash fast as i dont have a cheque book?2Swetha2012-09-12 01:30:05
I applyed for fast cash loans , I have a check book and I have bad credit , the loan must be unsecured can anyone help ?
Can i get extra cash back on a car loan if the seller is asking less than blue book?1kandy2012-10-05 07:12:03
car is worth $ 12,000 and the seller is asking $ 9,000. I would like a little back for taxes , title, registration , etc can bank a check to the seller , and a check for me ? I know you can put a lien on the entire value of the vehicle (100 % loan to value ) , but the money can go elsewhere too?
Hi, i got a loan with log book loans BUT my v5 log book is not in my name can they take my car still i hav v5?1Sabeva2012-10-05 06:26:02
log book loans no v5 I have my car was purchased on October 08 the logbook is in my name so guys to log book loans have no rite to hold or take my car since no any legal v5 doc ?
This Book! Really good!?1rose- (Ms. Sue)2012-08-30 06:32:03
I love the graphic description of going too far by Jennifer Echols . But my library does not have refused to do so, and now I'm very tied up in cash , so you can not buy myself, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to lend me a copy or tell me a way to get free. I know there are some online libraries could have, but I do not know how it works.
What is the title of this book?0Valerie Belegit2012-09-28 06:59:02
What is the title of the book about the child born as a man ILD , and as you age, looks younger . I think he was a freak . In any case , the new movie coming out about the curious case of Benjamin Button sounds very similar , but I remember paying the book to someone else , and I can not find anything about it online , of course - the title would help !
Could not purchase online book?1Nadine2012-11-05 11:00:03
I was trying to buy the book online and was unable to complete successfully connect to. Are there options printed / books available that can be purchased ? A friend lent me a book by a Canadian writer known and can not remember the name of the book or the author . The line of the book was a conversation one-on -one / interview with Zoroaster and started in the forest and then moved to the side of a lake . Does anyone know the name of the author / book ? Also a source for printed material is also appreciated.
Cheque book loan!!!!?0Merli2012-09-15 21:35:03
Hi , I need a quick loan checkbook, no credit check ... any idea where I can get in London ? MedlinePlus thank you very much for your help
What do these things on my car payment book mean?0Ula2012-08-19 17:39:02
Well, there are a total of five lines and know what three of the five lines on average. It is through the credit union in my state, a new car loan. Anyway, the first line is pmt loan, which is obviously the loan. Then, the second line is chg later, which is what they fill if to be late on a payment. Now, this is where I do not understand ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus SD / SAV DEP and MedlinePlus SD / CHK DEP MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You mean if I have savings and checking accounts with them I can add money to pay my bills when my car payment? I have no such accounts with them, so I'm hoping that I can ignore them. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So the bottom line is, of course, and I'm pretty good overall sum. MedlinePlus :) MedlinePlus So my loan payment is currently $ 299.92 per month, but I pay more than that each month. I took out a loan for 60 months because I am a recent graduate in a nursing career again and wanted to be able to have a minimum payment of $ 299 if I needed it, but I want to pay more than that amount when you can. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The interest is figured in. .. like, if I had to pay the car in three years, paying more each year, then I would not have to pay interest for the years 4 and 5. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thus, a total of three questions here really ... MedlinePlus What do those two things that I mentioned earlier? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since the interest is already factored into my book car payment every month, I get a new book if I pay more quickly and will not have to pay that extra interest? I did read in the paper that was to receive quarterly statements. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And ... How I can actually pay more each month? Did I just write in the amount you want to pay on line PMT loan? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks a bundle! :)
CC If Circuit City has a book?0laylah2012-08-08 21:13:03
value of $ 6.40 per share. How is it to 0.10 ? I understand that bankruptcy protection . In which just got a loan to continue operations . At what point is just thier liquidate assets and pay the shareholder?

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