Can a probate beneficiary obtain a loan secured by real estate? related questions

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Can a probate beneficiary obtain a loan secured by real estate?2emileh2012-08-31 02:53:02
I have a person who needs a private loan. She has a property on behalf of her late mother. His mother died in January 2007 and the property is in succession. She is the only daughter. Is there a way to give a loan secured by the property?
Fastest way to obtain hard money loan secured by real estate and where?3iza2012-11-05 21:53:01
I need a fast hard bridge loan money and have capital of $ 500,000 , spread over three properties . What would be the best way to structure an application to obtain a hard money loan fast , get terms that would help , and what is a good source or place to advertise for this?
Loan? real estate investing? not secured.?0Addy2012-10-03 06:11:49
I want to do is to get a loan to cover the down payment, working capital for rehabilitation , improvement and unpaid rent . Deadline for maintaining the properties is 3 years . I need at least 250 thousand to one million . I am willing to pay 10 % annual interest . Since I 'm not paying the entire house is not a secured loan. What is the best type of loan , line card. etc to reach fundraising . After buying aa few houses I can get investors to any payment in a year or less equity in the portfolio . I'm more interested in business loan interest only , is possible. Perfect Credit , Business currently own dental office is annual gross of $ 1.8 million , $ 350k annual net open five years . No asset , not a homeowner . What is the best way to raise capital , obtain an unsecured loan , without being a secured loan. for this or that purpose. Creative ideas for funding would be helpful , you Please.Thank .
Estate is named the beneficiary?0history2012-09-07 00:10:03
Do lenders take dads death benefits of life insurance fraud because of my brother, the trustee is committing to not inform HECM loan lenders of death of the borrower 's loan, and collect monthly payments guaranteed Dads mortgage
About probate estate laws?1Wrong when the tender love2012-10-14 00:29:03
A California couple has been married 17 years , no children together , but both have two children from a previous marriage . Non Priod marriage , the husband owned a small business , commercial property ( all of which are used for business and residential property, two Com . Plots already paid , a Com. Plot his ex-wife had a right holding on ( to close to the value of the property) for an amount of money she was making payments on a Com. owned that he and a partner were buying a bare piece of land that he and another companion were buying , and also bought a new car just 7 months before marrying them . MedlinePlus Now , during the 17 years of marriage there. The wife has worked the business with him for most of the 17 years and the business has also grown . The ex - wife was canceled and the lien on the property retired , he bought the partner com. plot and is now paid in full, the couple also bought the res . property and when you took out a loan to build a house on the property was also wifes name in the title, the vehicle seven months and also paid off because there were fewer than 400 of the veh . MedlinePlus made ​​its parked in a garage with only 17,000 original miles on it . They also have several other vehicles there are in both names . MedlinePlus My question is , if the husband died with a will ( intestate ) what would the wife get ? MedlinePlus I would greatly appreciate any information . any of you can give me !
Why in most cases, loans are secured on real estate?2Aztech 2012-08-23 13:51:02
Why in most cases, loans are secured by real estate?
What does "insufficient loans secured by real estate" mean when you are rejected for a credit card?1Brandie2012-10-06 15:50:02
I was rejected credit card for that specific reason . I do not own real estate , or credit reporting agency that the information was used by the bank to see if my credit was good enough to have some "real estate" in its report . Please let me know if anyone has any idea. Thank you.
I am looking for a hard money lender in the Dallas, Tx. area. Loans secured by real estate. Do you know some ?1Butch2012-08-30 18:18:03
I have been dealing in real estate for several years . I own 38 properties , but wants more for rent / sell in MTGS envelope / flip . My credit score is in the mid 700
Can I get a real estate loan in the philippines?3adwitiya2012-09-07 08:50:03
I lived in the U.S. Over the past three years . Now I'm interested in buying land in the Philippines . Prefer not pay cash outright . Let me know if you can get a loan , so I can pay little by little . I am a Filipino citizen and has assets in the U.S. .
Where can I obtain a Business Loan with no credit? I've tried everywhere, I need the real thing.?0Kerryann2012-08-06 06:52:47
Most, I have been trying everywhere to get a business loan Personal Loan / or , is there a real place where you can get this type of loan when credit is not good , however I own real estate, and a Division of Building Small companies that have applied large amounts of money requested in the front, and sometimes unsafe , you are asked to send money outside the United Unisted , in order to obtain a loan is this legal? Please advise departure for Real and Real deal! . Thank you !
How do I acquire a real estate investment loan?1cece2012-10-21 04:31:08
I would buy investment properties under $ 20k and become an owner. Are there banks are giving loans to individuals or small businesses again ? My credit score is over 750 and I have an average. but more than enough to cover the monthly payment of $ 20k . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please respond with suggestions only bank
Do all Real Estate Realtors take Military VA Loan?0tash2012-11-06 02:09:18

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