Do banks have a cap on the interest rate they can charge on a auto loan? related questions

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Do banks have a cap on the interest rate they can charge on a auto loan?1Channin2012-08-21 05:00:26
So is the normal rate for a person with bad credit. They charged me 33% on a new car , is this normal , I can do anthing to lower the rate .
With loans money out there why do the banks charge almost 20 % interest for auto loan?2Mohamed2012-09-07 09:09:03
car dealer offers a car loan with money from the stimulus package . The loading operation was a car loan with a rate of 19 percent . What is all that? The stimulus money is supposed to help banks to make loans that truly sinful? ? ? ? ?
The rate of interest banks charge on short-term loans to their best customers is the ___________?1Saquta2012-10-24 13:41:51
one . required reserve ration ( RRR ) MedlinePlus b. MedlinePlus federal funds rate c. MedlinePlus prime rate d. money multiplier formula
Why do banks charge interest?0hd2012-09-20 09:13:03
Everywhere I look I see short-term loans, such as credit cards and bank loans, they are all part of a growing economy, and they are fast. Immediately payment and interest .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What about long-term loans? MedlinePlus Not a long-term loan that you pay each month, the month after the loan, I mean long term and not start paying anything for years. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Where are these .. that are bad for quick profit and therefore bad for business so why not think of ways in which these can actually work on both sides .. first a long-term loan interest can not win as a short-term loan, as it defeats the purpose. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is something that basically consists of see why it could or could not work :: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If people 10miillion truck $ 10,000 interest-free to say 10 years, that is a huge mass of money that has been created so inflation making money less valuable, here is the point MedlinePlus if not many people pay money to truck anything like that again for 10 years without interest that are forced at age 10, as part of the contract automatically amortization principle through wages garnished .. that sounds harsh, but the contract was signed in which no interest was created bulls $ $ t, and returns the correct value ie 15 000 10 years later due to inflation or deflation 9 per thousand, thus nullifying itself and not by creating money to stimulate the economy and therefore everyone is happy. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus No buisness in right mind would use this as no gain of money. Or is there .. that part of the contract must be the money used for specific things before approval as an investment or a home buisness, and as such should be maintained within the banking system that created it, which allows banks to have more money to pay. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not understand this correctly MedlinePlus if a bank can create money having to keep only 10% of it, why even care about interest, not to make money more valuable. in fact, it's done the opposite and for many years it inevitably destroys it? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In conclusion, if to barrow $ 200,000 pay nothing for 20 years, which would make this appealing to the lender less any interest .. we as borrowers and consumers and workers should be technically more credit than the lenders themselves, because we run the rear engine giant greedy in the first place .. Do I have right about this? MedlinePlus Maybe this should be a government program? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want some answers smart about this, even if any. It's interesting to me how the economy works, and that is, basically, if not completely full of s $ $ t.
What is the most interest banks can charge on personal loans?0kris!2012-11-06 04:26:44
Why do we let the banks charge us with compound interest loans? ?3daydrian2012-11-04 21:14:02
This is a scam and makes us backwards in our loans. With simple interest loans will be paid the top faster than you can operate more frequently for new durable goods such as cars.
Why do banks charge people who can least afford it higher interest rates?0andreanna2012-09-03 19:07:03
I know it has to do with risk , but what about the risk that the bank can not collect anything ? MedlinePlus Why not charge people with low incomes , lower rates and those with higher incomes , higher rates ? All *** - on ... MedlinePlus They send people to the wall and then expect taxpayers to bail them out . MedlinePlus I think half of an elephant is better than any elephant . MedlinePlus I just tried to refinance a loan at a lower rate and they said they do not earn enough to refinance , so the rate is still high , even though I just said that you can afford . MedlinePlus It just does not make sense to me at all. MedlinePlus Lower it so you can continue making payments ! No wonder the masters of the universe are in trouble ...
Is there a max amount that companies can charge for an interest rate?0Emiiiiillllaaayyy2012-10-02 08:36:02
Some time ago I received a loan no insurance through a company called CashCall and I was stupid enough not to look at the interest rate . Well , the interest rate was 99.25% , I am currently going through a consolidator of credit that is supposed to be working with the venue and was told that my interest is 96 % . Is that legal? I was living in California at the time and that's where the collection point is .
What is the maximum interest rate a financial institution can charge?0makeda2012-10-11 08:34:13
A friend of mine was trying to get a loan of $ 5,000 to consolidate bills . She does not have the best credit because they have these bills , but you pay more than the minimum and never too late. He contacted a certain financial and payment would be $ 350 for 36 months. I did the math and she would have to pay back almost $ 13,000 ! I put this in a loan calculator and discovered he would pay 75% per year! Is this legal ? ( I realize I should not have got into this debt much at first , but still, this is ridiculous . ) Is there a limit to how much you can charge !
How to get best auto loan rate without applying to many banks?0love of this country2012-11-04 01:16:02
How can I get the best auto loan rate to buy a truck without applying to many banks? I just started a new job making $1300 a month but i have only been there for a month but my last job which i took a seasonal break from i was there for two years. credit score is 635, truck is $17000 I have $4000-5000 down. I do not know who will approve me since my credit score is not the greatest am I better off applying at the dealership or talking with my bank Huntington? Thanks for your help!
Want to re-finance my car loan. I have bad credit. My interest rate is 16.5%. Any suggestions on banks?5shyla2012-09-27 01:12:03
I do not get a car because I wanted a new one. My car was dead and I do a lot of driving. But I have not been late with payments of the car, but I 'm drowning . Could use some suggestions.
Why don't the banks increase savings interest rate?0Gopal2012-10-19 06:25:36
We hear , that banks and other financial institutions do not have much money to lend to small businesses , etc. If the bank increases the interest rate of savings, which would get more money from the public ( as they would like to keep money in the bank and get better yields ) and then banks can use this money to give loans to small businesses , etc. Will not this model work in the current financial crisis ?

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