What is the maximum fee a bank can charge on a bad credit car loan? related questions

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What is the maximum fee a bank can charge on a bad credit car loan?1praveen2012-08-23 22:42:02
What is the maximum fee a bank can charge for a bad credit car loan ? My boyfriend just bought a vibrator 03. Your credit is bad after her divorce a few years ago. We just found out that the bank charged us $ 4500 extra on a loan of 13,000 ( put $ 2000 down) for bad credit! We were not told this by the dealer you bought the car. Have you ever heard of a bank to charge an outrageous fee like this, and even allowed ? I live in Pennsylvania.
What is the maximum fee a bank can charge on a bad credit car loan?5Ji2012-11-01 23:12:02
My boyfriend just bought a vibrator 03. Your credit is bad after his divorce a few years ago . We just found out that the bank charged us an extra $ 4,500 on a loan of 13,000 ( $ 2,000 to put up ) for bad credit! We were not told this by the dealer when we bought the car . Ever heard of a bank charging an outrageous fee like this, and even allowed ? I live in Pennsylvania .
What is the maximum interest a car title loan place can charge?0Bryan Martin2012-09-14 09:17:04
My daughter will be $ 500 for a car title loan . When she went to make a payment , must now said 1500. She says it's illegal to charge her so much and was investigating whether he had to pay so much . I missed a payment . When he began to go to work this morning to find that he had taken his car. Now they say he owes 1900. The car is worth $ 10,000. Is not this usury ? What can you do? Where I can find the laws that protect you ?
I would like to know what is the maximum interest a lender can charge on a secured loan is 35% legal?1Envy.s.o2012-09-13 10:56:03
I wonder what is the maximum interest a lender can charge for a secured loan is 35 % legal ?
What is the maximum interest rate a financial institution can charge?0makeda2012-10-11 08:34:13
A friend of mine was trying to get a loan of $ 5,000 to consolidate bills . She does not have the best credit because they have these bills , but you pay more than the minimum and never too late. He contacted a certain financial and payment would be $ 350 for 36 months. I did the math and she would have to pay back almost $ 13,000 ! I put this in a loan calculator and discovered he would pay 75% per year! Is this legal ? ( I realize I should not have got into this debt much at first , but still, this is ridiculous . ) Is there a limit to how much you can charge !
Why wouldnt Higher Education charge the maximum, now that the house has voted to abolish private student loans?3Fiji islander2012-10-26 18:43:03
Government to take control of 100 % of student loans ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus WASHINGTON - ( Dow Jones ) - The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on Thursday that would end private lender effectively participate in the student loan market , establishing the federal government as the sole provider of college loans MedlinePlus . http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-2009
Which bank/organisation gives maximum loan in India?0Jamaal2012-11-04 18:02:17
That is; 1. Trade Loan 2. Personal Loan I tried Google, Yahoo Search but dint get the answer. Also give the links plzzz. Thanks.
Why does the bank charge things quicker when you have no money in the bank?1Jorge2012-09-14 07:28:06
For example , say you have $ 400 in the bank and you make a payment online at the college loan in the amount of $ 120 on 06.04.2010 and finally debited from your bank account on 4/13 / 2010 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus but .. when you have to say - $ 3 at your bank and unknowingly , thought he had a lot more money in the bank and make a payment online for your college loan in the amount of $ 120 on 04/06/2010 that debits your bank account on 4/ 8/2010 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus it's almost like they're waiting for possibly fall below the amount needed to fill a position for them to newer charge for not having enough money to cover that position ... And I can add that it is a good strategy if that is what they are doing .. ;)
How do i get the bank to not charge a penalty for paying off car loan earlier?2JennyB2012-09-12 04:34:04
How I can get the bank does not charge a penalty for car loan before?
The bank of my car loan is trying to give me a $40 late charge. Can I get it waived?3joson2012-10-12 16:11:08
I've had my car for almost 5 1/2 years. It almost paid off . I have made all payments on time or early. So I sent my last payment the day before it was due, and are trying to charge a $ 40 late fee . You think you can call them and convince them to give it up because I am a good customer ? I have only like 5 payments left ! They cashed my check at the same time they always do.
Should my bank charge these fees?0Kendra--Please Help!!2012-10-10 07:01:46
I'm closing a line of credit unsecured business today for my business for $ 25k . They are charging me a fee of $ 250 loan , Doc Stamps $ 87.50 & $ 35 fee recording. A total of $ 375 in fees. This is my first business loans - Are these fees accurate and justified ? Thanks for your help
How many times can my bank charge me?0newt2012-10-12 08:42:52
The last days I was checking my bank online to check the balance (because I missed a couple of days "balance my checkbook." Turns out my online statement changed dramatically in the last three days, and showed contradictory statements. .. which leads me to think that I had more in my mind than it did, had things published or delete later than they actually did, etc. Well, shame on me for missing a few days and ended up being beaten reciepts because with 8 overdraft fees, which in turn put my account in negative Unfortunately not realized my account was negative until one day after the progress so well and 4 others charged me NSF charges on my account is now complete almost - .. $ 400 ... to all NSF and overdraft fees. How many times can I be charged? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I and I have a large loan from my parents because I learned a few weeks ago that I would not receive my unemployment for a few weeks due to an error at the end of unemployment. It was just enough money so that I would be set up next week ... when my unemployment should begin to be deposited again. On top of finding myself almost $ - $ 400 I just found out today that the government overpaid me due to their miscalculations and now I owe (unemployment) $ 1,600. Sooo ... unemployment is not going to pay at least 6 weeks to take charge of the overpayment. Since this was an error on their part that I have to file an appeal ... it takes at least three weeks. So more or less I will not have anything to deposit in my account for three weeks ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So ... How many times can the bank charge me? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My plan is to go to the bank to compare calculations and try to get a refund of overdraft. The problem is that I did this earlier this month, acknowledged that it was his mistake and returned. What is the likelihood of this happening again and what is the chance I will return again?

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