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Did you ever get accidentally involved with Mafia people?1Debra2012-08-08 04:11:02
Really out here. Actually I met a guy named David. He was with the mafia in Little Italy here in Cleveland. I liked it and said something about me that I have always loved the Irish. The man, who always dressed well and I took a ride in their nice cars , just like in the movies! Once I asked a loan of fifty dollars. They returned to be fast . They said they pay now or we will take something of equal value or higher. Only businessmen?
Is it possible that in selling a student loan, a company may accidentally or accidentally double the loan,?1Brian2012-11-02 12:20:03
We paid our student loans ($ 10,000) which we thought were bound only to get a letter in the mail announcing that now we have another student loan even more money ($ 11,000) to be paid immediately. this somehow might actually be the original loan somehow " cloned "?
Free Mafia Games?0atiqullah2012-09-28 16:49:03
This is a free web based Massively Multiplayer Online Game , based on www.freemafiagame.com real life Mafia called MedlinePlus " La Cosa Nostra " . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Want to be a real Mafia Don like Al Capone , John Gotti and have all MedlinePlus the little mobsters "Kiss Your Ring ... or Die" , then you are at the USDA Agricultural Research right place! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * Note * We are strict on cheating - Do not share a composition or have MedlinePlus more than one account . Also , please use common sense when choosing your MedlinePlus name because if any racist remarks or profanity then you will have to MedlinePlus MedlinePlus make a new account . This is a game and should be fun , good luck ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This game is completely browser-based , no download needed MedlinePlus anything or install anything ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Enter the world free game Mafia , which will become the head of a MedlinePlus crime gangs. You have the choice to collect money from the casinos , MedlinePlus brothels , loan sharks and gambling . It can also produce MedlinePlus drugs , counterfeit money and liquor .
How could the Govt. restore freedom to an honest person under mafia control ?1vanessa68802012-11-04 12:24:07
Placing the leader of the mafia in jail , the next in line leader takes over. The honest person is still not free from the Mafia . The sad reality is that dictators do not relinquish power without the threat of force. MedlinePlus The loss of liberty in the United States to the mafia is a real threat . Nobody will tell you this, only found out the hard way . MedlinePlus Understanding normal criminals to steal money or property and then try to disappear , the mafia control your life and use them at will for the rest of his life . MedlinePlus My solution is a new specific organism U.S. to combat the Mafia control of honest Americans . MedlinePlus You could call an 800 number insurance , the agency will review your case to see if you do not get involved with criminals , for example, asked for a loan mafia . MedlinePlus Then the agency will contact with the criminal , and inform you of the loss of freedom of honest Americans simply will not be tolerated in the U.S. It is reported to cease and desist criminal or force will be used against him. MedlinePlus If anyone has a better or more effective solution to the problem at hand , I'd love to hear it. MedlinePlus If you think that this solution is hard, you have not lost your freedom and can not really understand the problem . MedlinePlus The U.S. Congress should call and say you want something done about the Mafia control of U.S. citizens .
Think I have accidentally re-applied for my maintenance and tuition fee loans?!?!?0y helo thar2012-08-10 15:02:02
I think I stupidly sent off my application online * again * for the same maintenance and tuition loan I applied earlier this year. I was in my student account finance trying to apply for a maintenance grant as my family income has changed, and I was browsing through my data, and absentmindedly click "confirm " on page where it says "Do you want to apply for the maximum amount of loan maintenance ", etc. anyway, when I returned to my homepage realize that I said my recent change of circumstance I have requested an" adjustment lending "and pending approval or something. I thought why the hell is saying ive applied for the same loan as I did earlier this year to finance student has already passed? Please can someone tell me what I can do to cancel, or that I just landed in another case of a few large unnecessarily?
I accidentally double paid on my student loan this month - will I get a credit?0Anastasia2012-10-05 15:21:18
I start paying my student loan a couple of months through Federal Student Aid - Direct Loans. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My automatic withdraw finally kicked in for the first time in July and took my payment although already paid online early in the fourth . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I paid twice - to cover me for the next month? Or do you expect to pay the next well. MedlinePlus Or I can get it back somehow? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I called , but it's a Saturday and no one is available . Could not find anything in the FAQs either.
Survey: If a upper middle-class person accidentally dropped $ 300, would you return it to them or keep it?0BIO?!2012-11-06 02:56:02
I am not rich ( definitely not a Jennings Brody and Paris Hilton ) , but I am financially comfortable ( I used to go to private school , parents comfortably pay my tutition for my two degrees and continue if I go to graduate school , and my brothers too) . I ask because I noticed that when I lend textbooks and $ 200 kits courses financially stable friends ( part-time working , middle class ) , I recall . But I borrowed pens and textbooks medalist twice classmate friends who were not poor , but they had less money ( work many hours a week , live in lower cost areas , dependent on student loans ) I never recover - they keep saying they are going to give the books back to me , then I always say that forget to bring when they see me , after a while away and do not respond .
I accidentally skipped jury duty last year, and I'm default on student loan.....will job offer be renigged?0Kai2012-10-16 11:32:21
I have nothing on my record ( we pay for a background check online and not for my arrest warrants etc. ) - but this omission of jury duty into some kind of record that employers look to make sure you have a favorable background ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have already been offered the job , and after two weeks (pending background check ) - and I have / etc felonies misdemeanors on my record - but my guard wandering will not know how to dig deep .
My car was involved in a Hit and Run?0Queliyla2012-11-02 15:58:44
The car was abandoned by the driver and the police were able to contact the person. The actual damage happened in the middle of the night. The police were called and once the contacted the person he stated that he was not driving the car he had loaned it to someone. This someone finally contacted the police and stated she had been trying to avoid an animal and had hit my car. She did not report it because she was worried she had a warrant for her arrest. The insurance agency has been contacted. They have talked to me, sent a claims person to look at my car, but the response I get is we are still investigating the incident. They feel that the owner was not using his policy correctly. My question is that my problem? I was under the impression that the insurance goes with the vehicle. If they feel that the policy holder was not using good judgment in who was driving should they not still fix my car and seek restitution from the policy holder or the person who was actually driving the car?
What are my rights when loan company accidentally pays off car loan?0Demetrice2012-09-21 03:36:03
My husband and I had our truck financed through Citifinancial. We reached some financial difficulties and needed only defer our payments for a month until we got back on track. A month later, we received a letter with our original financial documents stamped "paid in full" through them. We were surprised. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband immediately called and asked about it and were told that one of the agents said they had a zero balance and that everything is in order. MedlinePlus Strange, strange, but we realized that due to the country's financial situation, we realized that lenders were writing loans debts that are preset at high interest rates or something ... MedlinePlus Fast forward six months later, we received several phone calls from what appears on caller ID as "Irving, TX" and an agent left a message on our machine stating that he wanted to talk to my husband about the reopening of our loan ... We called again and we are told that our car loan was paid off and Citifinancial accidentally wanted to reopen our loan because of this error, but in order to get the ball rolling, they needed our original loan papers with "paid in full" again. A few days later, we received a UPS correspondence of these same people who say they are Citifinancial, but it just all seems very suspicious. NO official letterhead, only the names of documents, etc. are even asking for money retroactive to error, so we're talking about 6 months worth of payments reimbursed to them by mistake. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are our legal rights? If you send us the paperwork that indicates that our loan is paid, we are obliged to reopen the credit or pay any money even retroactively? Anyone else ever experience this?
I want to tell my Mom I'm moving out but there's a lot involved...?0i luv mel 2012-10-15 10:15:39
First, is unemployed. She has not been working since August 2010. She has had an excellent experience as Administrative Assistant and Executive, but I honestly feel that he has not really been looking. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have 25 years and about a year ago, finally found a suitable job in the career that I would have. I've been paying your mortgage for that last year. Although it has helped me in the past, like a car, helped pay for college for me, etc. .. I feel like those are the things that parents make children love. Also, when she had the money. I understand you are going through tough times now, but it really has not been doing much to help themselves. She got a DUI about a month and a half ago, she is in all kinds of pills for depression and anxiety, and she seems to be agoraphobic. She depends on me too much to run to the store to buy their stuff, answering computer questions, spend time with her, and be the person bends over emotionally. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus To kind of go back to the mortgage thing is almost half of my salary, and I have been lax in paying my other bills, such as credit cards and student loans as a result. I think it's time I started to think and care for me. I feel like a burden to me financially and emotionally. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Last Wednesday night I said I wanted to leave in August, thinking that would give him enough time to find something better. She got mad and yelled and not talk about it in a rational way. The next night was at a neighbor's house (which is like a mutual friend) and my mom came. She was just rude and obnoxious all the time and she was scolded by the neighbor who gave his opinion that only had to "let me go". In the end, my mother and I kind of made up, but then I said that I would stay in the apartment of a friend for a couple of days to let us both cool. She got angry and started to get ugly again. I told her effed up and left. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm tired of the drama and the lies and over-reliance and I want out now (for what happened on Thursday). I wanted to speak tonight to have a "quiet conversation", which ended up being mostly explaining how she did all that he did for me and that I should help even though they have no money or credit. I said I'd think about it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus After the long description yet condensed, would really be so terrible to move in August? What if I moved now? Everyone else in the family says I have to keep going, but I wanted unbiased opinions. I realize my description is not really all that goal, but I tried to be as objective as possible (believe it or not, the above description is more objective than the other being that). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I hope everyone can get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis.
What's involved in being a co-signer?0Curiti2012-08-19 13:44:02
The sister of my best friend's baby wants to obtain a line of credit for college student , and asked my best friend to be the co -signer . We want to know : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) What are the responsibilities of my BFF as a co -signer MedlinePlus 2) What does it take for it to be approved / accepted by the bank of his sister as a co -signer MedlinePlus 3) What does it mean for the credit history of my best friend / score / record to be a co -signer MedlinePlus 4) What about BFF in the event that you can not afford baby sis when supposedly MedlinePlus 5) And anything else involved with being a co -signer that we have not covered yet. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus BFF has a steady job , but very little credit history - despite having a secured credit card a month ago . She has never been in debt , never had to borrow money , never carried out a bank loan / student loans , etc MedlinePlus Serious answers please . And I absolutely will choose best answer , if you really want it.

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