Is it possible to draw cash from several credit cards at the same time? related questions

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Is it possible to draw cash from several credit cards at the same time?3Mark2012-11-05 22:22:02
A friend of mine asked for a
Will having 2 credit cards at a time, and paying them off in full monthly, boost my credit score faster?1Tol2012-08-09 22:38:03
Say I get a credit card , use it for gas and put the money into an account where you will be automatically withdrawn to pay the monthly fee in full. this will increase my credit score from neutral . BUT . What if I do this with 2 credit cards? Willit work twice as fast? Ways of not answering my question. - You get a credit card. - Just get a loan to build credit -2 Will take you to the debt, you do not know what happens, not much !
I have a bad credit score b/c of school loans not credit cards. I make all payments on time, but high debt.?4Isaac Martin2012-10-24 01:31:02
I am also a nurse and has been paying the rent ( $ 900/mo ) over time in the same house for 2.5 years and saved all receipts for money orders. Will this make a difference in getting approval for your home loan ( first time buyer) ?
Is it even worth it to continue paying your credit cards on time if you're in my situation? HELP!3tapos mitra2012-10-20 12:26:02
Ok , so I've posted several questions regarding my credit card debt and I'm still not sure what direction to take ... I have about $ 30,000 in CC debt with two companies .. Citi and Chase ... Bank of America recently closed $ 11,000 and $ 5,500 credit lines that had its reason .. was due to be the best in my CC of another , although I have never been late on a single payment for any of my debts , including mortgage and car payments . So at this point I have a pretty disgusting attitude b / c creditors to question my understanding credit for what you will use and of course , pay the debt back .. I do once a month ... So now apparently my existing debt is having an adverse effect on my credit card and my ability to get or maintain any additional credit even so , I am questioning weather or not is still worth paying my monthly payments go DC totaling more than $ 600. Nobody will give me a line of credit or loan large enough to consolidate my debts and I own a home but do not have capital ... CCCS or bankruptcy so the best way for me ?
Can you get a home loan for first time buyer and consolidate credit cards with it?1Coconut Butt2012-11-05 21:02:02
Can you get a mortgage for first time buyer and the consolidation of credit cards with him?
Low FICO score despite paying all credit cards on time, in full - help?5A.H.2012-11-05 22:16:02
I am currently 25 years of age with a credit card I have had for almost 10 years . I have a couple of credit cards also stores . I pay all my credit card bills on time, in full, never carry outstanding balances on the cards. All vehicle payments paid on time , no student loans left ... I recently reviewed my credit score mortgage purposes and was mid 600s . I was also denied a request for a major credit card based on my current score . What I can do to improve my FICO score ?
3 credit cards= $7075. Will using my unsecured $10K loan to pay them at once or over time raise my fico score?3Johny2012-09-09 21:11:03
My average fico scores of 660 . April on the cards are 14.24-22.24 % and secured loan has a 13.95% fixed APR . I took out a loan to cover the $ 1800 for surgery expenses that my health insurance does not cover for lack of credit available on the cards. When the loan is approved , I asked the loan officer to raise the $ 10,000 that you can use to pay by credit card debt consolidation . The monthly payment is $ 235 for five years . Monthly payments on the credit card is $ 320. Once the cards are paid off, I save $ 85/month and only have one monthly payment to make . My main concern is : 1) payment of the discount cards at once hurt my FICO score , if so , how should I pay them over time? 2) Should I keep the cards open to show a lower balance to credit limit ratio ? 3) Or - should I close any of the cards and / or reduce your credit limits ? 4) Having a $ 10,000 unsecured loan hurt my credit limit to balance the relationship ? 5) Do you have the loan hurt or help my FICO score ?
Pay off credit card with fixed home equity draw?0Sanmjha2012-09-15 14:01:03
My 48 y / o sister asked me a question and I do not want to give bad advice . Here is the question and said financial information : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should pay your balance at 8.25 % (first for life ) credit card ( with a long history and excellent credit ) and put the balance towards your home equity loan ? Both have high GRAPHICS . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It currently has a mortgage of $ 200K first fixed at 4.25 % until 5 / 09. They also have a fixed ( locked ) rate of 7.65 in its line of home equity within 10 years with a current balance of $ 50,000 ( $ 18K imported ) . Your house is worth between $ 550 580K . They only have a credit card to use , but is $ 12K ( essential for life ) , currently 8.25% , and for at least twice monthly payments in an attempt to settle . They would like to eliminate credit card debt , if you might be able to save more and not feel so stretched each month . In addition , a teenager now needs a car (more output) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Banker will lock addt'l draw and combine for 7.6 % . Annual Salary $ 90K . Advice?
Going all cash and not using credit cards?2KATHY >> PLEASE HELP2012-09-16 11:42:03
Anyone thinking of going all the cash? I'll be debt free in terms of credit cards next week and I decided to go all cash . Is this a good or bad? I know how not to use their cards hurt your credit, somehow, but I'm tired of owing money . Thoughts ? I paid a total of around $ 30k and I have only my home / car loan left .
Cash advances on credit cards?6evan chen2012-09-18 02:59:03
I'm thinking of getting a credit card I know you all say DONT but I really need a car and loans do not seem practical because of the amount you would pay in interest. If a credit card you can buy a car for less than a grand piano in it, and pay in monthly installments with 0 % card for purchases ... but obviously , it would take the cash and that's where the numbers change ... Like when I see criticism of the cards that says 28.6% of cash advances, but 0 % on purchases , does that mean they can only "buy " things and does not pay interest or covering any transaction on the card? I've been an expert in saving money and not much information at all about the definaition of cash advances . Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Best 0% APR credit cards with cash advance.?4gazelle2012-10-16 05:36:03
I've been searching the interwebs for hours in search of the best 0% APR credit cards with cash advance. ( I 'm more or less looking for a small loan for my business . Banks are cheap these days . ) But I still have the feeling that I 'm going to fuck through one way or another , I feel I am being harassed . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In short I wonder if anyone has found a good credit card to furnish the following : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - April 0 % for at least 6 months . But just in case , that would be better. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Cash advance : I want to be able to take all the credit available and put it in my checking account . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If anyone has recommendations on the cards that I have personally used and been happy with please let me know . Also , I wonder if there is any to stay away from ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for the help , MedlinePlus Nate
Which of the following is not a type of credit?Installment Loans, Mortgage,Cash,Credit cards?0hhhgggh2012-09-26 05:54:04
Which of the following is not a type of credit ? Installment loans, mortgage, cash, credit cards?

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