Starting up a small business to tackle my student loans?

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I'm going to college next year , and I'm hoping to start a small business. (Now I do not want an answer that says it's hard not to bother , I want advice. ) Now I'm a very good programmer , much software program and host it on a website full of work that gets a lot of hits . Now I am looking to host ads and donation buttons on the website to make money . I am also thinking of creating another website that also has advertising on it ( GoogleAds ) to be accurate and selling clothes (with another website that creates the product and then send it, etc. and take care of the product) . I also free advertising coupons to advertise these websites of the journals of my uncle sent me once a week as a Christmas gift .

The question I have though, is that I set up a pay-pal account , and I was wondering is there a free Pay- Pal account, which provides and what about taxes , (I'm hoping to have a meeting with a bank, but if I want a lot of advice before I go. )?

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There is no such thing as free Paypal account - especially if you are using for business and in the process of accepting a diverse source of funding and payment of credit card
Free Paypal Account - your personal account - not totally free because you will still receive your commission in the processing of payments coming to you. Just wanted to say that no additional verification procedures . Worse , no limits to the amount you can receive and the amount you can withdraw in a month

The other resource is to use its commercial bank account . Still not free, but usually will give you the lowest rate for the payments processed . Merchant accounts , however , are not easy to achieve, especially for a new business with no track history and are very harsh if your business generates a higher than normal charge

Think you know how you will win, but did not mention what the content of your site. I hope there will be some content that is not more than the ads - because these sites are unlikely to generate much traffic and
little success
You can, but you just have to think through your business model first, and that includes their content. Start a web business is not as easy as you think ( just browse through the questions about Google Adsense to see people complaining that all cattle are cents)
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