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I am buying a car thats worth 13500?6~{HAPPY FACE!!}~2012-10-09 19:41:02
I have 12,000 in cash and my credit card is very bad when the dealer calls the bank for a loan for the rest and im givin me pass both the down payment?
Is it worth buying a house soon?0Varsha2012-08-19 07:35:05
Is it worth buying a home soon? MedlinePlus Replies Australians just as relevent only if you know the market here in Australia . MedlinePlus I'm in Perth , but working to find a better paying job in the mining industry very soon , My boyfriend and I are renting ( $ 175 a week before we move early to rent will be about $ 250-300 p / w ) , but I just hate the fact that ' throwing money and paying someone elses mortgage when I could buy my own house brick by brick . I was thinking of getting a long term loan home to make the repayments affordable, but I know I'll end up paying much more in interest . Does anyone know of a good free loan prepayment fees , that is, if I start paying only Ctd.mínima payments but later I feel like I can pay much more for the payment and do not want to get hit with massive fees . MedlinePlus sorry this is a long question .... MedlinePlus thank you! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone who bought a house in my situation please give me your opinion on how it works for you !
Is it worth buying a house soon?0yovamelia2012-08-15 09:58:33
Responses from Australia only as relevent only if you know the market here in Australia. I'm in Perth , working, but looking for better paid work in the mining industry , very soon , my boyfriend and I are renting ($ 175 per week before we are moving quickly to hire will be about $ 250 to 300 p / w) , but I just hate the fact that ' throwing money and paying someone elses mortgage when I could buy my own house brick by brick. I was thinking of getting a long-term loan from your home to make the payments affordable, but I know I will end up paying more in interest. Does anyone know of a good loan with no early repayment fees , that is, if I start paying only mimimum payments , but later I feel like I can pay much more for payment do not want to get hit with massive fees . < Br > I feel like a question of time .... thanks ! anyone who has bought a house in my situation please give me information on how to work for you!
Can i trade in a car thats worth more than im buying?3Ford2012-11-06 04:18:02
I have a value of 03 Camry about 13 large, and large 13 to the left on the loan , I'm trying to get rid of the payment and looking for the cheapest I can buy with relatively low miles . ¿ I can take it to a dealer and get a five thousand dollar car ?
Is it worth buying a newer car?0Ange2012-11-04 17:54:02
So right now I have about $ 3000 saved in the bank . I will be laid off work soon , and I'll be collecting unemployment .. But I have no car right now, and figure I should get a .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I buy another cheap car 2300 ? MedlinePlus Or to borrow and invest in a newer car ? Something that I hope will last longer and be better on fuel ... Which is better in the long run ? I 'm not one to make loans , because they do not like oweing money ... but perhaps in this case , spending extra few thousand saved me a few thousand ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also , any suggestions on cars to get?
How do do you decide if this company is worth buying stocks in?0Keri Ann2012-08-21 18:23:02
I asked my teacher to show him in numbers if this company is a good investment ? How I can calculate whether it is worth buying shares of this company for my clients ! is a mining company ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Canyon Resources Simulation MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Construction Begins in 2008 Years Cash Flow 12 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Capital Costs $ 250 million Total Production ( Oz ) 4.9 million MedlinePlus Cash operating costs (Oz ) $ 200 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Gold $ 380 Type of Debt ( % ) 50.00% MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Interest Rate 7.50% Term ( years) 8 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PMT $ 21,340,878 Loan MedlinePlus Inflation Rate 2.50% MedlinePlus State / local taxes (Oz ) $ 17.00 Free Rate ( % ) 5.00% MedlinePlus Federal Tax Rate ( % ) 34.00 % MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Depletion Allowance 50.00% After tax cost of capital 17.50% MedlinePlus Pre-tax cost of capital of 26.52% MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Net Present Value $ 14,481,692 MedlinePlus Internal Rate of Return 20.41% MedlinePlus Pre -Tax Return 30.93% MedlinePlus Assessed Value $ 389,481,692
Buying a house for short-term in one lump sum with no mortgage worth it?0far2012-10-11 05:27:52
If I have the money to buy a house in one payment , without having to take out a loan or pay a monthly mortgage, worth even if I could just live in it for a year or two ?
I have a home free and clear worth $150,000. I also own an apt. bldg worth approx. $150,000.?2Valentina2012-08-15 21:29:03
I owe $ 120,000 in credit card high interest (unsecured ) debt credit card . Would not it be better to keep fighting to pay this high interest, unsecured debt but the cc or take out a loan either at home or apt. bldg ? Was it a mistake to take a loan on something that pays? I am 71 and the disabled. Please help !
Chevy Volt? Libbies are you buying to make the bailout work? No one else is buying the 0bamamobile............?0CHACHIS272012-11-03 04:42:02
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Was it worth the money spent ? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug -in car , launched late last year , has received good reviews from many auto critics . But Consumer Reports is not among them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When you are looking at purely dollars and cents , it does not really make much sense . The Volt is not particularly efficient as an electric vehicle , and is not particularly good as a gas vehicle either in terms of fuel economy , "said David Champion , senior director of Consumer Reports auto testing center , told reporters Monday. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus From The Detroit News : http://detnews.com/article/20110301/AUTO
After graduation plans- Investing, Student Loans, Buying a House, Buying a Car?0Verna2012-09-13 13:51:03
for one man ( no children ) with an annual income of $ 120,000 and debt is only $ 65,000 student loan MedlinePlus 1. Investing - would be acceptable to a maximum of investing in a retirement benefit plan shared with a company match $ 3 for $ 1 ? And also a plan to invest and maximum Roth IRA ? MedlinePlus 2. Student Loans - after consolidation , $ 1000/month would be a good plan? MedlinePlus 3. Buying a House - price range which would be best for a first timer with this situation and income MedlinePlus 4. Buying a car - I like to drive nice cars and get a new frequency of at least every two years . I have a car I have , so it would be a good choice leasing ?
Varoius questions Buying and Selling house?Website to create LLC in Colorado?Buying 2nd homehow to get started0miami2012-10-08 07:57:34
I'm thinking of buying a second home in Colorado . I'm thinking of renting my current home , getting a loan interest only in a second home.Build equity, then the sale . Moving into the new house rent my current home or vis -versa . NewOne repairs if necessary . Then turn it over. I've heard that I can create an LLC company to cover my ass . They told me if I can build this business and go under ( the house I buy or excluded by i cant afford to pay ) I will not lose the house that I have / garnish wages. Can anyone elaborate on this and also if anyone can tell me where to start with creating my own business ( online and not through a program that cost more than the application itself. ) If other options are not well online . Also, I'd ask if anyone has ever tried this? Please set some stumbling points I can overlook. After getting my LLC which is the next step to get everything ready so you can concentrate on making money buying and selling buying houses ?
Buying an Older House: buying price vs. cost of repair?3Hikaru which you put っ → 2012-10-11 12:14:02
There is a right start much of the city , across the street from a public school with a huge patio. MedlinePlus is a 3 br house with living room and kitchen , with a loft bedroom . the only problem with this house is that the basement is flooded with good rain , and 3 of the 4 walls of the foundation are bowed , cracked and leaking . pain on the outside needs overhaul , and the roof needs to be done too . Basically , I guess I could pay around 8K basement to fix the problem , and then another 8K Vynle coating , and then another few Ks to fix the roof . the amount requested for this home is 69K . I want to offer more effective 1K 49K to help them get thier things out . then take a total of 65 000 loan to solve those problems . What do you think ?

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