My friend has unsecured personal loan debt and he has lost financial control of his life, can any one give? related questions

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My friend has unsecured personal loan debt and he has lost financial control of his life, can any one give?4Marty Wall2012-10-20 08:50:02
My friend has an unsecured debt personal loan and has lost financial control of his life, anyone can provide a solution to regain financial control and become debt free ?
A friend made bad decisions and got in bad credit card and unsecured loan debt in UK.?0Fabia2012-10-05 03:34:12
( About 50k between multiple cards , etc. ) In a panic , has defaulted on payments and disappeared for a while . He intends to go to Europe for a while and sort himself at the end so that you can try to settle your debts back here . How likely is that banks or debt collectors will be issued if you have CCJs known address in the UK ? And banks are likely to investigate for fraud if it disappears for a while, even though they want to solve the problem when possible ? He is so scared that he may be arrested at the airport to leave or return to the UK .. (Evil regrets to believe me , so please no smart *** comments ... ) Any information from people who are in the field are welcome ! Ps , my friend does not know I 'm asking for advice! )
Who will give me a unsecured personal loan in australia?0TSN2012-10-10 17:31:22
I've been trying to get a consolidation loan personal unsecured debt , but I 'm still back before they even apply . I have paid a defect in my name , but soon will be out of my credit report within the next four months , yet I can not get a personal loan . I want this loan so you can start living a better life by just paying a small loan instead of several large quantities per month . MedlinePlus If there is a lender out there willing to help and do not want to disappoint with late payment problems . MedlinePlus If anyone can help me please let me know .
Does anyone know of anywhere that will give unsecured personal loan with poor credit?0Jaynika2012-09-05 10:54:03
Does anyone know of any place that will give unsecured personal loans with bad credit ?
Companies that give Unsecured Personal Loan to people with fair credit?0vns2012-09-21 00:00:05
I'm trying to get an unsecured personal loan due to a family emergency . I have two credit cards that I have not missed payments . I need a loan for about $ 9,000. I have a credit score of 660 and I make 1500.00 a month (I have to pay rent ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I applied and was denied Wells Fargo
Personal experience: how does debt negatively impact your life?1ajones512012-10-01 16:37:02
I have about $ 3500 in debt since he was fired . I know it's a very small amount , is mostly old medical bills , an old credit card and utilities 2. I have not many living expenses , my car was paid in advance , rent, and I have never missed a payment of student loans. What really depresses me to be in any debt at all, but only recently found a job , so I hope that I can now begin to sculpt it . I honestly do not think any material thing you could buy what you make me feel so good as to be debt free , and my goal is to be free of all debt for the new year . Anyone else down debt ? Do you try to not think about it , or what bothers you .
Im looking a unsecured personal loan that can help me with my financial needs..but i dont have an assets..?2La Vonna2012-10-15 13:32:02
where I can find an unsecured loan can I borrow $ 20,000? .. I have no active .. I want my life back on track .. I do not want to go broke aswell ..
I am unemployed, have bad credit and need a 5000.00 loan. Lost my job and car and living with friend. Help!!?1uncount noun2012-10-19 17:40:58
I am unemployed , have bad credit and need a loan of 5000.00 . I lost my job and car and be with friends . Help ! ?
I cosigned on a car loan in Ohio for my friend, she recently lost her job What can I do if she fails to pay?4tyrane2012-11-03 10:47:03
I cosigned for a car loan in Ohio for my friend , who recently lost his job What I can do if she does not pay ?
Indian question im unable to repay unsecured personal loan any jail for tat coz we need to give postdated chec0Happy Face!2012-10-19 13:24:09
Indian question im unable to pay any unsecured personal loan jail for eye coz we have to give post-dated checks and gives them when my loan approved .... wat do the bank in worse situations .. plz give me answer I mean Law replies gud tat wat doo bank ?
Has personal debt outweighed terrorism as the number one priority in your life/concern.?1sarah B2012-10-01 14:54:03
Debt, not terrorism , Top Economic Risk By Dan Seymour , AP MedlinePlus Posted : 2007-08-27 10:55:23 MedlinePlus NEW YORK ( August 27 ) - Bad credit has supplanted terrorism as the gravest immediate risk threatening the economy , a key national research group said Monday. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Borrowers withering ability to pay their bills and the subsequent fallout in the credit markets this summer topped the list of short-term risks in the minds of the people , according to a survey of 258 members conducted by the National Association of Business Economics. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus NABE , a Washington -based association said that 32 percent of surveyed members cited loan defaults and excessive debt as their biggest concern in the short term. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Only 20 percent of the members of that defense and terrorism as the most immediate concern , compared with 35 percent when the survey was last carried out in March. Credit risk also topped gas prices , inflation and government spending .
I am lost, I what direction in life should I go?2Maurice D2012-09-28 15:51:02
I have 20 years , I live with my girlfriend and our expenses are equal to that of my income. I have a lot of debt and so does my girlfriend , while we , when we pay our debt, we will have to repay student loans . We have no savings , no money behind our name. If something goes wrong with my car or God forbid , I have to get an extra expense that I have nothing . I will in a vicious spiral of debt. My girlfriend and I are very close, it comes from an abusive mother . I brought up the situation of going to live with my parents to one of my close relatives in a similar situation. and she refused , preferring to live with his mother. She thinks we're well off and if we need extra money you can always get more of a student loan to pay our bills . I told him to get a roommate or live with someone who can make our life easier financially. She responds with " she did not want it to be easy . People have an easier time getting used to it " I do not know what to do, I want to save money for my (our) future, but at the rate we are going is not within reason . I can not take a second job because they literally have no time between work , school and studies. What I can do?

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