Should we pay our daughter again, for money she lent us, but we already paid, and she now claims we didn't? related questions

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Should we pay our daughter again, for money she lent us, but we already paid, and she now claims we didn't?4spelling-grammer2012-09-11 15:30:06
In 2002, my husband and I lost our jobs, and came to losing our home. When our oldest daughter found out (he was only 16 years), she freely and on their own, offered his savings (he was saving for a car) for $ 2000. We very reluctantly agreed, and saved the house. Having never fully recovered from the joint financial support, which finally gave him my truck, which still leads, as was and is in excellent condition. The truck was worth much more than just $ 2000. We told him that was in lieu of money, and she was happy with that. Well, now she is married. Two years ago, his grandmother found out that we had borrowed our savings daughters. But our daughter did not say who gave the truck back. So the grandmother wrote to our daughter, married by then, I wanted to pay the $ 2000 that we had to borrow. He then began to send our daughter a monthly check until the amount was paid. Our daughter said she was using for college, she really did not. Now, about a year ago, my husband was arrested for a traffic violation really stupid, which was finally thrown out of court. In order for him to keep his job, our daughter and her husband put $ 280 for bail. (I am disabled with very little income) Today, they are barley by scratching. Over the past year, I gave our daughters several smaller payments in this direction, usually when she took me shopping. She quickly spent the money I gave him, and I get a receipt, because after all that was our daughter. Fast forward ... biography. mother and stepfather told lies about me .. etc etc and now my husband says I am dead to her. Biography. Mom was not part of his life, and now finally reappeared from no longer being pursued by the forces of child support. He put my husband for more than $ 55,000 child support, not a penny of his share of the medical bill for children. Anyway .... Throughout history Now, suddenly, our son in law is demanding that he pay the $ 280, they really do not have. I told him I gave a lot of small payments, and was fully paid back. But our daughter is saying she did not get anything at all and I'm telling a lie to say she will be returned. Therefore, our daughter is paid twice for a loan of $ 2000, and has a lot to pay for a total of just over $ 300, for which I do not think you need a receipt for a loan from a Instead of $ 280 Do you think we should pay it back, after all what you have back? We are barely surviving each month as is.
How to stop my daughter borrowing money from online loan companies? I've just paid off 1palmer2012-10-14 01:39:02
My daughter is unemployed and depressed and bored at home. She has friends , but all of them are working and worshiping in clubs every weekend . In order to join his friends , my daughter went online and borrowed money from a loan company that has no way to pay . Interest rates are exorbitant and I am very worried that I will end up bankrupt trying to keep out of debt.
Can I sue an Ex for the money I lent her?2GG2012-10-21 02:56:04
I just got out of a bad relationship and the girl has left me high and dry for several months rent , unpaid utilities , and she never refund money borrowed . His name was on the lease , so I know that she is responsible for that , but what about the fact that I helped him with his car payments , student loans and other personal accounts ? The total amount would be somewhere alone the lines of $ 3,000.00 , go to small claims court is worth the roll and anguish ?
Money lent but not repaid....?4bandit55712012-10-05 23:09:03
I lent a friend a small amount of money because they were short and knew they were going to ask another person for a loan and I knew that person would bad mouth them. I'm still waiting for the refund. I am also asking myself why this person will not do the decent thing and give me what I must lose some repect for that child and to keep afloat . I dont exactly need the money , but it feels very little used . What is your opinion on this and how it addresses ?
Why must the people of Britain now suffer because the government lent so much money to the banks?2sameul2012-11-05 06:04:02
Ok , here's how it works , my business is in trouble , so I go to the bank for a loan . First, the bank does a credit check ( banks do not have a high score ) and then loads the interest and charges me to establish the plan . Now , when banks are in trouble ask the government to borrow money . No credit check , no interest of 19% , with no setup fee . Now the government is having to cut spending on public services , as it is much more in debt . I can be stupid , but this does not sound good to me! Banks should be done to make regular monthly payments at high interest and fined if they fail to meet those payments . Banks should not be able to pay increases or bonuses until they have cleared their debts . Finally , since it is taxpayer money we will see interest on this loan is paid to us in the form of a national tax refund ? A system for them and another for us .
How to get paid on a small claims settlement?0Ruslan2012-08-28 15:58:14
I need help in understanding what really happens after winning a trial. Basically , I owe my ex girlfriend from $ 3100, assuming he wins the case can someone give me more details as to what happens if they are not willing to pay the courts ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am sure I will win the case because I have proof that it was a loan , but I'm more worried about her not submitted to court or even if you do ... not pay . She rents her apartment , has a car payment on your car , but also attend school and have student loans (currently a waiter but go to school to become a teacher ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How I can force this into collections or have a debt collector force her to pay the settlement? Anyway also would affect your credit? I think there is a chance you will pay if you think it will affect your credit and get student loans in the future.
Can i sue in small claims court to get refunded for the amount i paid for the car and repairs?0mariama2012-08-06 10:46:03
I bought a veh in cash from a sale of cars and veh 6-30-2010 n broke my down.armundo 01/07/10 (sales representative) repaired the ignition switch, but still had a veh leak.2days major oil after repair that blew a head gasket.the car lot told to go and collect veh repaair it.I had to get the veh towed to the car lot .. I remained there until January veh .. never fix my veh .. i had to pay 650.00 for parts and I took a personal loan of armundo sales representative and paid the remainder paid 800 for repair.on 28/01/11 armundo 200 of the debt owed ... at week 2 April 11 was charged with a guy named Mario to come and pick n veh .. i is called a & n car for several weeks regarding my veh ... armundo never answers .. then your receptionsist told me I had 21 days to come and pay the balance for repair would sell my veh ... plus a fee of 300 repo ... when I went to the car lot .. who had reomoved the sign of my deep veh and damaged a window. i still owed 300 titles and 200 for taxes .. but I made a verbal agreement to pay that at the end of April .. but they took it back before veh .. I paid cash for a veh in June .. it was the veh in their power within the first 30 days they bought the veh .. but never fix .. i asked straight.they months I shall say that the veh.then after my period came 30 days they said I would fix myself.they even offered to buy me back to 500.00.i veh tired of Race around and buy the parts myself.armundo told me to help with the work .. he never told me that my car was repo. I called several times and he wont return any of my calls. and began taking parts of my car and put dents in it .. and began to put my pieces on another Honda Civic car they had at their car lot .. I feel as if they have shady business practice.when my car was repaired ... Later I learned that someone had to clear my check engine light and my check engine light was still on
Lent money to friend by taking a loan from bank in london, repayment made only 25%, legal written document?0Fafe2012-08-17 11:10:03
I have taken a loan from a bank in London when I worked there as my friend needed money THT , I'm sure tht he will payback , but it has been about 5 years n the bank has transferred my case to a company collection service , about 25% of the amount has been done, now I know I'm THT to obtain a written statement from him, then wht do I need to be written in the declaration , which is def . sign the document, but I know the issue ... so, is responsible for paying the entire amount due by me th ...... Please let me know .. thnks
If i didnt cash the stafford unsubsidized loan check that i didnt want.?1scoobies law2012-09-30 05:19:04
Still I have to pay
If I didnt finish a loan application, would I be charged for the money?0latonya2012-08-23 06:09:03
I recently filled out an online application for a small loan . He never finished the application , never sent , and even received an e - mail saying he did not finish . Two weeks later I received a phone call from a third party collection agency saying I owe them $ 500 or I will be arrested or taken to court for check fraud . I have not received any money and was never approved because the application is not over! Im pretty sure you do not owe anything . But the lender / company collections have a case against me ?
What should i do ? I need extra money to pay my tution . Fafsa didnt give me as much as they used to?0Bob lee2012-10-19 10:07:23
The other day I accepted my financial aid awards . I received a Pell Grant for $ 1350. And I think I have two other loans for $ 1000, I think. I refused loans because loans iam afraid , and I do not think they need both . Then I returned to my account tution , and was something like $ 2,400 that. I did the math , and then pay the Pell Grant , I still have a little over $ 1000 . No I have a job , my parents are low income , and living only for the refund of money received financial aid in the past. Is there away I can recover the loans i rejected my financial aid package ? I have also been online the last couple of days looking for scholarships . My school will not give scholarships until next fall . My only options are to get a payday loan to my schhol or use my money , or get a private loan . So my question is , is there any way to recover that have rejected federal loans as part of my aid package ? Or should I keep looking for scholarships , try to reason with my school , or what should I do ? Thank you !
Can i go to jail for not paying back a pay day loan beause i didnt have the money in ohio ?4Lenea2012-11-01 23:56:02
What happened was that I need a loan to pay for my car and ect , but when it came time to pay my husband lost his job and my grandmother died so plz help with this

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