Why did Yahoo remove this ?

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Daniela Davila
Asked at 2012-08-14 15:53:03
Question deleted : Is anyone else sick of spammers on Yahoo Answers
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So Yahoo is good response with spammers and scammers ? The original question is why spammer surfing the questions people are asking how to get short term / difficult time for Christmas loans . As soon as someone is asking these questions has come from nowhere spammer offering these loans desperate people . Me? that's why this type of scam artists are allowing them to try to solicit business from desperate people and rob them in the final. So again - why is this removed ? How did this violate the terms of service ? Or there are more scam artists out there that I knew ?
Answer1FAnswered at 2012-08-15 14:04:33
Yahoo probably was not someone who is stupid, probably reported
Answer2mic_Answered at 2012-08-17 00:02:02
It is the way the question was worded . " Is anyone else sick of spammers on Yahoo
Answer3TwilaAnswered at 2012-08-19 15:06:02
s ? " . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ? ? l ? ? ? q ?
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