How or what needs to be done if a vehicle is sold in to a person in another state, if the vehicle has a lien?

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Ok , I need help from someone who knows the laws in different states in the purchase and sale of a vehicle , this complicated process, but I really hope someone can help ...

A friend of mine lived in Texas and bought a truck, so I needed money, so we went to a title loan cash and took the title in September last year. In the midst of a drama that ended in Ohio and is now in jail. Well, he told one of his friends who sell vehicles so the friend sold it and thought it was the original title, but realized now that is a photocopy Well, he learned that the real title still in place for cash loan and the lien is default , what needs to be done to get the title and what can be done within your rights to the title? Going to call loans instead of Monday and offer to pay the tax , but since my friend is in jail will be the other will be able to obtain any information or be able to pay the tax and get the title released in his name? I looked online , but this situation is complicated , I really need a quick answer if anyone knows anything about this , I need help !
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In short :

If the truck has a lien against it , the title can not be changed until the lein is satisfied.

End of story .

Who has the lein is the owner of the truck , honey.

Even if the person who " bought" the truck wants to pay the lein , the chances of releasing the vehicle to any person other than his friend (who is in jail ) are remote, unless there is a way for your friend can show authorizing lein holder to release the truck.

It is not so complicated: All you need to do is ... the lein paid off, and the lein holder must be convinced that his friend is imprisoned along with them the release of the van who "bought " it.

Good luck !
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