Subway Surfers - Hot game you must try

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Subway Surfers is an addicting game. The goal is to as far as you can, do not be caught by the police. Play Subway Surfers now on

An extremely popular game in the world within the past 5 years. It marked a turning point for the trembling genre and brought along a host of other famous spin-off games. 

You play the role of a boy with skillful flying, dodge, and run away from the pursuit of an angry policeman. Obstacles that stop you on the way are very familiar things like a running train, a train suddenly appearing from somewhere, the horizontal bars that seem to be unable to hold you back but bring surprises. unbelievable.

Many versions of the game are coming out with new maps, new missions with stunning graphics that fans can't help but explore.

More than 1 billion users on Android and 300 million on iOS and millions of users on other platforms are enough to prove that subway surfers is a game for all ages. You can play using your friends, siblings, parents, even grandparents for great entertainment. 


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